Sunset Cliffs Rescue Operation – Was Victim Pushed or Did He Fall?

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Rescue at the foot of Del Monte Avenue, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. All photos by Chris Dotson.

UPDATE: Police now consider this a case of felony assault and are looking for a suspect – see below main text.

Around 5:45pm on Thursday, August 6th, San Diego Police, Fire and Rescue, and Life Guard vehicles swarmed the streets of OB at the west end of Del Monte Avenue, as they rescued a man after he was injured from a fall along the cliffs.

While several officers reported the man was injured when he fell while “horsing around”, another report from Fire and Rescue personnel claimed he was pushed.

Given the sheer number of police officers, and the police interviews being conducted along the cliffs, the high volume of activity seemed to suggest the latter report may be closer to the truth – that is he may have been intentionally pushed.

There was some indications that the man had been drinking alcohol prior to the incident. Adding to the spectacle and speculation, one bystander said the man’s shin looked like “meat”, and as he arrived atop the cliffs his leg was heavily bandaged with his forehead still bleeding.

One thing is clearly apparent: our San Diego Fire – Rescue are well trained and were up to the task. With mechanical precision and coordination, they bound the man’s injured leg and secured rigging before pulling him to safety.

The man appeared to be conscious but made no audible sounds,and he was clearly stunned as he was placed in an ambulance.

His identify and the exact extent of his injuries are unknown at the time of this report.


NBC San Diego is reporting that police are now calling this a case of felonious assault, where the victim fell off the Del Monte Avenue cliff after getting into a fight with the suspect.

When he fell, the victim – still unidentified – fell about 20 feet into a tide pool crevasse, and when first responders arrived on the scene, the victim was found in the tide pools, with injuries to his head, neck, and with other lacerations.  The suspect is described by police as a white male with blonde hair and a tattoo, who was at the time wearing board shorts with a belt buckle. No one outside a few know what the fight was all about.


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