Peeping Tom Reported on Saratoga Avenue in Ocean Beach

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Earlier this week, a flyer was hand delivered to OB residents along Saratoga Avenue issuing a warning of a “peeping tom on Saratoga Ave.” The flyer goes on to describe events surrounding an individual male stalker which San Diego Police are now investigating.

The word “BEWARE” appears in the heading, and the flyer narrates events as they unfolded on Monday morning, 9/17, around 10:30am after an OB parent found a large hunting knife outside their back door, on Saratoga Avenue in Ocean Beach. Even more alarming, the same startled parent also discovered a red velvet top-hat sitting on a trashcan which was located underneath their daughter’s bedroom window.

After talking with their neighbor about the knife, the parent called police to report the knife and hat, immediately after learning their neighbor, too, had seen a man looking into the window of their own home the previous night, on Sunday at 9:30pm. Based upon their investigation of these events, Police are preparing a composite image of a male suspect which will be made available to the public.

 This is the “Third” Reported Incident in OB since 8/15/12

This recent stalking incident is one of three of this type reported to Police in recent weeks, including one reported incident of a man repeatedly groping a woman along the bike path in broad daylight on 8/15, and one additional report of a woman assaulted at 2:10am near the alley at Muir Avenue and Bacon Street, on 8/25. Both events are highly disturbing, though neither woman was raped, as newly circulating rumors are suggesting. Also despite recent rumors and postings, only these three recent incidents have been reported and they are currently being investigated by San Diego Police.

 The latest flyer around town

 This recent flyer is almost a handwritten accounting of the events surrounding the stalker on 9/17. It is yet another flyer to be circulated around town in recent weeks with errors. While the simple facts of the report are stated above, this recent flyer, too, continues to propagate several misleading statements and other rumors floating around town which have wrongly raised fears and false alarms.

These false references on several flyers, and subsequent rumors, are claiming additional serious crimes have occurred, including rape, murder and attempted kidnapping, all of which have not been reported to Police.

Only the events reported on 8/15, 8/25 and 9/17 are active police investigations, as noted above.

Official updates regarding the stalking incident on 9/17, along with information regarding active investigations of the two August incidents, are eagerly anticipated and may be available from SDPD during their regular address at the upcoming OB Town Council meeting, which is open to the public next Wednesday, 9/26, from 7 to 9pm.

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Steve September 21, 2012 at 1:25 am

Just because it wasn’t reported to the police doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


chris dotson September 21, 2012 at 9:29 am

That is an obvious possibility. Do you have information about an unreported rape in OB? A Murder? Or attempted kidnapping? Another serious crime?

Criminal and suspicious activity often goes unreported in counter culture, underground and homeless communities, especially for crimes against the homeless. Another obvious result you may have missed from the article: What if the neighbor had reported the peeping tom on Sunday night? The ensuing investigation may have caught the guy – may likely have! – since it appears he remained close to the scene. The investigation on Monday would almost certainly have considered this a strong possibility.


saratoga neighbor October 16, 2012 at 5:15 pm

I was the neighbor who saw someone in the window. A male friend that was over immediately went outside and confronted him . I never went outside. Our friend returned, said the guy was drunk and looking for his friends place. We didnt think anything about it. Until the next morning, I. Exited my kitchen door, which is less than 4 feet from the neighbor’ place, and I saw the knife and hat. I was on my way to work, called my roommate, and thewn the neighbor came over because
e she had seen the items. If we had been informed that there was a stalker of
some sort around, guarranteed that guy never would have made it off our property. I’m really sick of people saying that we were stupid and didn’t act accordingly. There are a lot of incorrect “facts” going around.


chris dotson October 17, 2012 at 11:22 am

Thanks for the addt’l information which is important for this portion of the events surrounding that one incident. Info which was not revealed during discussions with sdpd, nor at the town council where the incident was a hot topic among many concerned obceans.

Did the guy you saw have a hat and knife? i.e., Do you believe it to be the same person? Is the sketch accurate based upon your encounter?

Again, thanks for taking time to post. If the facts were more readily available to everyone perhaps we could hope this would be a different story.


chris dotson September 21, 2012 at 9:46 am

This article intends to raise awareness in our town regarding an actual stalker. The report indicates he was outside a young girls bedroom. As the girls parent suggests in the flyer, more communication about actual is better than none. Also, False information wastes valuable time and resources, detracts from real work being done to stop actual crimes, and decreases awareness by adding to public fears and confusion.

Unobserved or unreported criminal activity gives perpetrators license to continue, e.g. The creep who repeatedly groped the woman on the bike path rode away and, knowing there was nobody else to stop him in the vicinity, he came back! It is easy to imagine the poor woman would be doubly terrified! Now, she will,probably no longer take that route and her peace and freedom has been limited by this bastard.


jim grant September 21, 2012 at 2:32 pm

“Criminal and suspicious activity often goes unreported in counter culture, underground and homeless communities, especially for crimes against the homeless.”
I wonder why this is ?
I get it if you are engaged in criminal activity yourself but if not why would you not alert the Police. You only contribute to the activity by not reporting it and endanger some child that is very selfish in my opinion….. …


Dan Shay September 24, 2012 at 12:47 pm

It would be great if OB Rag would start an OB Crime Report Section. All the reported crimes are on the SDPD related website at . OB has always been a colorful place, but there seems to be a rise in OB crime lately. The District Attorney is partly to blame because she has a policy of not investigating “bar crimes”, yet 40% of crimes in america involve alcohol –
OB SDPD Detective Tom Jacques told me about the DA policy in July, 2012.


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