52nd Congressional District among the most competitive, most likely to turn from red to blue

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Peters campaign insists that they will be able to compete financially head to head.

As the race for the California 52nd District Congressional race begins to heat up between Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray and Democratic challenger Scott Peters, one of the more interesting and telling aspects of the race will be determining which candidate will have access to the most resources.  It is widely assumed that Bilbray will have a sizeable funding advantage, as Republicans stereotypically do.  After all, Scott Walker was able to outspend his Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election by a margin of eight to one.

However, in an interview, a representative from the Scott Peters campaign insists that in this race the Democrat will be competitive.  Definitions of “competitive” may vary depending on perspective, but the campaign remains confident that they will be able to raise nearly as much money as the Bilbray campaign.

Thus far they are correct.  As of June 30th, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission Peters has raised $652,739 from individual contributors, just under $2,000 less than Bilbray’s $654,515.  The Peters campaign expects that to continue to be the case.

“In every race he’s ever run in he’s always raised the most money.  He’s a really great fundraiser,” said MaryAnne Pintar, Communications Director for the Peters campaign of the candidate.  “Part of that is that he has a really strong Democratic base, but he also pulls Republicans and independents.  If you look at his donor list, he does have a lot of Republican donors as well.”

“He has a really across the board appeal, which is why he’s been so successful at fundraising,” said Pintar, rattling off a list of prominent San Diego Republicans who are supporting Peters.

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