Supreme Court allows racial profiling in Arizona – San Diego Labor Council holds protest today

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The Supreme Court ruled today on Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 immigration law, allowing the worst part of the law that institutes racial profiling to continue.

Join us this morning to rally against this decision:

 San Diego County Administration Building

11 a.m.

June 25, 2012

1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA 92101

 Today’s decision opens the door to a new wave of racial profiling laws that will target and harass Latinos at precisely the time we should be focused on a constructive dialogue to finally get real, comprehensive immigration reform.

San Diego Labor Council Secretary-Treasurer/CEO Lorena Gonzalez made the following statement in response to today’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 law:

 “The Supreme Court’s disappointing though expected ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 opens the door to a new wave of racial profiling across the country. This approach does not work and must be condemned whenever and wherever it shows itself. The decision further underscores the desperate need for Congress to finally get serious about comprehensive immigration reform.”

 The first step is to voice our opposition. So join us at the County Administration Building, 11 a.m. to speak out for justice.

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Jack Hamlin June 25, 2012 at 1:29 pm

Okay gang, before we get our collective knickers in a twist from the left or starting throwing racially motivated frat parties on the right, let’s take a look at the ruling:

First off, the only thing left standing from Arizona’s SB 1070, is a police officer may ask immigration status of an individual stopped for probabe cause for another violation. Realistically, an officer could do that before the decision and before SB 1070. The person may decline to answer (fifth amendment privilege), but if he or she does admit to being in the country illegally, either way there is absolutely nothing…I repeat nothing the state officer may do about it of his or her own accord. The state officer cannot even detain the individual without direction from a federal officer, trained in immigration law.

The decision leaves open whether or not this section can be held unconstitutional until such a time the law, completely gutted now, goes into effect and the manner in which section 2b is enforced.

What this decision means is the federal government (read Congress, the folk who make the law) needs to get off its ass and finally do something about immigration across the borders of the U.S. And not just a series of band-aids and walls.

My concern is the vitriol I have read from both the left and the right in the various blog sites today. My Lord Jesus what has happened to this country! Compared to the rest of the world we live like kings and queens, a country in which we are all either immigrants or descended from immigrants (yes, including the first nation population as well). And with each wave of immigration the same ugly “don’t touch my stuff” hatred raises its head.

I ask those on the right and left to take a breath. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you so angry and self-righteous you cannot even see the scared little you anymore? Why don’t you re-direct the anger and hatred into some kind of dialogue with someone who has a different perspective and listen to them. Perhaps, instead of throwing stones around your little glass estate, you just might find flaws in your position. If you can, then maybe we can start fixing stuff instead of throwing temper tantrums and scaring the rest of the world.

In Peace, Jack


Conservativesdefeated June 25, 2012 at 10:20 pm


Why are people protesting? We won……Arizona’s law was thrown out. What was left standing in fact was the part that Bill Clinton signed in 1996…………..all cops in all states have had the right to inquire as to immigration status with probable cause.since then.


rick trujillo June 26, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Ahem……well, 9 black robes have spoken, unanimously. Don’t you just love it? And with a straight face, that’s the best part. They know, we know they know they ain’t fooling us and thier once hallowed words and decisions won’t ever bring meaningful lasting change.
Various, left, right, middle, centrist explanations and advice changes nothing for La Raza, in Arizona, and throughout the southwest, commonly known as Aztlan. We have zero reason to believe in the supreme court…their history of progressive decisions are all, eventually, moot or gutted issues by other rulings down the line.
This ruling reinforces the might of arpaio and co., we expected that–he’s still on a roll thanks to a failed boycott and meaningless elections like Wisconsin. The lawsuits and boycott gave them time to recover and regroup fro the two mass mobilizations that coulsd have gotten much bigger and out of hand ( not controlled by dems, labor or one of three desert religions [middle east]. The question, what does an american citizen look , smell, talk, blink, shit like, is still the order of the day. Cop authority is enhanced.
What Anglos and others fail to notice is that this current assault on individual and group civil liberties, (pretty funny, huh?, ain’t this what all the right and rightists complain about most …their liberties?), Raza now, others later (including the entire Bill of Rights) is the vital necessity for Capital to be unfettered by civil liberties in the pursuit of profit. So they need learned and highly skilled “legal” minds to ensure the legality of illegality (our Xican@ perspective)……the/our future does not need U.S. courts, the senate cloak room (with or without browns, blacks, asians, gays, lesbians, liberals, rightists et. al.) or an oval office (throw in the electoral college, too). We need radical changes only we can deliver. In Arizona, La Raza, with or without papeles is not back to square one, it’s worse……..mass mobilizations in the fall (better weather) composed of all kinds of Citizens of the/our Americas, is what will matter most. This is the last thing the 1%ers want to happen…or we can wait on the presidential elections and thank god almighty, to free us, at last. These latest rulings, however, are good material, and proof for recalcitrant mex/amers, hiss-panics-and latinos to correct their clouded vision.


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