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Photo Credit: San Diego City Beat

The San Diego City Council District 6 representative demonstrates a disturbing lack of knowledge on important issues.

Last night at Golden Hall, San Diego’s election central, I had the opportunity to participate in a live-blog along with the writers from CityBeat and contributors from SD Rostra, the OB Rag/SDFP, along with several other politically active contributors from around  San Diego County.  It was a great time, with perspectives from all over the political spectrum (but most of us were pretty squarely on the liberal side).

Refreshingly, the debate between the two political perspectives was entirely civil, often entertaining, sometimes informative, and always good natured.  It was a lot of fun, and I’m privileged to have been a part of it.

The banter was not only limited to the live-blog “panelists,” though.  From time-to-time one of the candidates or prominent political figures would stop by to participate in the chat.  Defeated City Council District 7 candidate Mat Kostrinsky stopped in briefly.  Newly drawn 71st Assembly District candidate Patrick Hurley came by (and what a disaster that encounter was, but I’ll let CityBeat’s David Rolland deal with that one).  State Senate candidate George Plescia and Assembly candidate Rocky Chavez took their turns at the keyboard.

And San Diego liberal political icon Donna Frye came up with the one liner of the night in response to being asked her thoughts on a potential Carl DeMaio mayoral tenure:  “It would be the Highway to Hell.”  (Ya just gotta love Donna!  I have a whole newfound respect for her!)

But the most interesting—and illuminating, at least for me—encounter of the night was when City Council rep Lorie Zapf sat down to partake in the dialogue.  Zapf was not up for re-election this time around, so she was there just hanging out with the other SD politicos, rooting on her favorite City Council candidate, Scott Sherman, Carl DeMaio’s handpicked guy for Council District 7 (he won outright—no runoff for him).

Zapf sat down to maybe answer a few questions, participate in the discussion, demonstrate her knowledge of city issues…… know, communicate with her constituents like a good elected official is supposed to do.  And she was kind enough to give us some of her stress free time.

Please see the rest of this story at the San Diego Free Press

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