Nathan Fletcher is a Booger Eating Union Sympathizer with Cooties

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Cootie-filled Nathan Fletcher before union-thug-run Sacramento Capitol building.

We’re Not Bitter about the Party Switch, Honest

 By Dirty Carl Ryder

Well it is nice we are not talking about hoodies today…… March 28, 2012 was the day Nathan Fletcher ended his political career as an elected official at the young age of 35. He will not win another election ever again.

It’s never pretty to watch a panicking politician, but that’s what we saw with Nathan Fletcher the other day. You’ve got to wonder about the timing of this announcement. We’re not saying that Nathan Fletcher supports the homosexual agenda, even though he did announce his party switch the day before the ultra left LGBT debate. How about the fact that he was the only Republican assembly member to vote to force gay history in our crumbling schools?

Nathan has been crowing for years about his “conservative” credentials. Now he is an independent? The fact is…is that Nathan is an empty suit who only stands for himself. Can you tell me otherwise? Don’t tell me he stands for getting things done. What the hell does that mean? Or working across the isle? Does Nathan understand that the Democrats in Sacramento have made us the most taxed, over regulated State in the country? So now you are going to work hand in hand with the democrats to do more of the same? Thanks for being a “uniter” Nathan, but no thank you.

The shame in all this is that so many good people have been duped by Nathan’s “charm.” Many others, me included, see right through him for what he is…an extraordinarily arrogant liberal in a suit who is only out for himself.  How about mentioning that Nathan’s only true dedication is to himself? He would sell his grandma to get elected.

Fletcher’s union allies (and yes, he DOES have public employee labor union support) are delighted, of course — now they can pour money into his campaign with a clear conscience — assuming they have a collective conscience.

Let’s remember what a “moderate” position is — from a fiscal standpoint. It means modest (window-dressing) reforms for pensions. It means modest tax rate increases — probably annually or biannually.  It calls for modest increases in laws governing everything you do — either as a business or individual. NEVER does moderate mean any REDUCTION in government (or even a plateauing of government) — either in cost or in function.

Nathan Fletcher running for office as an independent is about as credible as Rick Santorum trying to run as a Green Party candidate.  Mr. Fletcher’s switcharoo is an all-or-nothing Hail Mary stunt designed to keep him in the game. Nothing more.

Anyone who buys into this “I searched my soul” nonsense is wet behind the ears. Being on the losing end of the primary math induces soul-searching, none of it genuine and all of it calculated. Lest we not forget the large-scale political ambitions of Mr. Fletcher and his wife.

In the end, yesterday’s display proved to us what many knew and some feared, Nathan Fletcher only cares about Nathan Fletcher, and he will literally do anything to win, even if it means revealing to the public that he has NO core.

When you rise too fast, when your head gets too big, apparently… you throw it all away.  This is about as authentic as the hair on the top of Jan Goldsmith’s head.

PS. The language in this post was lifted from comments and articles over at SDRostra (with minimal editing) our fair city’s conservative blog. Happy April Fool.

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Jack April 1, 2012 at 9:51 am

Just the title was worth the ride…..


Molly April 1, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Dirty Carl, how dare you impute the reputation of such a hypocrite.


bodysurferbob April 1, 2012 at 8:52 pm

doug – you are not serious, are you, that most of this post came from genuine comments at sdrostra, the conservative blog? no way! they are just sore as hell. what do they care? with dumpmonis and demayo in the lead, fletcher had not a chance to be in the top 2 on primary day, coming up june 5th. i just don’t get it – why are they so sore?

and btw, how high are the numbers in this count thing?


Doug Porter April 2, 2012 at 6:15 am

yes, the language was largely lifted from the conserv blog– most of it was from comments. i did some light editing for context so it would flow.
so the “hard core” were really pissed. partisan politics is a contact sport; the GOP and Dems have different approaches. one only need to look at the state senate race between Mary Salas and Juan Vargas last year to see just how nasty the dems can be.


Molly April 1, 2012 at 8:54 pm

Perhaps, there is a double joke there. So, which is it, Dougmaester? Is it real or is it Memorex? Are these really from comments at SDNostrum or is your “P.S” part of the Day’s scam also? Fess ol’ buddy.


suzanne weeks-brady April 2, 2012 at 6:11 am

You are giving too much importance to this guy by being insulting!!
I am a former San Diegan and would not vote for any of the candidates. Ca. is not what it used to be when I came as a bride in 1951. For all sakes get some new blood and integrity into the mix!!


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