First Cuppa Coffee – April 4th, 2012: They Who Would Be King Edition

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Cry me a river… What’s a Republican gotta do to get some ink in this town, anyway?  With the national press all gaga over Nathan Fletcher’s decision to dump the Grand Old Party, the Brian Bilbray campaign is hoping that they’ll get some ink (probably not in the OB Rag, though) when House Speaker John Boehner speaks out at a campaign fundraiser on Thursday at a Pacific Beach condo at Pacific Beach Drive and Cass Streets. Festivities are slated to begin at around 5pm, and rumor has it that there will be protesters.

The primaries are over, really….  For those of you who may have missed this morning’s pronouncements in the mainstream media, Former Mass. Gov. Willard Romney’s sweep of the elections in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia means that he’s won the race to become the lucky Republican to take on the incumbent Democratic President. Word hasn’t apparently reached Rick Santorum, who’s decided to one up the other clueless contender, moon man Newt Gingrich, by visiting Mars. (Mars, Pennsylvania, that is.)  By the way, in Wisconsin, four out of 10 voters in the Republican primary weren’t even Republicans.

The campaign gets fierce, Romney, style… With those pesky GOP competitors out of the way, Gov. Willard Romney unloaded a fierce attack on the Chevy Volt yesterday, telling voters,

“I’m not sure America was ready for the Chevy Volt. I mean, I hope it does well, I don’t want to disparage any product coming out of Detroit. But I think instead of having politicians tell us what kind of cars we ought to make, we ought to let the people who are trying to understand the market make that decision.”

Romney has apparently drank the GOP kool-aid that GM’s all electric vehicle was part of the administration’s rescue package for Detroit auto-makers. Never mind that the facts of the matter were ignored: The Chevy Volt was first introduced as a concept vehicle in January 2007, fully two years before President Obama took office. And the substantial tax incentives for purchasing high efficiency and plug-in vehicles like the Volt were passed under President George W. Bush.  Meanwhile over in Detroit, buoyed by record monthly sales of the Chevy Volt  for March, General Motors announced that it will resume production of the Volt at the Detroit Hamtramck plant one week earlier than expected.

 Welcome to the 2012 Fox News Presidential Election Propaganda Campaign!…  Another sure sign that the primaries are history occurred yesterday when Fox News Anchor Heather Childers tweeted her followers a link to a story left over from the 2008 primary season asserting that President Obama had threatened Chelsea Clinton’s life to keep Bill and Hillary “quiet” about his eligibility to run for President (i.e., his “birth certificate”).

It’s a bi-partisan conclusion… The Democrats also jumped in on the occasion of the primaries ending, with the Obama campaign releasing a cable TV ad that mentioned Romney by name.  The President also gave a speech yesterday that amounted to a full throated attack on the Paul Ryan’s “marvelous” House of Representatives budget proposal, making it clear that he wasn’t joking several months ago about using the GOP primary debates as fodder for his re-election campaign.

The King was here… On this date back in 1956, Elvis Presley was in the middle of a three day visit to San Diego. Jay Allen Sanford over at the Reader has a superb accounting of the King’s visit. Especially titillating are Sanford’s accounts of the SDPD’s reactions:

Elvis’ sexually-charged “singing style” was no joke to San Diego police, however… young women were removed from the Arena, reportedly for “hysterical and lewd behavior.”

The Shore Patrol had to set up a floating blockade behind the venue, after two teen girls in their underwear and carrying soaked dresses emerged from the water to make a run for Presley’s dressing room (they were caught by police and released, presumably after their garments dried). Three people were arrested…. Some girls broke into the bathroom of Elvis’s dressing room and stole the toilet seat,” recalled KCBQ disc jockey Don Howard in a 1979 interview with local Kicks Magazine.”

His Cadillac was covered with obscene messages, and two sailors were arrested for masturbating during the show from watching the antics…After the concert, the police arrested 12 girls running nude through the halls of the El Cortez Hotel, looking for Elvis.”

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