First Cuppa Coffee – Monday, March 12th, 2012 : Extra Carl DeMaio Edition

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It’s about time we dedicated some ink to the Great White Hope of America’s Finest Tourist Plantation.  The would be one Carl DeMaio, currently City Councilman and

Candidate for Mayor.  The SD County GOP officially endorsed Carl as their man with a plan this past weekend, which means candidate DeMaio can now spend Party funds in support of his quest for the Mayoral position…  Which is a good thing, since people were starting to get suspicious about how much City of San Diego cash he was spending in the Mayoral race.

 Carl DeMaio learned about politics from one of the grand masters of the game: Congressman Newt Gingrich.  As one of the leaders of the 1994 GOP Revolution, he refined and perfected the art of sleazy, dirty politics, successfully impeaching President Clinton for lying about an affair while having an affair of his very own. He’s the man who’s made “moderate” a dirty word in GOP politics in the current election cycle. And, most importantly to San Diego, Gingrich is he man who taught Carl DeMaio how to hustle the government for money while denouncing big government and looting the treasury for his own “small business enterprise”.

Carl’s use of City funding for his Mayoral campaign has been shockingly transparent—and completely legal—in the way it drives his campaign promises through a loophole in the law.  How does he do it?  Say you’re running for Mayor in a City with high unemployment… the way to get your campaign literature printed up and distributed by the tax payers is to announce the “Jobs Recovery Program” as a project of the City Council. The materials don’t say “Carl for Mayor” (so it’s legal… wink, wink) but your name is  plastered all over the tens of thousands of dollars worth of slick brochures paid for out of City Council funds.  Which come from… taxpayers like you & I… In his first year in office, DeMaio spent $32,000 in taxpayer money on mail. That was 45 times as many mailers as all other elected officials combined.

Now that we’ve got you all excited about Carl DeMaio’s campaign for Mayor, we want to make you aware of a unique opportunity to join in this valiant cause: Next Tuesday, March 20th, his very special support group, Democrats for DeMaio, will be hosting a special Happy Hour (6:30-8pm) at Eden Nightclub (1202 University Ave, San Diego, Ca 92103).  Rumor has it that Carl hasn’t been able to find any actual ex-Democrats willing to back his candidacy, so they are hoping that somebody will come volunteer their services to lend an air of legitimacy to the group. We should point out that other  campaign events, like the Bonnie Dumanis fundraiser schedule for Ocean Beach a few months back, have been cancelled after getting mentioned in this blog. So it’s best to RSVP  to Ashley Hayek at (858) 603-7686 or

Now if you can’t make it to Carl’s biggie fundraiser (and ex-Democrat coming out party), you can always visit his wonderful (actually it’s very creepy) virtual town hall. There you may be permitted to ask the candidate questions. However, if he doesn’t like your questions, or they didn’t anticipate the query he’ll launch into a spiel about his super exciting “app” to report city problems… simply dial 311… and if your question is too snarky, he’ll “ban” you from his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Or you can wander over to Youtube and watch the “Dirty Boy Carl DeMaio” video. We’d also like to thank the Evil Labor Unions here in San Diego for their efforts in pointing out DeMaio’s record. We figured we’d better say thanks, since DeMaio blames any negative comments about him on labor. (We thought fellow GOPer Nathan Fletcher was going to choke after Carl accused him of being “soft” on labor.)  And while we’re at it, let’s point out a web site that actually is Labor’s fault.

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The Gunny March 12, 2012 at 9:43 am

Carl DeMaio is all that’s wrong with San Diego politics. God help us all if he gets in office.
He’s already stated that he’ll make SDFD force them into being a volunteer dept, he’s already ststed that he’s going to break the promise to SDPD and force them into Wall St’s 401(k) scheme. He can’t look Lorena Gonzalez in the eye without fibbing about something.
He may be Dick Rider, Tony Krvarik and TJ Zane’s golden boy, but not the common man. Stop Carl now, or we’ll all be paying later!


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