First Cuppa Coffee – March 7th, 2012 : Save Us from Super Tuesday Edition

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Now that we have officially solved our City’s financial deficit problems… I must regretfully inform you of the next great crisis facing “America’s Finest Tourist Plantation”.  Reliable sources are telling us our neighbors to the north are abandoning those anonymous office parks in the San Fernando Valley for the side streets of Lemon Grove as shooting sites for adult action in the wake of moves by the Los Angeles City Council to require that condoms be used in all sex flicks made in their jurisdiction. And, as our Republican friends have been so valiantly warning us for many years now, excessive regulation by localities will simply cause small businesses to flee to the next available venue. San Diego Magazine sounded the initial alarm last spring in a piece entitled “The New Pornographers” that we read simply because we thought it was about our favorite quirky band. It took us days to get the still photos of the VW bug with its steamy windows out of our otherwise purified mind.

So, what will this mean for the next Mayor of San Diego? After all, that Sanders fellow became almost famous for welcoming just about every brewer with a recipe for amber ale into town. Will the Fletcherman show up with balloons to welcome new video crews to town?  Will da’ DeMaio dude dispatch his volunteer hordes to make sure that any rubbers that happen to get used are cleaned up?  Will BonnieD send them over the mountain? Can Filner-Bob afford to say “no” to any new business considering San Diego, lest he be accused of being a liberal? Can we get some questions about this critical issue worked into any of the upcoming debates? Who knows? Who cares? Stay tuned….

Last Sunday’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle let it be known that the Flower Fields of Carlsbad will be a bloomin’ for the next ten weeks or so. Too bad we can’t afford the gas to drive up to Oceanside….maybe they can get those porno guys to burn a copy for KPBS or something.

Meanwhile, while the Chron was busy snooping around down here, denizens of Pleasanton, California’s Castlewood Country Club, just a stones throw from the Bay Area, were protesting to “Save the 1%”, hoping to bring an end to a three year old labor conflict by the Country Club’s cooks, dishwashers and janitors.  Pleasanton, a town of 70,000 southeast of Oakland, ranked by the Census Bureau as the nation’s wealthiest mid-sized city. The grounds of the Castlewood Country Club once surrounded a 53-room mansion inhabited by Phoebe Apperson Hearst, whose son once owned the Chron.  One Club member dressed in a purple evening gown agreed to appear on camera and tried to play to the sympathies of the TV audience, saying, “I mean, I am the victim here. I’ve had parties over here with my children, and I’ve had to cross picket lines saying people want health care. How am I supposed to explain that to my children?”

If you’ve been wondering why our international coverage has been a bit scanty…  consider this:  Should the US support an independent Balochistan?  No, it’s not a trick question, made up to make Herman Cain look silly at a Presidential debate. Balochistan is real place, somewhere near Afghanistan and Pakistan where the remnants of the-once-upon-a-time-evil “Northern Alliance” are lurking just waiting for enough US aid to defeat both the Taliban and rogue Pakistani intelligence forces.  Real Congressmen, like Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) are looking for their opportunity to repeat the great success that the U.S. achieved with that Bin Ladin fellow a few years back when he defeated the Russians.  What could go wrong with that? And why aren’t the GOP presidential candidates asking these kinds of questions? Then we’d know they were serious.

Demonstrate Today!  TV cameras, Lights, Action, “It’s for the Kids”… It’s all hands on deck… at the San Diego Unified School Board (Normal St & El Cajon Blvd) building starting at 4pm. Watch liberal and progressive school board members get ulcers as they try to figure out a way not to hand out lay-off notices to teachers, counselors and support staff to make up for a $124 million budgetary shortfall for next year. Watch as union leaders whip their membership into a frenzy to protest a couple thousand proposed pink slips. Watch as hundreds of parents show up bearing signs that say “Don’t cut my kid’s program, screw everybody else”. And best of all, watch for the cheesy looking characters that the local GOP begged (really!) to run for school board this fall strut their stuff and brag to the news media about how brave they’d be if they were only on the school board. My bet? The present school board puts off the vote for a week. The school board wannabe’s flee into hiding the minute anybody asks them to say something critical about Rush Limbaugh.

Oh yeah, the Republicans are doing something today… what could it be?…Something about A Super Tuesday? My prediction: Mostly Romney, with a chance of Santorum. Some areas in the south may be plagued by Newts… There is a Ron Paul advisory & alert out for Alaska. Film at eleven.

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La Playa Heritage March 6, 2012 at 9:45 am

Dear Friends,

This Thursday, Bob Filner will turn in his official nominating petitions to run for Mayor of San Diego!

Will you join Bob this Thursday to formally kickoff our campaign to change City Hall?

Bob and many of his supporters are planning to walk together to City Hall to get San Diego moving in the right direction. Come stand with Bob as he will always stand up for you.

We need a Mayor who will stand up to the powerful downtown special interests and fight for the middle class in San Diego. We need a Mayor whose priorities will be in our neighborhoods instead of downtown. Bob Filner will be a Mayor on our side not the side of the powerful and privileged.

Join Bob Filner this Thursday!

Grassroots Walk from Filner Campaign HQ to City Hall

Thursday, March 8, 12pm

1460 7th Avenue (7th and Beech)

Here is a link to a map of the office,+san+diego&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&hnear=1460+7th+Ave,+San+Diego,+California+92101&gl=us&t=m&z=16

(I-5 to 6th Avenue, 163 to Ash, Trolley to 5th Ave)

Call or email the campaign at 619-231-6200 or
Bob Filner for Mayor Campaign Team


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