First Cuppa Coffee – March 23, 2012: GOP Toys R Us Edition

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GOP jobs creation program succeeds…  Buoyed by news reports about the Romney campaign’s latest gaffe, the folks at Ohio Art, makers of the Etch A Sketch reported a 1500% increase in sales. Stock prices for the company jumped from $4 to over $12.50 this week. “The left and right knobs on the Etch A Sketch appeal to both parties,” a company spokesperson explained.

They’re coming to take my light bulbs away!…  Candidate Romney’s been whipping up audiences lately talking about that scourge on modern America, the energy efficient light bulb. It goes something like: What would Thomas Edison say, knowing his light bulb had been banned by Obama?!?!?  Of course, the legislation that Mittens is talking about was actually signed by President George Bush. Then there was Governor Romney’s 2004 Climate Protection Plan, which pledged that Massachusetts would work with other states “to foster legislation and other approaches” that would encourage energy efficiency standards for many products, including “Torchiere lighting.”   And we mustn’t forget the legislation that Gov, Romney signed giving families a $600 tax credit for buying energy efficient products…

Tin foil hats group questions Romney’s citizenship… It’s bad enough that Rick Santorum is now out there telling voters that they’d be better off with another four years of President Obama than voting for Romney… Now a group of “birthers” has filed a lawsuit here in California seeking to insist that the Secretary of State verify the eligibility of all presidential candidates before allowing them on the November ballot.  It seems that they’re troubled by stories that Romney’s grandparents lived in (gasp!) Mexico for many years.

Another cartoon the SDUT didn’t run… And we have to agree with them on this one.

Seems like a good time to talk about gun control… In the wake of the ongoing furor over the slaying of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin, Senate Republicans have introduced legislation to force every state to follow the nation’s laxest gun laws:

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) and 28 other Senate Republicans on Tuesday introduced a bill that would allow people authorized to carry concealed weapons in their home state to do the same in other states that allow concealed carry, without requiring a federal permit.  The Respecting States’ Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, S. 2213, is meant to ensure that the Second Amendment rights of people are not infringed upon when they travel between states. But rather than set up a federal permitting process for concealed weapons, the bill would essentially require states with concealed-weapons permits to honor the permits of other states.

 Introducing the X-J5 meatball gun… Since Dave Maass over at CityBeat got all twtterfied about my threats to pelt food critic Any T. Granite with meatballs, I’ve done a little research on delivery systems that would make such an assault easier and neater. Through the miracle of The Google, I now present the schematics for the ultimate in meatball mayhem.

How to sleep on a plane…. And not get bothered. Try this Zombie Sleep Mask.

The HillBilly Airport has arrived… Little Rock, Arkansas has decided to rename it’s airport after both the Clintons. Sadly, this is one time that ladies didn’t get to go first, so it ended up being named the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Big Bucks for Plan B… San Diego’s Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative, the one that simultaneously saves the City one billion and/or zero dollars is being supported by SDUT publisher ‘Papa Doug’ Manchester to the tune of $25,000.

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Anna Daniels March 23, 2012 at 9:15 am

I am lovin’ the First Cuppa pictures…


Frank Gormlie March 23, 2012 at 9:19 am

That’s how I feel this morning, can’t get enough java, got to get to that last drop.


Bud Pillsbury March 23, 2012 at 9:38 am

A concealed weapons permit would have come in handy for the poor guy that got stabbed to death behind the Arizona.


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