Why it’s important for OBceans to attend our Planning Board meetings.

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The December 2011 meeting of the OB Planning Board.

Editor:  A sub-committee of the full OB Planning Board has its monthly meeting tonight, the Project Review Committee. There are four action items on the agenda and Ragster Brenda McFarlane is down for going and urges other OBceans to attend these meetings.

The Ocean Beach Planning Board is only as strong as we, the people who care about OB’s future, make it.  If we show no interest or concern and express no opinions, then the OBPBs recommendations to the city have no teeth.

It is important to understand that the OBPB has very little power unless we give it to them by our actions. So we must attend meeting, and, if we can’t, we must contact the OBPB members-in writing-to express our opinions. That way, when they go to the city to recommend a certain course of action, the city will hear them.

Presently, some of OB’s longstanding building guidelines that were painstakingly laid out in order to preserve the OB specialness are being ignored and violated. Builders and interested party’s can get special dispensation to build what they want with just a little effort.

OBPB can not fight these efforts and say “this is not what the people want” without producing evidence. Presently they can’t produce evidence because so few people attend the meetings etc.

This is an important meeting to all of those who care about Ocean Beach and have a desire to make sure that the developments that occur here are in the best interest of the majority and not just those who stand to make money or the wishes of a few.

I do NOT want to go. My favorite day of the week is Wed. because I sit in a local drinking establishment and watch the fun of our Farmer’s Market. However, even with a few beers in me, I know my presence is important. I don’t have to say anything, I just have to express interest by being there. The meeting will probably be pretty boring but it’s the least I can do to win my right to complain later.

Hopefully I’ll see some others there tonight. I’ll be at the Harp until 6:20 pm-meet me there if anyone wants to walk over with me!

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Jill Nyahay February 15, 2012 at 12:49 pm

I will join in! Show my community some love! I also love sitting in the window at the Harp and watching the Farmer’s Market, but sometimes we’ve got to sacrifice a little now to save a lot later.


OB Joe February 15, 2012 at 1:10 pm

Hey Breanda, thanks for putting it out there. I’ll see if I can join you at the Planning meeting tonight.


devon February 16, 2012 at 7:51 pm


Because I went to one and it scared the piss out of me
REALLY?! This is really how my life gets changed in drastic ways?
really?! I looked around. No one present. Really?
This couldn’t be real I thought to myself. I almost wanted to scream it outloud.
IS this really happeneing? Am I dreaming?
It’s really that easy for all of our lives to change drastically just like that.
In this tiny little room with tiny little tables and tiny little toes.

It scared me so much that it scared me into going to every single one
which turned out to be one


IDEA: Advertise in the streets. Obcians slither streets. They read signs. It would have a huge effect. Advertise on business windows. The town cares. They just need to see it. Few seek it.


devon February 16, 2012 at 7:55 pm

and get a band to play in the parking lot


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