First Cuppa Coffee – Friday, February 17, 2012 : Scatological Sports Strategies Edition

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Norts Spews…. The local edition of Fox Sports is slated to take it place on local cable lineups starting March 5th.  (We’d link to the SDUT story that appeared in today’s print edition but, alas, it doesn’t show up online.) Fox Sports will be where you’ll find Padres games this summer, and the channel will be available to non-Cox, non-Time-Warner viewers.  The Padres are picking up a largish chunk of money for this new deal, but have yet to indicate whether it will be spent on actual players or the cost of paying off the Moores family interest in the team. And there is also no word on whether Cox channel 56 (HD-1056) will be available to basic cable subscribers. My bet is… not.

Lie-O-Meters in action…. The Voice of San Diego has once again elected to fact check statements made my Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, finding untruths that range from “simply false” to “huckster propaganda”.  We think they should have a contest for readers to pick how many days in a row DeMaio could flunk a Fact Check, starting with his oft repeated list of retired City employees supposedly living large off bad pension deals crafted by the City’s evil unions… The question should be: “How many of those egregious pensions are actually management retirement packages (Not covered by union contracts)?” The answer is, by the way, is that all of Carl’s Top Ten list make the cut. Not a union pension in the bunch.

Dubiously Named Awards Department…  City Beat has its “Turds and Blossoms”, which rates and rewards or punishes campaign activity.  They do good stuff, but, ugh, that name… “Turds & Blossoms”, it’s so unfashionable. We’d like to suggest that the scatological reference be replaced with the term “Roger Hedgecock”, who, in just a few short weeks as an op-ed columnist for the SDUT, has established new lows for standards relating to half-truths and outright lies relating to politics.

Don’t let the door hit ya on the….   In his latest column, nativitist/white power advocate Pat Buchanan has announced to the world that MSNBC has caved under pressure from what our source calls ‘the liberals and the gays and the blacks and the black liberal gay atheist blacklisters’ and removed him from their lineup.  Which is hardly news, since he’s been gone since October. More proof, as Roger Hedgecock will no doubt soon point out, of the black hand –no racism intended–of Obama in censoring the Truth.

No climate change here… The USDA has released its updated version of the Plant Hardiness Zone Map, reflecting the last thirty or so years of data collection regarding temperatures and plant hardiness. It’s an important tool used by gardeners everywhere. Overall, the map generally shows warmer winter low temperatures, so some plants and trees can now survive farther north. The USDA says this map is not a comment on climate change. Just ignore those bananas growing in Ohio….

The Simpsons are getting the boot… This Sunday will mark the 500th episode of Fox’s animated series, the Simpsons.  The plot-line for our hapless heroes involves Mayor Quimby announcing the results of a vote to get rid of “Springfield’s un-ending nightmare, The Simpsons,” as the family get kicked out of town.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who reportedly has a great deal of experience with being kicked out of places, will make a guest cameo.  No state secrets were harmed in the animation of this episode.

Not available in stores…. And with the District Attorney’s ongoing war against medical marijuana, probably not available anywhere…. We thought you’d like some insight into developments in countries where a civilized approach is being taken with regard to THC treatments: “A British drug manufacturer is hoping for a big score from consumers and a green light from the FDA for its medical marijuana mouth spray in 2013.  Seven countries including the UK, Spain and Germany have approved Sativex to treat patients with multiple sclerosis. …”

Newt’s California Strategy…  Everybody’s favorite moon commander wanna-be may be down, what with all the ‘Rick Santorum is more than just a dirty word at Urban Dictionary dot com’ stories floating around the news media these days, but he’s far from out.  It’s all about the delegates, not the news stories, and the Man has a plan.  Better yet, ii involves building a coalition right here in California of Tea Partiers and Social Conservatives… add a little pixie dust (also known as PAC Money), and delegates will appear, thanks to our State’s winner take all by Congressional district system.

See Ya Tuesday Folks!

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Andy Cohen February 17, 2012 at 10:46 am

Here’s the link to the UT story on the Fox Sports SD launch:

Fox Sports San Diego to launch in March


doug porter February 17, 2012 at 10:59 am

you know, you’d think that if you searched “Fox Sports” at the SDUT it would show up. But noooo.


Andy Cohen February 17, 2012 at 11:59 am

C’mon, man………it’s right there on the front of the Sports page of the website!

On another note, Newt got another commitment of $10 million from his personal billionaire Sheldon Adelson today, according to the Washington Post. These guys are practically GUARANTEEING that not only will Obama be reelected, but Democrats will retake the House and extend their majority in the Senate. These people are just plain batshit crazy to the extreme and are becoming so repulsive to anyone anywhere close to the middle that they’ll have no choice but to either not vote at all or vote Democrat.


Frank Gormlie February 17, 2012 at 5:20 pm

I’m glad you mentioned Roger Hedgcock; apparently Roger has been cleansed sufficiently for Papa Doug Manchester at the “new” U-T. I’ve seen at least two of his op-eds. The one you link to has him bad-mouthing government, and this convicted swindler has the audacity of quoting Jesus Christ! (Watch, he’ll write in and leave a comment that he never was convicted of anything, but the historians know different.)

So Roger – the guy who while mayor tried to use government to increase his friends’ pockets – now is dissing government for being over-regulatory. Hey Rog! Did ya hear? You’re down at the beach – this will affect you. The EPA now has less money for water-quality testing at your beach.

And talk about small government, Rog, was that you down at the border a few years ago, lighting up the borderline with your headlights to assist big government in snatching migrants running across?

Rog, you guys always trot out Reagan’s old mantra of “government is the problem” and then try to come in the back door with actually larger, more intrusive government. That way has failed us.


Lois February 23, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Frank: I have to laugh at myself. Speaking of Rog, this reminded me of my apartment manager friends where I lived at one time. Supposedly, we are friends, not just acquantice, very pleasant and fun people. I had promised a vist back to see them after my last move. However, I remember the husband who went about his duties, always had his mp3 player and appeared to listen to nothing Rog. I decided not to renew my friendship


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