First Cuppa Coffee – February 3, 2012 : Friday Protest Edition

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Papa Doug’s UTSD Agenda Con’t….  He told us all the paper was gonna advocate for big shiny boxes so the Grand Plans for downtown at the expense of the City’s neighborhoods come as no surprise.  But we must have missed the part about the paper becoming the local media platform for the Catholic Church. Or maybe we’re just being too sensitive about the paper’s lack of coverage (there is an article today) about the Komen-Planned Parenthood conflict. Today’s paper has a front page article about the “threat to religious freedom” posed by the Obama administration’s decision to make insurance coverage for birth control part of the package for non-profit organizations. (Churches are exempt from the policy; non-profits that they may control are not). And a nice big editorial on the same subject. And an editorial cartoon. And a copy of the letter that the Bishop of San Diego distributed on the subject.

To Do Today…  The Tea Party and a bunch of progressive groups are collaborating today with demonstrations at local Congressional offices to protest the provisions in the NDAA act that allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens deemed to be terrorists. The demonstrations are from 1 – 2:30pm; Susan Davis’ office is at 2700 Adams Avenue in Normal Heights, and Hunter’s office is located at 1870 Cordell Street in El Cajon…  At UCSD, Trade Negotiators are quietly formulating a new Pacific Rim NAFTA. Learn all about it at this Library Walk rally starting at noon…  A documentary film about an early desegregation struggle right here in San Diego County, the Lemon Grove Incident, will be shown at Centro Cultural De La Raza, at 2125 Park Blvd in Balboa Park – at 7pm. There will be a discussion with film maker Paul Espinosa after the screening.

Occupy Occupy Occupy….  Yes, we know that the mainstream media is saying Occupy is petering out (except for those flag burners in Oakland)…. Oh, and, by the way, after all those 400 arrests in Oakland, only 12 people were actually charged with any crime… Here in San Diego on Saturday there’s a meeting and workshops for all Southern California Occupy groups at the Centro Cultural De La Raza, at 2125 Park Blvd in Balboa Park starting at 10:30 am…  Here’s a report about some West Virginia retirees who have adopted Occupy tactics to call attention to the fact that their former employers (not bankrupt) screwed them out of their supposedly guaranteed medical benefits… A follow up report from Javelin Strategy and Research, a research and consulting firm, found that 5.6 million people have moved their bank accounts in the last 90 days, with 610,000 citing Bank Transfer Day as their reason…  And finally, for all those ‘tards that insist Occupy is made up of nothing but homeless bums, a great photo blog,  “The People of Occupy”.

Organized Labor Getting Organized…  Here’s an interesting read on a Labor group seeking to break the power of a Democratic city machine. Money quote: “If you look at Barack Obama, there was a huge amount of grassroots organizing to get him into office that ended when he got into office. It made it much more difficult to change many of the things he talked about in the campaign. The key to achieving the changes people talked about on the campaign is maintaining the organizing at the grassroots that made the campaign successful in the first place.” 

 Take this Job and Shove It…  City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio has figured out a way to run the City of San Diego without actual employees.  Which is a good thing, because, after all the energy he’s put into demonizing them over the past decade, he’ll probably need a few volunteer helpers should he win the Mayoral election… This has been all over the internet, but it fits into the “shove it” meme: A copy of a letter from a former slave responding to a plea to his former master urging him to return to the plantation.  He doesn’t like the idea. Happy Black History Month.

Million Mom’s Group Blasts JC Penney…  No, they’re not upset that the company has decided to re-brand itself and brought in the guy who designed Apple’s retail program to do it.  And they’re not upset with all the TV ads of people screaming nooooo…. They’re upset because the department store chain has hired Ellen Degeneres to be their spokesperson. In case you haven’t heard, Ellen is gay. I think I need some new socks….

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Anna Daniels February 3, 2012 at 8:43 am

Manchester can morph effortlessly from Papa Doug to Pope Doug. That makes the U-T even more special! 98% of Catholics use some form of contraception. Time for the church to preach what its practices.


doug porter February 3, 2012 at 10:28 am

NEWS FLASH? The Komen Foundation has reversed their decision regarding Planned Parenthood… OR have they?


Andy Cohen February 3, 2012 at 11:36 am

Answer: No, they really haven’t. They’ve restored funding that was already committed to PP, but have reserved the right, so to speak, to deny future grants under the guise of “providing funding where it does the most good.” Translation: In the future we can disassociate ourselves from that filthy abortion mill and not face such a backlash.”

The damage is done, and the Komen Foundation has been exposed. Brinker seriously miscalculated how much allowing her own politics guide the foundation would damage the meticulously crafted image they’ve built. They will never be viewed in the same light again.


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