First Cuppa Coffee – February 28th, 2012 : Virgin Voters Edition

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About that voicemail from the FBI… In the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision banning the warrant-less use of Global Positioning Systems devices, the Federal Bureau of Investigation finds itself with a rather unique problem on its hands: because the court ruling made the use of GPS devices a questionable practice which could lead to future convictions being overturned, the Feds simply turned them all off. Now they’re missing up to 3000 transmitters, many of which were simply stuck underneath suspicious vehicles.

 Putin shows Newt how it’s done….  Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has come up with a strategy his handlers think will to woo women voters to his camp: Callista Gingrinch, wife du jour for the candidate, has started “The Women With Newt National Coalition”. Details are scarce, but apparently ex-mistresses from the 1990’s will not be playing a leadership role.   Vladimir Putin, who is running his own campaign for the top job in the former Evil Empire, has developed a much more persuasive approach, which includes a video that suggests strongly that women who vote for the Vladster will achieve sexual satisfaction in the near future. Especially if they are virgins.

Meanwhile, here in California  News that once again the State’s income projections are $6 billion less than projected has Sacramento dems in a tizzy. And, although there are three ballot measures that would increase revenues lined up for voters to pass judgment on this fall, there’s some really bad news lurking there as well.  Recent polling by the Brown camp indicates that, although two of the three measures are popular enough by themselves to win the votes needed for victory, any ballot with all three proposals together will cause all three proposals to fail. Although the “millionaire’s tax” performs best in these surveys, Gov. Brown’s tax and cut plan has greater resources lined up than any of the competition.  And Molly Munger’s PTA tax plan—which spreads the pain across nearly all income groups—is already dead on arrival in pollsterville; unfortunately, Ms. Munger’s treating this as “vanity initiative” and pouring her own considerable resources into the campaign. So there you go. The GOP doesn’t need to worry about it’s barely one-third stranglehold over the State legislature. But they are anyway…

Citizen initiatives don’t count…  Last Friday, the Secretary of State announced that the referendum on the California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) senate maps qualified to be on the November, 2012 ballot.  The organizers were able to collect 511,457 verified signatures, 6,697 signatures more than what was needed. This means that voter approval of Proposition 20 (61.3%) will be up for review again this year, thanks to an army of paid signature gatherers. Therefore, come this November elections, this ballot measure will be put to the voters asking them to either approve the CRC senate maps, or have the State Supreme Court re-draw the senate maps for the state legislature.  Ironically, at the same time voters go to their precincts to vote, they will be voting for candidates representing senate districts drawn by the CRC.

Birther/Dentist/Lawyer/RealEstate Agent Orly Taitz gets tin foil hat ready…  to run against Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein this fall, according to a McClatchy News Service piece in the Sacramento Bee.  The report, filed from the California Republican Party Convention, tells of the woes of Elizabeth Emken, Dan Hughes, Al Ramirez and Greg Conlon, all second tier candidates vying for the party’s blessing. While all are considered credible as candidates, none of the second tier contenders has either the name recognition or the cash needed to make a serious run. Which leaves Orly Taitz as the front runner. Now if she’ll just forget to file the paperwork on time, perhaps the State GOP can be spared a little of the crazy that seems to have infected other groups around the country.

Crafty types seek to celebrate OB Oldness… The OB Historical Society, OB Mainstreet Association and the Peninsula Beacon have joined forces to celebrate the quasquicentennial (that’s 125 years; say it three times real quick….!) anniversary of our fair seaside community. Ashley Lewis from Dog Beach Design has designed a logo that will appear on special Ocean Beach merchandise like T-shirts, stickers and medallions.  Proceeds from the sale of these items will be used for beautifying efforts in the community.

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