First Cuppa Coffee – February 2, 2012 : Groundhog Day Edition.

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Happy Groundhog Day….  For those of you who do not understand this vital American holiday, may I suggest a visit to this link… If we stop celebrating Groundhogs Day, the terrorists win!  Chickens and other critters won big this week as the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to allow chickens, bees and goats as backyard pets, making San Diego the latest of many cities nationwide to pass laws promoting urban agriculture.

Nothing to See Here… Conspicuously missing from today’s SDUT is any coverage of the decision—made under pressure from social conservative groups—of the Susan G Komen group to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer programs. Meanwhile, there’s plenty to report on this story, starting with a story about how Komen has also cut funding for stem cell research,  a New Yorker backgrounder on Planned Parenthood,  a peek behind the Pink Curtain at the politics of the SGK Foundation and five ways to support women’s health groups after you give the Komen Foundation the pink slip.  The good news here is that increased donations to Planned Parenthood over the past day have nearly covered the loss in funding from the Church ladies over at SGK.

The Romney-Ron Paul Alliance (?)…  It’s true, says this morning’s Washington Post, Mittens has a soft spot in his heart for Ron Paul. That makes this morning’s AP item saying that one of the Paul campaign’s goals in staying in the race involves getting son Rand Paul the number two spot of the GOP Presidential slate. And it also makes it unlikely that Ron Paul will ruin as a third party candidate should Gov. Romney get the nod.  I wonder how all those young Paul libertarian types feel about this…

Anonymous Strikes: Good Night White Pride…. A bunch of Southern California suit and tie supremacists have had their private messages, emails and other documents dumped on the internet for all to see.  The “American Third Position” group’s emails include evidence of lots of interactions with the Ron Paul campaign (including a conference with the ATP board of directors) and ties to pro-German Nazi forums.

Shameless Plugolas… Meanwhile, this week’s San Diego City Beat hit the alt-media good guys trifecta.  Articles worth a read include Dave Maass’ article on the FBI training Academy, Aaron Belfer’s terrific column on the larger implications of home schooling and the editorial urging Bob Filner to get off his ass and start campaigning. Money quote: Progressives need Filner in the November election. He’s the only major candidate who’s guaranteed to govern with working-class citizens and outlying neighborhoods in mind.

Mighty Righty Memes…  An Alabama State GOP Senator’s claim that low salaries for teachers are biblically mandated is righteously ridiculed over at Wonkette.  The right wing Koch brother’s lawyer takes to the Wall Street Journal to decry the persecution that his clients are undergoing at the hands of the terrorist Muslim in the White House. And, from the “we wish” department, right wing radio host Aaron Klein is beating the drum to claim that the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine might be restored at any minute.

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Anna Daniels February 2, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and now we are going to have six more weeks of Who Wants to be the Next President of the United States, Republican style. That’s harsh.


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