San Diego Sheriff Orders Riot Control and Gas Weapons – Will They Be Used on Non-Violent Occupy San Diego ?

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Soon these deputy sheriffs will have more than batons to handle those unruly peaceful Occupy San Diego demonstrators. (Photo by Frank Gormlie on Oct. 28, 2011, approximately 2:00 a.m.)

Thanks to Matt Potter of the San Diego Reader, we now know that San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore is set to order a whole rack of non-lethal, “special impact and tactical and gas” weapons.  Potter suggests – and we agree – that ordering these munitions at this time is very suspicious, now that Occupy San Diego enters its second month.  Is the sheriff expecting more clashes with the non-violent demonstrators?

Sheriff deputies were used by the City on October 28th when they and blue-shirted police destroyed the encampment at the Civic Center Plaza, making over 50 arrests of peaceful and non-violent occupiers.

None of these weapons on the order were used that night and we have to wonder how much will the County and Sheriff spend in order to maintain the status quo and disperse these dangerous terrorists who masquerade as peaceful OSD’ers.

And thanks to Ray Lutz, we have a list of what’s on the order:

  • Flameless Tri-chamber
  • Instantaneous Blast Grenade
  • OC/CS Aerosol
  • Spedeheat Grenade CS  (150 of these)
  • Riot Control Grenade (30)
  • HC Military Style Max Smoke Grenade (50)
  • Stinger Rubber Ball Grenade (30)
  • Han-Ball Grenade (50)
  • 40MM Liquid Ferret (100)
  • DEFTEC 40MM Launchers (5)
  • MK-9 Pepper Spray (10)
  • MK Inert, HV Steam (20)
  • Exact Impact Sponge Rounds (500)
  • 40MM 250 Shot Training Kits
  • MK9 OC 1.3% HV Steam

And much, much more. (Read the whole list here:

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Anonymonus November 9, 2011 at 5:25 pm

“San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore is set to order a whole rack of non-lethal, “special impact and tactical and gas” weapons. ”

This represents a massive improvement in Gore’s respect of civil rights, seeing as in his last LE job he was second in command at Ruby Ridge.


mr.rick November 9, 2011 at 6:52 pm

This is mainly a scam to get more state and federal money. BUT, I’m sure these guys are really going to enjoy using them on their fellow San Diegans. Don’t have to show your face or badge no.s. Wonder what they feed these guy’s?


Goatskull November 9, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Deep friied nails.


The Bearded OBcean November 10, 2011 at 9:39 am

Is the pointed “blue shirt” reference a comparison to the black or brown shirts?


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