Immigrant rights, community and labor leaders to “Occupy” San Diego Federal Building.

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Activists Occupy tents in front of the Federal building November 17th, National Day of Action

Immigrants and other supporters say, “Hardworking immigrant families didn’t wreck our economy, the banks did.”

San Diego, CA — Led by the SEIU USWW Janitors Union, workers, immigrant rights organizations and community members will rally in front of the downtown federal building and to “occupy” the plaza area in front of the Federal building. Eight (8) brave activists, tired of the attacks on immigrant communities by an out of control department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the “San Diego 8” will begin an encampment to draw attention to the disconnect between the stated direction given to ICE by President Obama and their zealous targeting of migrant worker industries.

 “We are fed up and tired of ICE and their rogue behavior targeting well paid immigrant jobs sites and hardworking immigrant workers and families,” says Mike Garcia President of SEIU USWW AKA Justice for Janitors. “ICE is doing what the 1% corporate real estate industry wants: using immigration laws to recycle well paid janitors in the hopes of taking back gains in pay and benefits our union has won.”

Norma occupies ICE! Photo by Susan Duerksen

Through struggle and endless sacrifice over the past 20 years, janitors in California have built a union that has reformed an industry that was known for exploiting workers. The raids by ICE only increase fear among workers. Those who are targeted end up in the underground economy, which only depresses the wages and working conditions of all workers – U.S. born and immigrant. Only by fixing our broken immigration system can we level the playing field, and restore fairness for all workers.

WHAT: Janitors, other workers, and community members protesting ICE worksite raids that serve as de facto union busting for greedy real estate corporations.

 WHEN: Thursday, November 17

march begins at Noon; rally and “occupation” at approximately 1:00 p.m.

 WHERE: March begins at Civic Center, 1100 3rd Avenue, San Diego

Rally at San Diego Federal Building, Front and Broadway in downtown San Diego

 WHO: Hundreds of San Diego workers and allies, together with community supporters.

 VISUAL: Workers carrying picket signs, banging on drums, marching, chanting, and handing out leaflets to public AND BUILDING AN ENCAMPAMENT WITH FULL PROGRAM THROUGHOUT THE EVENING.

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