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Idea tournament contestants

by on September 18, 2011 · 1 comment

Idea tournament contestants. Politifest San Diego 2011
Photo by Doug Porter

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Daniel Beeman September 19, 2011 at 2:44 pm

I proposed an “green” project at the Ideas Tournament at Politifest put on by VofSD (& others). It concerned your district and Liberty Station in particular, it is on my laptop, so will hope to get it to you fully later. But it is a Transit & Visitor Center at Gate One (Lytton) that would have place for bike parking/ storage (lockers), a rest lobby (maybe showers also), pedicabs, MTS bus stop [in front of bldg 20 (3001)] and another stop behind bldg 21 where in a public/private partnership Hotel/Motel shuttles will stop to pick up tourists, commuters, citizens, to help to transport to Old Town, through Liberty Station, other area tourist sights, beaches, etc. Maybe even USD & PLNU would join in while delivering working/volunteering students to the arts groups, etc. It would also include Solar Trees for charging EVs (free charge if you ride share), and large solar arrays on roofs (bldg 20 & 21) with patios out front of the buildings and picnic space behind side lot of building 21 (3001). Visitor center volunteers will distribute pamphlets & flyers of nearby businesses, cultural groups, and events. Give transit info. and help commuters and others become more aware of their community. If wanted a ticket kiosk might be added to provide for place to get tickets to coming event/venues.
Sadly I’m not sure I was well heard, and didn’t know I should bring props. BUT I DO KNOW THAT THIS IDEA is feasible and could start the working stages today as building 21 is empty and not being used. If councilmember Kevin Faulconer would help it could easily progress quickly. This is a public/private partnership to help everyone. I was also hoping to use the parking lots between Corvette Diner and Ace Hardware for park-n-ride lots. Sincerely yours, Daniel Beeman 858-571-6058


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