The Hitchikers’ Guide to Ocean Beach, Attraction #2: Rogers Island

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Rogers Isl 02-sm

by Citizen Cane

At the far northern end of Ocean Beach is a rocky patch of land called Rogers Island. It was named back in the early Sixties by a young boy named Roger that was clever enough to call dibs on the place. I tried to convince Roger that it was more like a peninsula, but he insisted it was an island. We later found out that we were both correct at different tidal levels.

Rogers Isl 01-smI recently photographed Rogers Island on a day when we had an eight foot tidal swing. At the extreme high tide the island was underwater. Soon the vegetated high ground of the island started to emerge. A seagull (probably named Roger) claimed the tiny islet.

As the tide fell the island grew larger until it looked more like a peninsula arcing off the big jetty. At minus tides Rogers Island is big enough for two dozen fishermen, but it never gets that crowded. Mostly it’s a place for the birds.

Sometimes the feral cats will come down from the jetty to hunt insects or beg for bait. Some people still hunt clams and ghost shrimp there.

Rogers Isl 03-smRogers Island isn’t the only sandbar in the west end of the river. It’s also not the largest sandbar, but it’s the only one with lots of river cobbles. That makes it look like an old Mission Bay shoreline before they were manicured. It’s also the northern frontier of Ocean Beach.

You can reach Rogers Island by driving to Hospitality Point and walking down the jetty, but it’s more fun to swim there from Dog Beach. That’s how Roger and I arrived there during our Huck Finn youth. I’m glad that it’s still there in all its undeveloped glory for young people to enjoy today.

Here are some more photos (click on image for larger version):

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ss November 9, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Love the feral cats Keeping the rats in check on the jetty


Lorne Hillier November 10, 2010 at 2:54 am

I never heard of so much crap….I and several friends snorkeled the entire flood zone of the San Diego River for years starting in the middle 50’s until late in 60’s. It was really great fun and believe it or not it was actually 10-25 feet deep in areas with a really cool sandy bottom and lots of different flora,…we never saw anyone out there…except us! Ask John or Robbie Geisler, Ralph Adamo, George,Jimmy and Lorne Hillier and just maybe Rodger! Rodger coudn’t hardly breathe and swim at the same time let ALONE claim a sand bar as his discovery! He begged us to let him join us,since he couldn’t surf…and never could learn how to snorkle….and he got caught and given a ticket riding Johnnie’s homemade minibike…because he wouldn’t stop….a Island named “Rodger”?….I THINK NOT!!!….eeeh Jepson?


OBWarZone November 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Debbie Downer everybody…edit I meant Lorne the Thorn


judi Curry July 19, 2012 at 8:57 am

I’d be careful about promoting “Roger’s Island.” The next thing you know some developer will want to purchase the “island” to put up condo’s.


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