Narc, Narc! Who’s There? Allegations Shake Pro-Pot Activists

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pot legal flame warThey were the poster children for San Diego’s medical marijuana community.

Eugene Davidovich was an ex-Navy man in his late twenties, earning a decent living as a software developer and project manager at Direct EDI, a local company that specializes in logistics solutions for businesses. Born and raised in San Diego, he was also a medical marijuana patient who’d organized a collective to cultivate and distribute pot on a non-profit basis following the guidelines set forth in Proposition 215.

Donna Lambert lived with the pain for as long as she could stand it. Struggling with a handful of serious illnesses, including hepatitis C, cirrhosis, cancer and Sjoegrens Disease, she began relying on marijuana to cope with chemotherapy. She joined a collective with about ten other patients after federal agents, with support from county law enforcement, raided and closed San Diego’s medical marijuana dispensaries in 2006.

Both were targeted by local and Federal law enforcement in a series of police raids dubbed “Operation Endless Summer” by San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis at press conference. They were depicted by the DA to the assembled media as dangerous drug dealers, plying their trade in neighborhoods that were predominately populated by military families. Heroin, meth, guns and marijuana were supposedly all part of their evil trade. In fact what happened was that they were lured to an address rented out by the police to supply an undercover officer who’d shown them a prescription for medical marijuana. Neither of them had any connections with the military in the course of their pot related activities.

pot legal davidovich

Eugene Davidovich

Lambert and Davidovich fought back. Both waged high profile campaigns claiming that they were being persecuted simply for abiding by the State guidelines for medical marijuana. The DA’s office hung tough, assembling a crack team of prosecutors and investigators, preparing to throw the book at these offenders.

Following a two week jury trial, Davidovich was acquitted of all charges, despite the videotape presented by the prosecution showing the sale being made to the undercover agent. Lambert, citing her continuing health issues, agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and is facing sentencing on October 12th. She believes that she could have prevailed in court.

Paranoia Strikes Deep

With pro-pot activists gearing up for what could be a precedent setting victory at the polls (Proposition 19) that would eliminate some state laws for marijuana possession; you’d think that things would be going just swell for local advocates. That’s hardly the case. Lambert and Davidovich are now poster children for internal splits that are plaguing the pro-pot community. A battle between the two of them has gone public. Each accuses the other of harassment and much, much more.

pot legal harassed woman

Donna Lambert

Both now stand accused (by each others supporters, mostly) of cooperating with law enforcement authorities to destroy and/or manipulate pro-marijuana organizations. Documents and videos have been posted on the web that purport to show that Davidovich is a “confidential informant”. The prosecution (unsuccessfully) attempted to use Lambert as a negative character witness against Davidovich. Lambert sought unsuccessfully to obtain a restraining order. Copies of Lamberts plea agreement have been posted on the internet with not-so-subtle hints that she’s now working for the government. Dozens of emails, memos and screen shots of internet pages have been posted on Lambert’s Facebook page to make her case.

You can spend days reading all the charges and counter-charges. (And I did) To an outsider, none of this makes sense. Nothing is actually proven—although lots of leading questions are asked—other than there is a profound and petty dislike/smear/flame war going on. There is no proof of anything about anybody that could stand up in any court.

This would all be just two people squabbling, but it’s grown beyond that. In response to emails and letters the Washington office of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) suspended the southern California chapter last week. With over 150 regional chapters, NORML has been the leading advocacy group in this arena for over 40 years.

Craig Beresh founded SoCal NORML last year, incorporating it as a non-profit, gaining accreditation from the national office, building its membership rolls to over 350 paid members and taking a leading role in supporting defendants in medical marijuana prosecutions. SoCal NORML submitted proposed language for San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensary act, staged a public march last year in Mission Beach last year in support of marijuana reform and was preparing a class-action lawsuit defending the rights of medical pot patients.

Beresh says that, from day one, people associated with the local chapter of ASA (American for Safe Access, a group formed to support the needs of medical marijuana patients) were hostile, “trying to tear us down”. Eugene Davidovich became involved with ASA during the months leading up to his trial and now leads the group. Beresh calls Donna Lambert a friend and fellow activist and it’s clear that they are politically aligned. They say the letters complaining about SoCal NORML were generated by ASA.

pot legal geo washingtonA letter to Beresh from the DC office of NORML sent in late July starts of off with “Gee Craig, there seem to be people who don’t like you.”. Citing the “quality, tone and consistency of complaints” against the leadership of the SoCal Chapter, the DC office went on to suggest expanding the size of the group’s governing board, reporting more financial data to the national office and staging a vote of confidence with 30 days notice.

The emails to the DC office included allegations that Beresh was running the group with near-dictatorial control, being heavy handed in soliciting donations from local marijuana collectives and going public with disparaging remarks about other local activists via Facebook and the internet.

Ultimately, the National office decided that it was time for a change. NORML founder Keith Stroup told me that, “We’d have been delighted if we could have avoided this crisis”, calling Beresh, “a well-intentioned fellow, and an honest, committed reformer.”

“In the end”, he went on to say, “we all have to count to ten and realize that we’re all on the same side. The cardinal rule here is that we should keep those disagreements private.”

According the NORML leader, the SoCal chapter is only temporarily suspended, until a new leadership can be put in place.

Meanwhile, over at ASA, Davidovich is trying to stay focused on the cause. He says that lawyers have been badgering him to sue for slander, but that in his mind the cause is more important.

Beresh has founded a new group called the California Cannabis Coalition.

There certainly are more players here than I’ve mentioned, but as I researched this story I came to the realization that it would be easy to write 10,000 words if I included all the names and accusations that have been bandied about. Twenty five years from now this will all mean nothing. So my suggestion is that you just hold your nose and go vote for Proposition 19.

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Frank Gormlie August 19, 2010 at 11:07 am

A knock out headline!


dave rice August 19, 2010 at 11:24 am

Nyuk,nyuk, nyuk!


Chris Moore August 19, 2010 at 11:10 am

The infighting is sad, I don’t really understand the roots of it.

I wasn’t familiar with Davidovich before this article, though I am somewhat familiar with Donna Lambert’s story, which is tragic.

The fact that the San Diego County DA’s office has chosen to prosecute people like this, given state laws regarding medical MJ and the truly serious drug problems this city faces (I’m looking at you, meth) is absurd and a sad commentary on San Diego area politics.


Anthony August 29, 2010 at 3:31 am

Sadly my friend the Root (pardon the pun) of all evil, stems (again Pardon me) from greed and intolerance. If the three branches of Govt. on ALL levels (State, Local and Federal) could come to a happy medium to educate and regulate this harmless substance, the country would be so much better off in regards to crime and finances. The wasted time on police manpower; namely on marijuana related calls, would save millions a year I,m sure. The laws would be similar to the ones in place for alcohol.


Klatu Berata Nicto August 19, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Agreed. City officials should be ashamed for their callousness and ineptitude. Their egregious behavior is the antithesis of what local politics should be. Looking out for the little guy, upholding state laws, and not questioning the will of the people. I think the city had better mid it’s P’s and Q’s before they face some retribution in the form of lawsuits on behalf of the terminally ill people denied medication due to their misguided, illogical actions. If they chose to do so, they will win. Bottom line, the people have spoken. Medical marijuana is legal here, whether the DA likes it or not. Now get with the program and stop wasting my tax dollars stopping sick people from relieving their pain, and angering the majority whom supported legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.


Donna Lambert August 19, 2010 at 7:49 pm

The difference is that Eugene Davidovich has lied extensively. He was never fired from Direct EDI. His brother owns the company. He was (and may still be) a contract worker. His supervisor testified at his trial that he was never fired. LIAR

He also was never “raided” although he likes to pretend this in multiple interviews. The police merely knocked at his door because they had an arrest warrant. LIAR

“Organized a collective?” Give me a break. He had a case thrown out by the same judge who later preside over his trial, at the prosecutors request within 3 days of the undercover obtaining his med rec and Op GreenRx officially beginning.

He then moved in next door to Cletus Greathouse, set up a small grow, did a few deliveries for Cletus and a couple others and then listed his name for deliveries. He never had any collective, and he used a stolen database to play off in court. The few people subpoened to court from that database testified they never saw him before.

Was he part of something bigger seeing as how all 4 known stores in San Diego were raided the month after he moved in next to Cletus Greathouse? Who knows, could be coincidence.

There are alot of bizarre coincidences that would make one wonder about Eugene Davidovich and who he really is and what is agenda is. But either way, he is a liar and a fraud and that is quite provable.

In addition, he made a veiled death threat against me, showing up at my house uninvited and once he got me to agree to go have coffee with him he told me “I have a hefty bag and shovel in my trunk”, then, “you did want to be taken out of your misery didn’t you?”

Another time when I refused to leave the courthouse Alone with him as he wanted, he then called fellow San Diego Americans for Safe Access Advisory board member Terrie Best on his cellphone and she rushed down and harassed me to the point that my attorney turned on her phone recorder, there is 17 minutes of audio cut down to 3 minutes on my facebook page.

I have also been repeatedly harassed, slandered, and this organization which PURPORTS to support medical marijuana patients made my life a living hell while I was attempting to go through the court process.

I HOPE THAT EVERYBODY IS WARNED TO STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM “Americans for Safe Access” as possible. My experience should be a warning to all. And as far as slander, the slander campaigns led by Eugene Davidovich and his San Diego ASA Advisory board are very provable. I was advised months ago that I had more than enough for a slander suit against this organization.

This organization and the leadership of it have routinely slandered other activists in the community. I would urge a boycott of this group and to not pay this group, which last I checked with the Secretary of State, is NOT an actual legal Nonprofit.


mr fresh August 20, 2010 at 8:59 am

I don’t care what side you say that you are on.
Or who you say is a narc or a liar. as long as you continue to push this crap –and it seems like that’s all you have time to do these days–you are not working for anything or any cause.
The same goes for anybody else who continues to post this crap. If you really think someone’s a narc, don’t work with them. period.
quit wasting all our time. and do something positive for a change.


Donna Lambert August 20, 2010 at 11:05 am

If you have anything to say to me, use your REAL name


Donna Lambert August 20, 2010 at 11:17 am

In addition, heck yes, I am working for a cause. But when their are extremely dangerous people in positions where they can hurt or damage other people it takes somebody with courage to stand up and point that out. If I know what I know and I keep silent I am actually hurting this movement.


Craig Beresh August 19, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Hi folks,

Craig Beresh here. I am continuing to work with the community to reform marijuana laws. Safe access for medical patients is vital. In addition, I am an avid supporter of The Jack Herer Initiative.

I have founded the
California Cannabis Coalition – Working to legalize marijuana and protect patient rights in California.
We sincerely desire to keep the momentum going! Please sign up on our email list for updates!

Craig Beresh


tiffani kj August 21, 2010 at 4:02 am

I Want my money back from the last club you started. Why don’t you come forward and tell everyone why NORML made you leave? All you had to do was hand over the financial info. AND THE FACT YOU GET 50% OF ALL SOCAL NORML DONATIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS. you ripped us all of craig were upset. I only came to post a rebuttal cause people called me about Donna Lambert talking about me. I don’t care I never ever shared her personal stuff on fb or threw it in her face. I don’t gossip. I have a bug up my ass about the truth. Sadly she really does what people warned me about. Donna you better think twice before you come at me. I’m different.


OB Joe August 19, 2010 at 8:19 pm

Great scoop, Doug! There definitely seems to be more below the surface. Thanks for bringing this to the surface.


Rachel M. August 19, 2010 at 8:30 pm

The only reason I can think of that Eugene wouldn’t sue for slander would be if he was lying. If the truth is on his side, why put up with this? I don’t know either party involved but Eugene avoiding this just makes him look guilty. He sounds like a real piece of work. Can’t wait to see how this pans out.


Terrie Best August 19, 2010 at 9:45 pm

This point you make about Eugene’s silence is a good one Rachel. I think you should call Eugene, his number is on the San Diego ASA website found here: You will find him responsive and open. My number and all SDASA Advisory Board Member’s numbers are listed there as well.

If anybody has any questions, we welcome calls.

Yours in Solidarity,

Terrie Best


Laura Palfrey Murphy August 19, 2010 at 11:03 pm

It is difficult to speak publicly when you have a potential lawsuit on your hands. I really hate that about this country. No one can say anything anymore. Most lawyers will advise you not to speak out publicly. I agree, it totally makes him look guilty and that fact is being used to their advantage. I believe Eugene has come to the same conclusion and sees the need to speak publicy. The time HAS COME.

And every person I have ever dealt with on the other side of this issue has made every effort to meet with everyone and discuss these issues. They will never take anyone up on it.

The facts don’t matter, it’s just the impression left.


Erica Stecher August 19, 2010 at 8:33 pm

Hi Donna, I live in Australia, and am oblivious (other than reading FB postings) as to the MMJ, and hemp for everything! (of which I am a believer), but I am shocked at the infighting, manipulation and competition that seeems to be going on across the States (and Counties). Thought “we” were all working for Gaia/higher cause, but I guess that’s humanity :( Followed a few of you’re postings, and you seem a true believer/fighter! All the best to you, and take a quality break every so often :) Am I right in thinking Prop 19 in CA will be a precedent?


Paulie from Oakland August 19, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Again the weed war. Who cares? I am posting more to tell you how upset I am with the OBRAG. I found some statistics on the SDPD public website. Guess what after about 3 hours of work I discovered OB came in the 8th place for violent crimes in the City of San Diego. This is the link for the ones interested:

I e-mailed the “rag” and asked them to maybe write something about this, I was not happy we were in front of Encanto, Bario Logan, Lincoln park and some other nasty parts of town. I got no answer from the “rag”. FYI, I only looked the stats for violent crimes: rapes, robberie, assaults.

I will leave it like this, no one cares there is another weed story to talk about.


Laura Palfrey Murphy August 20, 2010 at 1:24 am

We do too care! That is the worst travesty in this entire war. Other crimes that do not produce revenue to cities are ignored. Police departments all over the place are applying for Federal Funds to eradicate drugs (SAMSHA and more) to supplement their department’s cut budgets. Just to go after cannabis. Asset seizure laws are an equally large problem, but I could go on forever.

Did you know they had Gardner’s DNA in the backed up samples from the Dec attempted rape of Candace Moncayo? They classified it as a robbery and it was not prioritized. Chelsea King would be alive today if they did their jobs.

Go to the County Board Meetings if you want to see where the money is going. They say they are for public safety, yet we can’t test DNA? It’s cheap now guys. Use your discretionary fund, something, just protect us! They increase law enforcement’s budget, yet cut social services. Look at the allocation of law enforcement’s budget from the District Attorney’s Annual Report, Most of the drug offenses are for marijuana. If you want the cops to focus on something else, please tell them to stop allocating the majority of their funds to marijuana arrests.

Check out this special:

They are trying to figure out how to fund the water testing in San Diego, while sitting on an almost $1,000,000,000 reserve. Yes folks, I said a billion. And each supervisor gets $2,000,000 in discretionary funds. Down to $1,000,000 for a year cuz they misbehaved, but it will be back to $2,000,000 next year.

I really could go on and on. It’s time to get involved people. Go to your County Board Meetings. They control the entire cities funds, your funds. You are THEIR boss, period.


Paulie from Oakland August 21, 2010 at 12:53 am

Don’t hate the player hate the game. Why they choose to do it that way it’s their freaking buss. The city is corupted and there are plenty of arguments to prove that. There are also some that argue that if ppl would stop being selfish and stopped getting high, there would be no need of police to enforce the drug laws. I am not interested in any of the arguments. I made a simple observation that unfortunately OB’s violent crime rates are through the roof and the “rag” doesn’t care. It seems like there is a better chance of getting jumped or robbed in OB then in Lincol Park.


OBecian August 30, 2010 at 9:13 am

Welcome to the tweeky (meth-like) side of OB where transients and non-transients fight it out after a long night of getting loaded in one way or another.
How is this OBRag’s fault?


Lindsaydianne August 20, 2010 at 8:22 am

The bottom line is exactly right, these quarrels should be kept as quiet as possible.
I, honestly HATE it when people start to fight and then start calling one another narcs. It happens so often, it’s pretty pathetic.
Opposing views do not make someone a cop.


ray hoobler August 20, 2010 at 9:02 am

it’s good to see all this infighting. it saves the taxpayers so much money. why bother infiltrating groups when they’ve got their own loose canons? keep up the good work. and vote NO on 19. you don’t want crazies like these people unleashed on our children.


Eugene Davidovich August 20, 2010 at 10:57 am

Given the recent false information that has been posted about me and other members associated with San Diego Americans For Safe Access, I am making available the information below. I have full documentation that completely disproves the outlandish characterizations that have been made against me and will make this information available to those who request it.

I am offended by what has been posted and am considering legal action against the perpetrators. The false information given is based on misinformation, misrepresentation of facts, and is an effort to slander and defame me with the intent of causing damage to my reputation and safety.
Feel free to look at the facts and contact me with any questions or a need for more information to make certain of my integrity. I greatly appreciate your trust and faith in me during this time.

Eugene Davidovich
San Diego Americans for Safe Access
Having grown up in San Diego, and attended La Mesa Dale Elementary, La Mesa Middle, and Helix High, in 1998 at the age of 18 I joined the US Navy and was stationed for over 3 years in Yokosuka, Japan.

From Yokosuka, while aboard the USS John S. McCain (DDG 56), I participated in a two deployments to the Persian Gulf, numerous campaigns to Korea, as well as a number of humanitarian missions including a deployment to East Timor and a port call to Vladivostok Russia, where I served as the Captains translator. For my honorable service I was awarded two Navy Achievement Medals, as well as a number of letters of commendation.

After being honorably discharged from the military, I was accepted to a University in Los Angeles, where I studied Pre-Med for the first year.

After realizing that my passion lay in management and leadership rather than medicine, I decided to transfer to a University in San Diego, where I met my wife, and built a successful career in Project Management, while completing both a Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business.

In 2008 I received my first recommendation for medical marijuana.

In the spring of 2009 I was accused of felony sales, possession and transportation of marijuana by the San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. After a 14 month ordeal, a jury trial, and a public battle, I was vindicated of all charges through a jury trial which was highly publicized locally.

My arrest and the bias I found against medical marijuana patients in court and in the justice system, motivated me to be active with our local ASA Chapter. In September of 2009 I took over from Dion M. as the San Diego Chapter Coordinator, since then we have built a strong political force in San Diego that represents the interests of patients and collectives, and helps advance the therapeutic use and research of medical marijuana.

My arrest and the publicity of the trial led to my marriage breaking up and me resigning from my position at the IT Company where I worked for many years after the Navy.

Prior to my arrest related to the highly publicized medical marijuana case which began in February of 2009 and ended in April of 2010, I had received a ticket for possession of under a gram of marijuana prior to having a recommendation from a physician.

When I showed up to court for that ticket, I was told by the Clerk of the court that the City Attorney would not be filing charges as this was too small of an amount for them to prosecute which is their standard procedure in cases where under an gram of marijuana is involved.

This incident was why I ended up seeing a physician, getting a recommendation for medical marijuana, and finding access to it through the legal route. This ticket has absolutely nothing to do with the medical marijuana case.

Prior to my arrest and the public PR campaign to Stop Operation Green Rx that we launched here in San Diego with other concerned citizens, I had a facebook account which I used to communicate with my close friends and family, that account is under “Zhenya Davidovich”.

As most of you know when looking up my trial with the District Attorney’s office, the court records state my name as “Eugene Zhenya Davidovich”. Originally I was born in the Ukraine. As a very young child, I moved to the United States with my parents. In the US, my name translated from Zhenya into Eugene. My family and friends still refer to me as Zhenya. In order to keep the Operation Green Rx Campaign and my family separate, I created a new Facebook account under Eugene Davidovich.

While still with my wife, one of the trips we took together was to Washington DC. Here is a link to the photographs from that trip:

Eugene Davidovich
San Diego Americans for Safe Access


Laura Palfrey Murphy August 20, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Thank you Eugene! It is so nice to see these issues responded to directly. I know how hard it must be for you to remain quiet through all of the character assasinations of the past year. It is difficult for anyone to figure out what the heck is going on. At least it’s all down in one place now. People can judge for themselves.

It is a shame it had to come to this, yet I am relieved it is finally at the point where it will be resolved. Our focus should always be on helping the patients and here everyone is getting slammed all the time by a few people who also use fake profiles with malicious intent. If we don’t respond, we are guilty. If we do respond, we are continuing the fight.


Laura R. August 21, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Eugene a C.I. ???
C.aring I.ndividual
C.ompassionate I.ndividual
C.lassy I.ndividual


Donna Lambert August 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

Tiffany Kildegaard – FlyingPaint Ranch on facebook. A scroll down through your old posts will show months of gossipy slander directed at myself, and many other activists in this community.

If you are discussing money, why are you not concerned about ASA’s money?

You and San Diego ASA took over SoCal NORML with your gossip, lies and slander so I am not sure what money you want refunded. But that is between you and Craig.


Editordude August 20, 2010 at 11:42 am

We’ve had to barge in here and remove several comments as they were getting too nasty and too personal. There may be some “orphans” around still, but if your comment is “missing” it’s because it was over-the-line.


Laura Palfrey Murphy August 20, 2010 at 12:50 pm

Cool. We can get those through the court system. Thanks for the heads up!


Laura Palfrey Murphy August 20, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Ah, they are in my in-box. Great news.


doug porter August 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm

ah, flame wars.
some people just. can’t. stop.


Adela Falk August 20, 2010 at 3:09 pm

I think it was in poor taste for Doug Porter to write and OB Rag to publish this article. This issue is sensitive to all individuals involved, I feel Mr. Porter and OB Rag are adding fuel to this fire. Now more then ever we need to start a healing process, we need to move forward in a positive and productive fashion. We need to unify our resources and focus on the real issues in the MMJ community! Why did you not write an article about City Council, the Mayor, DSD, NCCD, or the City Attorney and how they are NOT allowing Safe Access in San Diego? About how NCCD has issued over 120 NOV (Notice of Violation) letters and the City Attorney has issued 3-4 Cease and Desist letters?


doug porter August 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm

That’s it, shoot the messenger.
We have run plenty of articles on the sordid saga of marijuana persecutions, going back to when we were an underground newspaper in the early 1970’s. (and, yes, for those of you with no sense of history, Frank & I were both with the original OB RAG back in the day)
I referenced the bs going on here in a general sense and interviewed people on both sides of the issue. all the C.R.A.P. has come out in the comments section, much of it posted by the individual and their friends that were at the center of this.
Calling somebody a “cop” or a confidential informant, as has happened all around here, with no proof –and there is none!–is just plain wrong.
That’s what’s in really poor taste.


Adela Falk August 20, 2010 at 4:10 pm

My intentions Mr. Porter was not to attack you. I simply think we should move on from this situation. You yourself said the evidence was not enough. Thus, let us move forward. Thank you for writing this, I just think your talent could be used for something better and more productive.


Larry Sweet August 21, 2010 at 9:39 am

Those of you posting here all know me, I am the Patient Member of the Medical Marijuana Task Force. I have talked to all of you for over a year now about a peaceful resolution to the conflict Mr. Porter published. No one likes their “dirty laundry” aired in public, but that is what newsmen/women do for a living, it sells paper. I don’t blame him it is a good story and reasonably accurate as well.

This battle is over. The only thing you can accomplish at this point is to devalue your own credibility and worth to the movement if you continue. Hasn’t there been enough pain and humiliation already? Please come to your senses and let your better self choose your path. The struggle for compassion for patients and access to their medicine is not over, we need everybody. Please, if you cannot sit at the table with the rest, at least don’t disrupt. Talk to me, most of you know how.


Craig Beresh August 21, 2010 at 9:56 am

Dont people usually sign on to facebook and put there home town in first then later add a new town to go to for vacation. In this case Eugene started his facebook in Washington DC then added San Diego later. It was not San Diego then Washington DC. Just for the record


Donna Lambert August 21, 2010 at 11:45 pm

There has been an intensive 15 month smear campaign against me by many of the San Diego ASA advisory board which includes outright illegal slander. I was advised at least 6 months ago that I already had enough for a slander suit against ASA.

I have watched as this group of people, which have grown has engineered the destruction, slander and/or takeover of other groups.

Everything they have done is recorded. Every single statement made (with the exception of the death threat) is backed up by documentation.

I have nothing to fear and I will be speaking to two law firms on Monday. I have had enough slander directed at me and others to see that this has to be addressed. Now that this group of slanderer has successfully taken over another group in an attempt to control the marijuana movement in San Diego, they act like they want peace. Unfortunately for them I have quitely screenshotted their slander for over 3 months.
They can write on here how they are innocent and now just want peace as they have finally taken over and destroyed the hard work and 12-16 hour days that Craig Beresh spent during the entire last year of building up NORML, but they can and will be exposed.

Their behavior can and will be addressed.


doug porter August 22, 2010 at 8:56 am

will the two of you just quit already!


Adela Falk August 22, 2010 at 1:37 pm

Like i said this is a sensitive issue.
Throwing wood into the fire only makes it bigger!

Time to move forward, make a change, make a difference.
Attend San Diego’s own City Council Rally on Sept. 7th, 2010 at
202 C Street San Diego CA ~ 12th Floor
Between 10-12!!!

Rumor has it City Council has penciled the ordinance in on this date. This means anyone who attends may get a chance to speak. Get your speeches ready. Either way your attendance is crucial……


Donna Lambert August 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Yes, after your 3 month intensive slander campaign Adela. You have what you want now, and you pretend to be a peacemaker? Give me a break.


Adela Falk August 24, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Sorry you feel I have spoke ill of you. But, I take my mothers word to heart, thus, if I have nothing nice to say then I say nothing at all. Have a blessed day, Donna.


tk August 24, 2010 at 2:30 pm

dude YOU started this… pull down this crap story and it will end…one sided representation is always going to get a reply..isn’t that what you wanted…yeah the messenger does get shot…when he manipulates the message..


Letitia Pepper August 22, 2010 at 9:12 am

Internecine warfare between ASA and NORML chapters is no reason to hold your nose and vote Yes on Prop. 19!!!! Prop. 19 has so many un-discussed consequences it’s truly horrifying.
I’m an attorney and medical marijuana patient, and I’ve actually worked through, paragraph by paragraph, the actual legal consequences of adopting Prop. 19. It appears designed to remove all competition from the “commercial cannabis industry” that Prop. 19 is designed to create — and by all, I mean each individual who might try to grow even one plant indoors or outdoors.
For example, looking forward to growing your own? Your city , under Prop. 19, can adopt local ordinances that will require you, for example, to put your single outdoor plant at least 10 feet away from all boundary fences –AND put it in a separate additional fenced area if your own kids have access to your backyard. And, if its branches extend outside that 5 foot square, it will be a public nuisance and you could be fined $1,000.00 (that’s one thousand dollars) per day. Are you a renter? Cities will adopt ordinances that require you to get permission from your landlord, and require landlords of apartments to submit to inspection before tenants can grow indoors. And those aren’t the only rules cities will be able to adopt.
The first such ordinance re cultivation was adopted by the City of Rancho Cordova. Check it out at
A more detailed analysis by me, with citations to the law, can be found at the “No on Prop 19? website.
Are you a medical marijuana patient? Have you bought the lie by the pro-19 folks that 19 won’t affect you at all? I’ve posted a comment on the Modesto Bee website — following Dragonfly de la Luz’s “18 Reasons to Vote ‘Know’” discussion, that explains how Prop. 19 only allows medical marijuana patients to possess and consume more pot than non-patients — but severely restricts their rights to grow and distribute marijuana collectively.
So, need a lot of marijuana because of your particular illness (like to make marijuana oil a la Rick Simpson to treat cancer)? You won’t be allowed to grow it for yourself anymore — you’ll have to buy it from the “commercial cannabis industry” — which will be a cartel controlled by those few businesses which can pay for the permits and licenses that cities will be allowed to restrict to none or even only one business in their jurisdictions.
Oh, and think there won’t be some corruption, with kickbacks and bribes to be “awarded” the one license or permit to grow and distribute?
Voting No on 19 is self-defense for anyone who wants to see marijuana REALLY legalized!


Ryan Landers August 24, 2010 at 12:44 am

Letitia Pepper
Thank you for pointing out the Rancho Cordova ordinance and ballot measure! This will truly have the potiential to kill the people Prop 215 was written for the most. Serioulsy and Terminaly ill patients who need a lot of medicine like myself! Please get in touch with me and lets work together to EXPOSE what the potiential is and What the Citizens of Rancho Cordova will be faceing and are dealing with if prop 19 passes!!! and either way pass or fail We MUST FIGHT this action to harm patients in the City of Rancho Cordova!!! I am Ryan Landers Sacramento Sacramento director for Californians for Compassionate use, the group that created and passed Prop 215 as well as Spokesperson for Propisition 215 and leading activist for the region for the last 15 years. my number is on the website and my email is also available under California State Director!
I am wokring on a media and community education project for this dangerous issue and an attorney could be a great asset right now as well as a fordward thinking person like your self!!! I am a terminaly ill patient and need help to protect patients rights


zoo August 24, 2010 at 12:55 am

I feel dumber just for having spent five minutes reading the exchange between these two.

Come on Donna and Eugene, grow up.


tk August 28, 2010 at 10:57 pm

ADELLA FALK will be speaking at the CITY COUNCIL MEETING on Sept 7th. in SAN DIEGO
SHE will have 3 minutes to discuss PATIENTS NEEDS and SAFE ACCESS!


bart wakker August 30, 2010 at 10:25 pm

This is one of the problems with the US “plea bargain” system. Plea bargains have been criticized in various media recently (e.g. the economist). The reason is that people are put under preasure with absurdly high (maximum) sentences, and are prepared to plead almost anything if they get out themselves. This way, many cases are not really resolved but prematurely declared guilty (by a plea bargain), the prosecutor is the main party in the judicial process, and no longer the judge/jury as should be. This corrupts the whole judicial system, which IMHO is seriously flawed in the US at the moment.


anti fascist September 15, 2010 at 12:04 pm

I recently received an e-mail calling [someone] a narc. Who they are or how they got my e-mail I’m not sure. One thing is clear that our district attorney is a fascist. What’s happening in the medical marijuana community is a classic government campaign to disrupt civil rights groups by creating factions, disinformation, counter-accusations, etc. there are evil people with evil motives in every civil rights movement and there are unfortunately people with diverse negative and evil agendas in the medical marijuana movement. did Americans for safe access want to overthrow SoCal NORML so they could get the donations that SoCal NORML was getting? Maybe. This is the problem when money gets involved. I do find it strange that NORML would just so easily suspend the SoCal chapter which is vitally important. The government has paid informers in San Diego just like it does in every city. Who they are is difficult to say. One thing for sure is that the government has infiltrated both organizations, no doubt.


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