You are what you eat: San Diego Food Blogs Explored

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So many restaurants, so little time.

San Diegans love to eat and they also love to write about what they eat. There are dozens and dozens of San Diego based blogs out there on the inter-tubes talking about filling the ol’ pie hole.

I recently spent waaay too much time exploring this world and am offering up these short reviews of foodie blogs that I found of interest. In order to qualify for this list, bloggers had to post regularly, be based in and write about San Diego’s culinary offering, and have been discovered by me before my vision started to blur. I’m sure that there are many more worthy blogs out there.

My rating system: 1-5 Stars, with one being average and five meaning they ought to be getting a book contract soon. Enjoy this list, and be sure to leave suggestions in the comments sections.

**** mmm-yoso Over 2 billion served since 2005. The Macdaddy of foodie blogs in san diego: recipes, travel logs, restaurants of all sizes, shapes, flavors and ethnicities reviewed. Lots of photos, frequent posts. Go there often and expand your horizons.

*** Casing The Joint This is Jay Porter (no relation), owner of the Linkery, a socially conscious restaurant featuring lots of wonderful (and healthy) meats. It’s not just about the restaurant, although there is plenty to be said about what’s going on there. Lots of posts, so stop by often.

** What We’re Eating Lots of Recipes. A Few Reviews. Unorthodox food ideas, ie leftover prime rib sushi. Pictures. Posts about twice a month.

**** Alice Q Foodie Recipes, photos, inspiration, reviews, lists and lots of locavorial perspective. Posts at least a couple of times a week. Be sure to check out her inside scoop on ordering In and Out Burgers.

*** San Diego Restaurant Reviews Captain Jack posts restaurant reviews about every six weeks or so these days. The reviews (which are about all kinds of restaurants) are worth waiting for, so do check in from time to time.

** oh so yummy A full service foodie portal. Reviews, recipes, pictures. Dunno if I can trust reviews by somebody who thinks aerosol cheese deserves its own food group and a site that features recipes for Cap’n Crunch Seared Tuna.

*** Clayfood Restaurant reviews and recipes. Copious photography. Posts a couple of times a week. Knows his stuff. Fun to read, adventurous.

**** My Burning Kitchen. Cooking experiments, restaurant reviews, shopping and other foodie adventures, with pictures. She’s currently writing about her experiences in shopping for wedding cake. Posts often, witty.

** Koko’s Corner A personal blog by somebody who loves good food. Restaurant reviews, recipes and excellent photography. Posts regularly.

** Foray Into Food. Jenny learns to bake, and we get to watch. Lots of sweet stuff, detailed recipes, techniques and photos. Love those cupcakes!

**** Menu In Progress It’s about everything food. Reviews, how-tos, recipes, road trips, home smoking, ingredients discovered and lots of pictures, including the occasional video. Posts often.

*** Pinch My Salt A recipe blog with fun recipes and really nice photography. Posts often.

**** San Diego Foodstuff. The Cadillac of local food blogs. Recipes? Check! Reviews? Check! Farmers Market & shopping trips with pictures? Check! Podcasts? Check! Which means you should check it out early & often.

*** Foodies: A Southern California Food Blog. Two women roam the vast expanses of San Diego, Orange and LA Counties and review restaurants they find. A good eye towards value eats & lotsa pics.

** Eclipse Chocolat: Chocolate-making as Alchemy A restaurant blog, mostly focused on what’s going on at Eclipse (in North Park) Chocolat. Included in this list because you must always save room for good chocolate.

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Tyler February 19, 2009 at 1:48 pm

Hi, although it is not a traditional food blog, FoodPornDaily might be of interest too. It was cooked up (and eaten) right here in OB! Same people that did What We’re Eating.



Chef March 18, 2009 at 9:42 pm

I am going to have to sign up to receive your feed. This is good stuff.


george caye November 11, 2010 at 10:50 am

Just started one here. Always on the lookout for good food in SD.




Michael April 18, 2011 at 11:37 pm

San Diego food has wonderful variety across the county. If there is something worthwhile to try, we’re there to give you the scoop. We bring you San Diego food at it’s best! Happy eating.



Maria Desiderata Montana May 30, 2011 at 5:33 pm
thrillracer July 27, 2014 at 8:12 pm

Try Vegan Town USA:

Such a well written and unique San Diego based food blog.


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