Contract ON America – Answering The GOP Stimulus Plan

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After eight years of Bushonomics, the Republican Party is now telling voters that they are concerned with the size of the Federal Deficit.

When it comes to the destruction of our economy, al Qaeda has got nothing on these people. These geniuses started an unnecessary war that has cost us up to 1 trillion dollars in Iraq. Along the way, their “highly politicized” appointees oversaw the theft/loss of billions more dollars, via no bid defense contractors. (I guess stealing is okay as long as you believe in the coming of rapture.) They borrowed from China to pay for tax cuts to people who don’t need them and now have the nads to insist that the proposed stimulus package is too much spending!

But wait! It gets even better! Lest the voters get thinking that the GOP is simply the party of “No”, we now have an alternative spending bill that…..wait for it…..proposes even more tax cuts AND penalizes working Americans.

Those Republicans are just SO darned thoughtful. Just check out the packaging on this baby: it called the “American Option: A Jobs Plan That Works”.

Senator DeMint’s (R-S.C.) plan includes permanently cutting the corporate tax rate, totally eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax, lowering income tax rates for the wealthiest Americans, and eliminating scores of tax deductions that help students pay for college, sick families pay medical bills, and teachers purchase supplies for their classrooms.

Never mind that permanent tax cuts are one of the least effective ways of stimulating the economy, according to both Moody’s and the Congressional Budget Office. No siree. The GOP talking heads have been all over the airwaves warning of impending doom should any of the proposed economic stimulus package do anything other than stimulate the rich to get richer.

Oh, and did they tell you that their “Plan That Works” will cost over three times as much as President Obama’s plan?

It seems absurd to me that this kind of economic proposal can even be considered, until I realize that these folks seriously don’t feel threatened by what’s going on. They believe that they’ve just temporarily lost a few voters. And the really scary part is that they could be right.

Having a Democrat in the White House along with a Democratic Congress offers no guarantee of progressive change. As long as the mainstream media allows the right to frame the debates (and they are!), the only change we’re likely to see would be best described as “chump change”. I don’t think that letters to Congress and emails to the traditional media are going to be enough. Tweet me up, Scottie…the House Republicans have got their panties in a bunch, again…and all the Facebook BFF’s won’t be enough to stop the BIG LIES as they get spun and re-spun.

Europeans are taking to the streets. Europe’s time of troubles is gathering depth and scale. Revolt is in the air. In France, millions are on strike. Governments are trembling in Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Greece, Iceland and Hungary as protestors are taking to the streets to let it be known that the economic solutions their governments have proposed are too little and too late. Rightist “trickle down” schemes are completely off the radar.

Because the right in this country does not fear class warfare or open revolt, they are emboldened to continue to propose schemes that amount to little more than economic insanity. It’s time for actions that will drive this drivel back into the dark corners from which it emerged.

And it’s time to start thinking outside the box on this one. In Iraq, one journalist made a statement by flinging his shoes at George Bush. In OB there was a farewell party last month where shoes were thrown at an effigy of President Bush. A protester threw a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at Cambridge University this week. Maybe we need to start throwing shoes at these Congressional Republicans.

Enough is enough. I encourage you to leave your creative ideas on how we can protest this GOP inanity in the comments section.

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mr fresh February 3, 2009 at 1:39 pm

from wonkette….here’s a list of the wasteful projects that the rethugs don’t want to pay for….whole story at:

billion dollars extra for the 2010 U.S. Census, which is going to pay good money to many jobless people in every American town — and shore up Lockheed-Martin, which is getting $500 million to build the data systems and run the machinery.
$75 million for FBI employee salaries, because why would you want to pay America’s top cops to do law enforcement and investigations, in America?
$500 million for Mississippi River flood control projects, which would employ thousands of laborers and keep dozens of construction companies in business, because nothing makes Republicans happier than seeing a Katrina repeat on the teevee every other hurricane season.
$200 million for green vehicles on U.S. military bases and $600 million to replace the federal fleet of cars with hybrids, because only a gay communist could see the economic benefits of $800 billion in sales for U.S. auto manufacturers while simultaneously cutting the government’s gasoline bill by billions per year.
$1.4 billion for rural garbage-disposal and recycling programs, because who but an Islamo-Fascist would want to provide much-needed jobs for the Red State countryside while keeping toxic garbage out of those people’s drinking water?
$125 million to rebuild the broken, rotten, third-world sewer system of our Nation’s Capital. You give the blacks this, and who knows what they’ll want next! And by “give,” we mean “pay a decent wage to laborers in D.C., to rebuild their sewers.”
$6 billion to pay dozens of big regional contractors, hundreds of local businesses and tens of thousands of American workers to retrofit federal buildings so that they’ll be energy efficient.
$200 million for computer centers at community colleges, because if poor unskilled workers want to “learn the computer,” they should just go to Stanford instead of complaining.


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