Book Review: Grey Apocalypse by James Murdoch

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There are a plethora of conspiracy theories out there centered on aliens, UFOs and the government’s role in suppressing the “truth” about those things. Gray Apocalypse successfully weaves several of the more popular theories/legends into a sci-fi page burner with just enough credibility to inspire nightmares. Treading cagily in the zone between the pit of deep seated fears and the summit of knowledge, the author opens us up to what the world might look like if the UFO/alien conspiracies were true.

Starting with “West Coast Air Raid” of early 1943, when a UFO was spotted over Los Angeles and over 1400 rounds of anti aircraft artillery were fired, authorities have struggled to present plausible explanations for phenomena that seem to have no rational basis. The discovery (and allegations of a subsequent military cover-up) of UFO remains near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 encouraged a cottage industry of self appointed investigators who have generated a gaggle of theories about extraterrestrial beings and their relationships with the planet Earth. The realm of conspiracy theories about these affairs (to quote Rod Sterling in a different context) is “a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.”

The conspiracy theories arising from these (and other) incidents have steadily worked their way into the popular culture, spawning television shows like Stargate SG-1 and the X-Files. The common thread that they all possess is the assertion that government(s) are secretly cooperating with extraterrestrials. One very familiar conjecture even has large eyed gray aliens regularly abducting humans for experiments aboard spaceships.

Gray Apocalypse posits that the Roswell incident was actually the beginning of decades of conspiracies between governments and extraterrestrials, relationships that traded access to alien technologies while allowing genetic experimentation aimed at creating a hybrid race that would rule the planet.

The story begins as the stage is being set for the final preparations for Earth to accept the dominion of the hybrid race. Human collaborators are to be spared in underground facilities as the surface of the planet is sanitized. (DO click on the “sanitized” link; it’s a fantastic video, complete with Pink Floyd sound track. And, yes, it’s relevant to the plot of the book.)

There’s just one person standing between The Breeder Grays in their quest for domination, renegade assassin and sole survivor of a crushed resistance movement, Michael Kendon. Set in the realm of covert operations and black helicopters, the race to save the planet takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure leading to a dramatic final encounter. Once you get comfortable with the premises of the book, it’s a dammed good adventure story.

The spookiest part of all this UFO conspiratorial stuff (and this novel) is that there are just enough glimmers of the real world (as evidenced by our government’s own intelligence adventures) to keep you wondering.

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this is a really good book that has basis in fact and draws u in…it’s kickass…read it


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