Planning On Visiting Denver for the Democratic Convention?

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Now that the worlds longest primary season has come to an end; Barry & Hillary are all lovey-dovey, it’s time to think about attending the Democratic Convention, Monday, August 25th through Thursday, August 28th. What a wonderful way to show the kids the brilliance of the two party system! And if you weren’t lucky enough to be invited, don’t fret, there’ll be plenty to do on the streets of Denver.

Tent State University will be build with a multitude of tents to house the thousands of activists expected to visit the mile-high city. Promised are music stages, free food and workshops for those who need to hone their demonstrating skills. Also promised is a four day event called the Festival of Democracy, with even more free food, free music and political training.

For those who view the democrats as a bunch of spineless wimps who have enabled the shredding of the Constitution, there will be protests aplenty, lead by a group called Recreate 68. They’re busy suing the City of Denver for the right to protest someplace better than the loading dock area behind Sam’s Club; the government’s promising at least a “free speech zone” out behind the dumpsters. Promised are five major protests around themes like Stop the War, Environmental Justice, End Racism, Respect Human Rights/Civil Liberties and Demand Economic Justice.

Meanwhile, the City’s law enforcement establishment is busy making plans. Step One is to make sure that no permits are granted until the last possible moment. Step Two is to load up with as much firepower as possible. Articles in the local papers indicate that up to $50 million will spent to maintain law ‘n order.

The speculation about what goodies Denver’s finest are loading up on runs the gamut, and the City isn’t talking, saying that releasing such data would be “contrary to the public interest” because it could disclose important tactical information, potentially jeopardizing public safety.

A couple of things have leaked out about this year’s selection of hardware despite the blackout:

  • Denver police are stocking up on guns that fire a pepper spray instead of bullets. The department recently ordered 88 Mark IV launchers and projectiles at a cost in the “low six figures” according to the Louisville-based Security With Advanced Technology Inc.
  • Also, from the terrorist supporters at Fox news: “Political Activists planning protest rallies at the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver have their stomachs in knots over a rumor about a crowd control weapon – known as the “crap cannon” – that might be unleashed against them. Also called the ‘Brown Note’, it is believed to be an infrasound frequency that debilitates a person by making them defecate involuntarily.”

After all, nothing says “hope” and “change” like using leftover clandestine services devices on citizens using their constitutional rights to assemble.
Taking the family to Denver? Don’t forget the Depends.

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Shawn Conrad July 1, 2008 at 12:57 pm

I can already smell the freedom fries that will be served.

At some point things will snap, and I hope to be there to help deliver justice.

I might show up in Denver just to crap myself for liberty and the American way.


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