The OB Town Council is holding a contest for a new logo design for the organization.

And it’s seeking submissions from members of the OB community. The winning design will represent the unique community of Ocean Beach on all OBTC materials.

The winner will receive a $250 Visa gift card. Submissions must be in by June 5th, 2017.

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Editor’s Notes: The following post includes excerpts from Robert Burke’s “Pace of Sea Level Rising Quickly – Disaster Looms for Coastal San Diego“, published recently at San Diego UrbDeZine. Our excerpts focus on the effects on Ocean Beach.

Over the last few weeks, a vocal swath of San Diego has been quite polarized about large and small investors perhaps changing the nature of local communities thru the ongoing rental of homes principally in our coastal neighborhoods for profit. News reports have shown ‘for’ and ‘against’ waging this debate on the overall feel and makeup of Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and elsewhere. This certainly is a debate worth having.

I have friends and family who have traveled from other parts and rented beachfront homes in order to enjoy San Diego’s weather and healthy atmosphere. Good for them and likely they didn’t pause to consider neighborhood dynamics when a vacation website offered the warmth and sands of San Diego to the weather weary.

Sorry to say, this debate, along with today’s pressing dynamics ignore an insidious and far more pressing fact: Mission Beach, Coastal Pacific/Imperial/Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Fiesta Island, the Convention Center area, and even Mission Valley are under direct, dire attack by the sea. Yes, these whole areas are under threat of being lost all together to the sea.

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chicano park parque chcano

Editor: The following is a retelling of how the San Diego communities of Barrio Logan and City Heights fought CalTrans and the local political machine to save their neighborhoods. (Originally published April 24, 2013.)

Resistance, Vision and Community

By Anna Daniels

During the month of April, San Diego Free Press has been providing extensive coverage of Barrio Logan. Much of that coverage has focused upon Chicano Park–its history, its national historical designation and its deep spiritual and community connections.

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UPDATE: The following is provided by Watch Commander Officer Buttle


The victim and his female friend were renovating an upstairs apartment. An unknown suspect drove up,

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Editor’s Note: OBcean Dave Milligan – who’s no spring puppy – took off on his bicycle April 10th and rode all the way from OB to Santa Barbara with his friend John. The amazing journey took them four days, and it’s recounted in detail here in Dave’ daily log. Dave called it “to heaven and back”.

By Dave Milligan

Day One: Sunday morning, wake up my good friend and riding partner, John, at 5:30. The edge of a new day is barely apparent. It’s quiet in Ocean Beach, it will be another half hour until we can see to ride, and another half hour beyond that until Lindberg Field sounds its general area wake-up alarm. A quick protein bar and banana and we are off down the alley and on the streets, a little after 6:00.

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Islamophobes Angry at San Diego School Board Over Anti-Bullying Policies

April 25, 2017 by Doug Porter

school boardBy Doug Porter

The San Diego Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting this week may see an exercise in bombastic bigotry, thanks to articles published at Breitbart News and other outlets suggesting policies aimed at preventing bullying are actually implementing Sharia law.

An article in the Union-Tribune says the district is hearing complaints from people drawing misinformed conclusions stemming from the lead-in to the article at Breitbart, which strongly suggests the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a terrorist organization.

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15,000 San Diegans Marched for Science and Against Trump: Photo Gallery

April 24, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Resistance to Trump Continues

Between 15,000 and 18,000 San Diegans rallied and marched and rallied again for science, Saturday, April 22nd. They also marched and rallied against Donald Trump.

They formed up at the San Diego Civic Center Plaza – then marched down Broadway to the County Administration Building and the Waterfront Park.

Here are some scenes and some of the faces in the march.

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Show Down on Lifeguard Distress Calls at the OB Town Council Meeting: Wed. April 26th

April 24, 2017 by Source

Panel Discussion on Recent Policy Change with Ed Harris and Fire Dept Chief

From OBTC:

The Ocean Beach Town Council has invited San Diego Fire Department Chief Brian Fennessy and Ed Harris, leader of the San Diego Lifeguard Union, to the April 26th OB Town Council Meeting to speak on a recent policy change in the way that water distress calls are handled by the City.

Jeff Hatfield, former Lifeguard President, longtime Ocean Beach resident, and Lifeguard dispatcher will also sit on the panel.

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In Congress This Week – April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017 by Source

congressLegislative Briefing for Week of 4.24.17

Compiled by Indivisible 49

In Congress This Week:

Health Care: Big week ahead! Negotiations are under way for the budget bill which must be passed on Friday, April 28th by midnight to avoid a fed gov’t shutdown. (Right around when 45’s 100 days are up. Good work team! We got baby to whine. sad.)

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Dumanis to Ease Out of DA’s Office amid Call for Independent Investigation into Her Ethics, Yet Considers Supervisor Seat

April 24, 2017 by Doug Porter

Democratic chair calls for independent investigation

By Doug Porter / San Diego Free Press

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has informed her staff she’ll be leaving the position as of July 7, and is considering a run for County Supervisor.

In a letter distributed to the DA’s office on Thursday morning Dumanis says, although not committed as of yet to run for office, she believes her experience, along with the Board’s involvement in public safety and policy issues, would make her an effective member.

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Why the People’s Climate March Matters Now More Than Ever

April 24, 2017 by Jim Miller

Climate March

By Jim Miller

In the lead up to Earth Day, Elizabeth Kolbert, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction, accurately observed that this year there wasn’t much to celebrate.

She’s right. An administration that can’t seem to stop stepping on its own feet in nearly every other area has been pretty darn good at gearing up to kill the planet. As Kolbert writes in the New Yorker:

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News from Ocean Beach: April 2017

April 21, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

After 24 Years Loan Ranger Pawn Shop to Close

The Loan Ranger Pawn Shop, which opened in 1993 at 1909 Cable Street, is closing. Signs up at the storefront indicate that the business is closing and ‘everything must go’. The space is also up for lease. Owned by Robert Johnston, the store was estimated to generate $130K in annual revenues and employed 3 people.

OB Man Convicted of Manslaughter

Lifeguard Disses Ocean Beach at La Jolla Shores Meeting

PETA Claims Heartbreak Killed SeaWorld Polar Bear


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Present at the Creation: Walter Cronkite and the ‘Environment Story’

April 21, 2017 by Source

By Ron Bonn/ SanDiego350

You could say I was present at the creation.

Looking back in our lives, we rarely know exactly when something started. But regular television news coverage of man-made climate change, with all it implies, started on New Year’s Day, 1970.

The staff of “The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite”: producers, writers, technicians; a couple dozen of us in all, were sitting around the newsroom waiting for something to happen—because nothing happens on New Year’s Day—when the man himself stormed in. “Goddamn it,” he said to us, “we’ve got to do something about this environment story.”

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Proposed San Diego Budget Bad News for Urban Forestry

April 21, 2017 by Source

By Anne Fege / San Diego Free Press

The City’s FY 2018 budget was released on April 13, with a proposed cut of $880,000 for shade tree pruning—a grave disappointment.

With the City’s commitment to the Climate Action Plan, existing and large trees provide the most canopy cover, and they need to be managed and protected to maximize their health and life span.

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OB Rag Readers Choice Awards: Public Infrastructure

April 20, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Here Are the Winners and Losers – the “Best” and the “Worst”

Two weeks ago, we asked our readers to join in on our OB Rag Readers Choice Nominations for “Best” and “Worst” of Public Infrastructure in Ocean Beach. It was a chance for OBceans to weigh in on their favorite or not-so-favorite element of our public landscape here in the Village of OB.

We asked readers to give opinions on everything from the best neighborhood park to the worst intersection – and they did. Some gave their view of the overall “best” and “worst” of OB, which we include at the end.

So, here they are, the “Best” and “Worst” of OB’s public infrastructure:

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The Countdown on the Government Shutdown Begins in Congress

April 20, 2017 by Doug Porter

CongressBy Doug Porter

Congress will return to ‘work’ next week, and the most pressing matter facing legislators is simply keeping the government from shutting down.

As it turns out, Day 100 of the Trump administration will be the first day past the end of Federal funding for most government departments. House and Senate staffers have spent the past two weeks trying to hammer out a bipartisan deal covering the final five months of the fiscal year.

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Ding, Dong, O’Reilly’s Gone

April 20, 2017 by Doug Porter

By Doug Porter

Sanctimonious son-of-a-bitch and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly got the boot from his TV job.

Several weeks ago the New York Times reported about payouts totaling about $13 million to five women involving allegations of inappropriate behavior by him over several years.

Since then, others have come forward, including an African-American woman saying O’Reilly referred to her as “hot chocolate” at one point when they were together alone, made grunting noises and leered at her cleavage and legs.

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It’s Spring: Time to Save the Planet

April 20, 2017 by Source


March for Science San Diego – Saturday, April 22, 10am

People’s Climate March San Diego – Saturday, April 29, 10am

Upcoming weeks offer several opportunities to join the fight against global warming. And in the age of a Donald Trump administration, the environment needs all the friends it can get.

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Call to Action: San Diego’s Congressional Delegation Lunches with Chamber of Commerce Fri., April 21st

April 19, 2017 by Doug Porter

Chamber – Congressional Luncheon Targeted for Protest – Fri. April 21

By Doug Porter /San Diego Free Press

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is hosting a luncheon on Friday, April 21 featuring all 5 members of our Congressional delegation.

Representatives Susan Davis, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Scott Peters, and Juan Vargas will participate in a panel focused on ‘issues that matter most to our region’s economy’, moderated by Carla Marinucci – a senior writer for Politico’s California Playbook daily newsletter.

A coalition of organizations led by Indivisible chapters is calling for a demonstration late Friday morning outside downtown’s Manchester Grand Hyatt.

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The End of the Era of Mega-Antique Malls in Ocean Beach – Antique Center Building for Sale or Lease

April 19, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

It’s the end of the era of the mega-antique mall in Ocean Beach.

The 18,000 square foot Antique Center building – which takes up a large portion of the north side of the 4800 block along Newport Avenue – is up for sale or lease. The Antique Center business is also for sale.

Umpteen years ago, village merchants and leaders believed that what the then-failing main commercial street in OB needed for an uplift was to become the “antique row” of San Diego. Up to then, there was only one antique storefront in the area, one owned by local Gary Carlson (class of 1966 PLHS).

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Draft Update of Midway District Community Plan Has Been Released

April 19, 2017 by Staff

The draft community plan update for the Midway District has been released by the City of San Diego’s Planning Department.

The planning document – formerly called the April 2017 draft Midway – Pacific Highway Community Plan – is an update to the planning framework established in the previous November 2013 draft.

Here is the press release from Vickie White, Senior Planner: …


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O.B. Thru the Eyes of a Photographer : Thursday, April 20

April 19, 2017 by Staff

Ocean Beach Historical Society Presents

O.B. Thru The Eyes of a Photographer
By Fran Del Santo
Thursday, April 20, 7 pm
at P.L. United Methodist Church,
1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

Fran Del Santo is an Ocean Beach Street Photographer who wears many hats that include: photographer, sign interpreter, motorcyclist, teacher, community supporter, and more. Fran is well known in Ocean Beach for her amazing street photography.

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Reflections on the Syrian Nerve Gas Bombing and the US Bombing Response

April 18, 2017 by Source
Thumbnail image for Reflections on the Syrian Nerve Gas Bombing and the US Bombing Response

My Reflections on the Syrian Nerve Gas Bombing of April 4th, 2017, the April 7th U.S. Bombing of the Syrian Airbase, and Possibilities for the future!

by Peter Bohmer, April 15, 2017

The evidence has continued to mount that the Syrian air force dropped Sarin gas on Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province in Syria on April 4th, 2017 killing at least 80 people and seriously wounding hundreds. Evidence includes eyewitness accounts, statements by doctors and other medical personnel in Turkey who treated the wounded, statements by various scientific organizations that it was Sarin gas dropped from the air, the past use of Sarin by the Assad regime in 2013 gas and the implausibility and obvious falsehoods of the Russians and Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad about the attack.

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San Diego Warships Leading Charge Against North Korea

April 18, 2017 by Michael Steinberg

By Michael Steinberg / Black Rain Press

US Navy warships based in San Diego are moving towards North Korean waters as tensions rise across the region.

Led by the USS aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, whose homeport is North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego harbor, this “strike group” had been heading towards Australia after taking part in “routine” military exercises off the Korean peninsula when it was suddenly ordered back following the US cruise missile attack in Syria recently.

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Second Public Workshop on Design of Saratoga Park: Tuesday, April 18th at OB Rec Center

April 18, 2017 by Staff

The Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation is holding its second workshop for the design of Saratoga Park – tonight, Tuesday, April 18th.

The workshop will be held at the OB Recreation Center, starting at 7:30 pm in the Community Meeting Room. The Rec Center is located at 4726 Santa Monica Ave.

Members of the OB CDC and the landscape architects will be present to receive community input on the design concept that the CDC has so far.

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Happy Birthday, Ernie McCray: Still Pushing for What’s Good in the World at 79

April 18, 2017 by Ernie McCray

Ernie McCray 79

Streams of Consciousness the Day Before Turning 79

By Ernie McCray

Tomorrow. April 18th. If I make it I’ll be 79. 79.

Can’t wait to jam as a 79-year-old man. No, indeed. Time flashes at some kind of supersonic speed. Glad I’ve got me a beautiful woman and some mellow weed…

And there’s so much greed with people in need… And they choose to shoot at each other and drop bombs on each other in all kinds of weather, no thoughts of whether a timeout should be called at some point in human history…

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Mignon Scherer Passes, One of Principle Organizers for the 30 Foot Height Limit,

April 17, 2017 by Frank Gormlie

Mignon Scherer of Point Loma passed on March 25th earlier this year at the age of 92.

She and her family had lived in their residence near the high school for 50 years. Born Mignon Harwith on June 27, 1924, in Detroit, MI, she was the youngest of three girls.

During World War II, Mignon was a “Rosie the Riveter” and worked on B-29 “Superfortress” Bombers at the Chrysler Plant in Detroit.

Mignon was best known locally as one of the main organizers in the effort to place the thirty-foot limit on coastal construction in San Diego.

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SeaWorld Ends Summertime Fireworks for Now

April 17, 2017 by Staff

SeaWorld has announced its Mission Bay theme park will not shoot off fireworks this summer. Fireworks will still go off during 3-day holiday weekends and a few other special events. Plus, SeaWorld will not disclose whether nightly fireworks are gone for good, only that they are on “hiatus for the foreseeable future.”

The “official story” is that SeaWorld is preparing for its new “Electric Ocean” a nighttime lighting display. In typical fashion, SeaWorld could not admit that maybe – in its effort to be more environmentally-sensitive – that the summertime tradition is halting due to public pressure. (For more of the official line, see SDU-T)

For years, San Diegans have signed petitions calling on SeaWorld to stop their summer explosions over the Bay.

From our July 2015 post,
Seaworld Pet vs firewords picHit the link and sign the Petition that calls on the San Diego City Council to ban the nightly fireworks at SeaWorld.

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OB Planning Board’s Project Review Committee Looks at Companion Unit Permit at 4528 Cape May on Wed., April 19

April 17, 2017 by Staff

On the agenda of the Project Review Committee – a subcommittee of the OB Planning Board – is an application for a permit to construct a 700 square foot companion unit over a carport and to demolish the existing car garage and storage shed.

The site is located at 4526 Cape May Avenue.


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Restaurant Review : ‘Swami’s’ in the Midway District

April 17, 2017 by Judi Curry

Restaurant Review

Midway Towne Center
3924 W. Point Loma Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110

“Widow” get-together time again for Irene, Candy and myself. I have tried to eat at all of the restaurants in Ocean Beach proper, and find that I have reviewed most of them during the six years I have been writing for the OB Rag. There are still two that I want to visit, but found that neither of them are open at lunch time.

I have been to Swami’s in La Mesa and Encinitas. This time I decided it was time to try the one in my “own back yard.”

I have fond memories of Embers, and not so fond memories of its replacement, so went into this restaurant with a little excitement and trepidation. Some people told me it was good; others were not so nice.

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