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Hey Frank, nice to see you this summer. good to see OB Rag is alive and well. I sure miss OB and it is nice to know it’s just a plane ride away to go back in time for me. love you, Donna


Gary Ghirardi / Nov 3rd, 2008 at 6:57 am

Another RAG in the tradition of the OBRag from Austin that dates back to the mid sixties, has gone on line after many years with an online blog:


and is archiving its old stuff online also:


There should be a “network” of these “spaces” to encourage their survival and renewal nationally. – ML


Judi Curry // Oct 13, 2008

I only stumbled onto your newsletter when a friend sent me an email re: the Octoberfest and there was a great picture of her and her husband in your picture section. Finally – someplace to go and read the views of people that think in the same vein as I do. I am going to spread the word – not just in OB but all over. It is wonderful to know that others feel the same way!


Tanja WInter // Aug 12, 2008

OB Rag is really impressive. My resistance to being swallowed up by my computer has kept me from spending more time on internet reading. I appreciate your articles.

I’ve been searching and demanding coverage of US involvement in Georgia-Russia confrontation. Hardly a peep out of anyone.


Anon92107 // Jul 11, 2008

Letter sent to Congresswoman Susan Davis:

Susan, this quote from Lee Iacocca applies to you: “We didn’t elect you to sit on your asses and do nothing and remain silent while our democracy is being hijacked and our greatness is being replaced with mediocrity.”

Susan, you had one of the best opportunities in American history to make the right things happen to protect the future for our children and grandchildren, and you failed completely.

Worst of all, you failed the tests of Democracy along with the leaderless congress, a judiciary that has overthrown the Rule of Law, and you let our education system crash and burn.

The biggest question today is can American Democracy survive your failures?


Tito Zevallos // Jul 9, 2008

Hey guys,

OBRag.org has received a mention in the “Ocean Beach” section of the San Diego Reader’s community blogs. It was posted by WT_Effman, another OBecian who believes in your mission. You may want to check it out at this URL:


Thanks for all that you do in the name of peace, justice and OB.


Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) // Jul 4, 2008

Mikey Weinstein, who has had his windows shot at and feces thrown in his yard, found a swastika on the front of his house over the weekend. “It’s a horrible feeling of humiliation, embarrassment and rage,” Weinstein said. “This one cuts the deepest. Whether you are Jewish or Christian, you don’t want a swastika on your house.”

Weinstein, a Jewish attorney and former counsel to President Ronald Reagan, made headlines in 2005 when he filed suit against the Air Force, claiming it imposed evangelical Christianity on academy cadets in violation of their constitutional rights. The suit was dismissed because the plaintiffs were no longer cadets. A group founded by Weinstein, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a new suit in March that claimed the entire military is violating the religious liberties of servicemen and women. Weinstein and his two sons are graduates of the Air Force Academy. Weinstein was alerted to the swastika after two of his German shepherds started barking Saturday. He said he saw a dark car backing out of his driveway and found the swastika and a cross on the stucco next to his front door. The symbols were the size of a kitchen plate and looked like they had been written with magic marker.

“These people are cowards,” said Weinstein, whose story has been publicized on national talk shows and in newspapers across the country. It is also featured in a recently released documentary, “Constantine’s Sword,” by Oscar-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby. The film’s Web site says it “focuses on Christian anti-semitism as the model for all religious hatred, exposing the cross as a symbol of a long history of violence against Jews.” The film is to open in Albuquerque on July 18.

Weinstein said he and his family started noticing unusual behavior at their home on Thursday.

They saw a car pulling out of their driveway one evening. Someone had turned off the fountain to their pond, killing one of their fish.

Sheriff’s officials said they plan to notify the New Mexico Gang and Terrorism Task Force and do periodic checks at Weinstein’s home.

“The swastika escalates things in my mind,” said Rabbi Arthur Flicker of Congregation B’nai Israel. “It symbolizes horrific racism and violence that our fathers and grandfathers fought to destroy.”


Tito Zevallos // Jul 3, 2008 at 6:18 pm

I’ve got an idea that should please everybody. Since we have beaches that are designated for special purposes, such as exercising dogs, why can’t we have a specific beach area that allows regulated consumption of alcohol? Regulations would include the usual and obvious, such as a ban on glass containers, and could contain other regulations to prevent abuse, such as not allowing anything larger than a quarter keg on the beach. This is pretty much how the smoking issue is handled and it seems to work well.

In Ocean Beach, I would suggest that the area on the south side of the pier and going north to the lifeguard station would be perfect. The area in front of that beach is a surfing-only area, so swimming under the influence would be discouraged. The area north of this allows swimming and body boarding, which families would be more inclined to enjoy.

By the way, I’m 49 years old, self-employed, and it’s MY BEACH too. I don’t see why I have to deprive myself of any rights to indulge the narrow-minded prejudices of others. Treating bad behavior by a minority of people with a full ban for everyone is tantamount to treating dandruff by decapitation.


Tito Zevallos // Jul 2, 2008

Hey Guys,

Nice blog! Glad to see the spirit of the OBRag and OBGO is still alive and kicking!

From the “Good News – Finally!” department, it appears Starbucks is reeling from a bad economy and is planning to shut down 600 stores.*

I bet the store in OB is one of them. Can’t wait to see a mom-and-pop Fair Trade Coffee shop replace their corporate rumps.




Doug Porter – June 20, 2008

wow! what a flashback.

as a former member of the red zoomie collective who contributed to some of the OB People’s Rag editions (I actually sold the Liberator for spare change), it’s really great to see that the progressive spirit is alive and kicking in OB.

I remember when Frank was “underground”, we faced daily harassment for our politics, and the times were so heady that we often debated whether or not it was worth it to pay the phone bill because the phone company would be amongst the first to go come the revolution.

I have recently relocated back to the San Diego area after 30+ years of being away. I look forward to becoming re-involved with the local scene as i ease myself back into life here.

Doug Porter.


max black crow // May 21, 2008 at 12:57 pm

I worked with the liberator in the late sixties and I wrote you what I was doing now. Back then we had socialist views. We always questioned the puritan colonialist values of this country. We fought for the right to speak when not spoken too, and always question authority ! I see the paper has changed and wonder why get caught up in the polictical machine. This country is broken, you all will never own homes or even get close to the so called american dream.

This was a Liberal paper? is it still? The issues are the working class issues, the struggle with corporate America. The fucking capitalist greed machine whom I had to work for and they’ve gained great profits off our blood and sweat. I’m 57 years old, I’ve never gave in to their ways. I ‘ve seen my co- workers killed and mamed at work. Then we recieve a mire fraction of the moneies from these companies. You need to get the word out that the working class is the backbone of America. If a corporations exceutives miss work for a month the coporation lives on, BUT! if we the workers stop for a week that corporation will die! The loss of income would cripple that company.

We the people have power. We need to stick together and pull ourselves out of this corporate hole they’ve put us in. Health care, and fuel should be taken out of the stock market. To make millions on health care stock is insane! making money of of people’s suffering is a sick nation. To make movie stars and sports figures our hero’s and pay them millions for entertainment is a travisty!

If the world went to war and the country destroyed, the working class will be hero’s and the sports and movie star will have to count on us to get the nation up and running! What the fuck has happened to our youth. Don’t get caught up in the politics , get to some real issues. no reason we can come to an agreement with companies to share the wealth. How many millions does it take for a family to live the American dream. I work hard and only welcome death to end my pain. I die owing people and have made pipelines for oil companies made shipsto move comodities. Then die poor and broken. I don’t get it? make me understand why you young thinkers can’t see or deal with some real issues? the Liberator did! We fought to be heard. I ended up killing for the united states of America in their Marine corp.

I believe in the United states as a people. I believe in you all. Find the real underlined issues like making the paying feild equal. No reason we all can’t retire and be able to live a good life. It’s peoples values and jealousy and greed that drives this Fucked up nation. Expose it ! write and fight about it. My father died without seeing the great things in this world. Working hard in the local ship yards making just barely enough. No reason this great nation should let that happen to any one parents. The greed in this countey is pheonaminal. We let it go on.

You young people can change this nation, just do it. Find a way to spread the money out in a way that we can all be happy. There so much I have learned and have seen. To much to write about. I grew up in S.D like I said before , my family has been there scince 1896.I’ve seen this place change so much that I actually moved because of it. I see the military with it’s right winged bullshit fuck this town up. Bringing racsim here from all the members they house here from all the racist states like Kentucky, Tenn, West Viginia , Arkansas need I say more. Get to the real struggle, anyone can point fingers at politicians, change the country just focus on our needs! Peace to you all … MAX


Christine / / April 30, 2008

I love OB! I am writing you because this election is critical and the money is pouring in from special interests aka developers that want to make OB look like a wasteland of 4-pack stucco condos like they did in so many other parts of SD. I run a website called developeralert.org . I am doing my best to provide info to the community on developer actions that are happening under the radar. That said, I guess I just wanna urge you and encourage you to get info out to readers about the money and where it is coming from. They want Aguirre out bad!!-The developers, the unions, the city people because of their pensions. They are really pushing Goldsmith and Goldsmith is a schill for special interests. Look what he did to Poway–he destroyed that town. He would be a disaster. Believe me I am totally on your side–you have a great community and this election will be critical in saving it.

Frank Gormlie // Jan 17, 2008 at 9:17 am

Thanks J. Stone; we did post that comment by Huckabeen on Jan. 16th.#

J.Stone // Jan 16, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Wondering why no one is covering the Republican candidates and the nonsense they continue to spew. I think it’s important to keep track of them. For example, I haven’t seen any media coverage of Huckabee’s intensions of actually changing the Constitution to be more “christian”. This is scary shit, and some how the info needs to get out. Obviously the main stream media is choosing not to include this when they gush about Huckabee’s ratings and poll numbers

Here are some idiotic comments he’s made recently;

From NBC/NJ’s Adam Aigner-Treworgy

WARREN, Mich. – Huckabee’s closing argument to voters here this evening featured a few new stories and two prolonged sections on illegal immigration and Christian values.

These two topics usually feature prominently in Huckabee’s stump speech, but last night he got specific, promising to build a border fence within 18 months if elected and elaborating on his belief that the constitution needs to be amended.

“[Some of my opponents] do not want to change the Constitution, but I believe it’s a lot easier to change the constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that’s what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards,” Huckabee said, referring to the need for a constitutional human life amendment and an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Huckabee often refers to the need to amend the constitution on these grounds, but he has never so specifically called for the Constitution to be brought within “God’s standards,” which are themselves debated amongst religious scholars. As a closing statement he asked the room of nearly 500 supporters to “pray and then work hard, and in that order,” to help him secure a victory in Tuesday’s GOP primary.

I also found this, could very well be a mockup/fake but who knows


Lorrie // Jan 5, 2008 at 7:31 pm

This is terrific. Thank you! Hope it grows (in participation, if not in words).

Patrick // Dec 23, 2007 at 7:40 pm

Each time I read the Rag it seems to get better. You must have a lot of spare time on your hands, or you’re a literary genius, or there are a lot of ghost writers in OB. While on a bike ride the other day I spotted a wonderful bumper sticker. U.S. out of OB!

I like the updates on Blackwater, and I think articles on neo-liberalism & fascism are timely. I know those are broad & general, but there are so many instances where the fascists are winning-many instances that go unreported by anyone. Local reports about creeping fascism & militarism would be appreciated. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Winter Solstice Cocktail Evening.


Dave Sparling // Dec 10, 2007 at 2:37 pm

As a new resident of laid back OB I just want to say how happy I am to be here. A native of Phoenix and long time Zonie I only discovered OB a couple of years ago. It seems to be the perfect location for a old hippie liberal like myself. I hope to meet all of those who are involved in this venture.

You can find me at Winstons drunk poet society every Monday night 6 to 8. I always wanted to be a writer, but never had a loft in NYC or a cabin in Key West. OB has been both to me, and I can’t stop writing.

Byron // Nov 28, 2007 at 7:44 am

From Randi Rhodes web site


The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Posted November 26, 2007 | 10:06 AM (EST)

There has been a long tradition of fear-mongering legislation in the United States directed against groups and individuals believed to threaten the established order. The first such measures were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed by Congress in 1798 during the administration of the second president of the United States John Adams. The Acts, consisting of four separate laws, made it more difficult to become a citizen, sought to control real or imagined foreign agents operating in the United States, and also gave the government broad powers to control “sedition.” Sedition was defined as “resisting any law of the United States or any act of the President” punishable by a prison sentence of up to two years. It also made illegal “false, scandalous or malicious writing” directed against either the government or government officials. The next President, Thomas Jefferson declared that three out of the four laws were unconstitutional and pardoned everyone who had been convicted under them.

[for more of this article which was originally posted as a “Letter to the Editor”, see the posted article itself.]

OB Joe // Nov 18, 2007 at 10:29 pm

Congrats! I’d like to see more posts on OB however. Like, what is happening on Newport Ave, what is happening with the planned condos for the foot of Saratoga?#

Frank Gormlie // Nov 3, 2007 at 5:24 pm


Right on, Bro! Poor people do have a right to live at the beach, and that’s been one of the principles that OB activists over the years have adhered to, most recently in a group called the Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization (OBGO). 5/7’s of OB’s residents are tenants, yet the threats of gentrification, over-development, and corporate-take-over of our main street businesses remain constant and ever alive. Since the early 70’s there’s been a community resistance to the urban planning designs of the establlishment and power structure; such landmarks as the stopping of the jetty in 1970, the saving of Collier Park, the passage of the 30 foot height limit in 1972. and the establishment of the OB Planning Board in 1976 – the first democratically-elected community planning committee in the history of California – remain in our most recent community history. (See “1st OB Rag” page). More recently, groups such as OBGO, the Coalition to Save OB, and community-minded businesspeople have made efforts to prevent Newport Avenue from becoming a strip of franchise-city. It’s been an on-going battle to ‘save OB’ and it ain’t over yet.

Eric Parish // Nov 3, 2007 at 12:07 pm

I haven’t been able to afford to live in OB for decades. The rent got to be too much back in 1983. Living a block from the beach were very happy years for me. It is nice to see the politics have survived. Never let them turn you into another Leucadia or Encinitas. Poor people should never have to abandon the beach.

Frank // Nov 3, 2007 at 9:39 am


Thank you for your report. There was nothing in today’s Union-Tribune (11/3/07) about any protests in Venezuela. Keep them coming.

Frank Gormlie

G Ghirardi // Nov 2, 2007 at 7:09 pm

I don’t know if you consider this relevant for the Rag but it is hot off the press – G

Venezuela: Two opposition confirmed Killed and eight wounded at the University of Zulia

11-02-07 / 9:30PM

Maracaibo -An incident of gun violence resulted in the confirmed death of one student and one unidentified person on the University of Zulia Campus today and eight wounded on the Eve of an Opposition march on Saturday and a Chavista march on Sunday on the opposite side of the country in the capital of Caracas. There are also unconfirmed reports that an additional two people have died from their wounds.

Many pro government supporters feel that this was manufactured violence to disrupt the socialist constitutional referendum that is pending and put U.S. and International pressure on the Bolivarian movement and the PSUV party (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) of Hugo Chavez. Student violence occurred throughout the week in staged confrontations by opposition groups in Caracas. Mayor Barreto had given the protesters a wide berth and there have been no serious injuries to government supporters or opposition protesters or retaliation by police against the students but many police, including a police chief negotiating with the protesters, sustained injuries by rioting students. Many images showing up in U.S. media coverage were of the violence of opposition student violence attributed to a response by students to police violence.

Zulia Governor Rosales chose not to intervene on the student violence at the University of Zulia. Venezuelan law does not permit troops or municipal police to enter universities as they are considered autonomist zones that are self policed by university guards.

The opposition political party, Primary Justice, ran as their presidential candidate Zulia Governor Rosales against Chavez in the last election.

Reports on the government news channel in Caracas, Canal Ocho, are claiming that gunfire broke out during student elections at the Engineering School of the university as two rivaling opposition student parties, Un Nuevo Tiempo (A New Time) and University Christian Democracy, skirmished. Reports are sketchy about the death toll but it appears that two people were killed, a woman and a man.. Police officials on the government channel are saying that they have no one in custody and are still investigating the shooting and interviewing witnesses. The police official also interjected that students should not have permitted the entry of non-student outsiders into the voting proceedings. The corporate channels like Venevision and Globovision have been silent on the story.

The student and allied opposition groups hope to instigate a U.S. military intervention poised as a humanitarian mission to restore their freedoms they claim have been denied them under the Chavez Government and as a pretext for removing Chavez from the hemisphere.

Zulia is an area of Venezuela bordering Columbia. The U.S. military maintains the Plan Columbia “drug eradication” operation on the Columbian side. Paramilitary groups wage a campaign of extra judicial executions against those activists working it the mountainous border area to initiate and carryout government reform and social programs. FARC rebel troops also operate in this region and have been one of the primary issues for U.S. Foreign Policy grievances against the Chavez Government. – G. D. Ghirardi#

Frank Gormlie // Oct 31, 2007 at 12:08 pm

Jackie – You’ve struck several themes that our blog has attempted to illuminate: the inspiration and disheartenment that many of us have felt from our region’s responses to the 2007 wildfires – the giving, generosity and solidarity of San Diegans for those evacuated and in need, but at the same time the governments’ failures – such as the lack of sufficient fire fighting aircraft, the reverse 9-1-1 calls only in English, orders for mandatory evacuations while not providing for fire protection, discriminating against immigrants during this crisis….

… Let’s turn our anguish into discussions and actions to change it for the better. – Frank

Jackie McElveny // Oct 31, 2007 at 11:03 am

Okay, now i can’t figure out how to do a new post here. I’m really not technolically challenged, it’s just not readily apparent. Sorry. Here is what I posted to one of my other groups tonight about the fires, Katrina, the present administration base, and how bureaucracy is crippling this country almost beyond redemption. Oh and also, about the good citizens of San Diego and about the role of media in our elections. Yep! All over the landscape……..

Okay, can I just call it like I see it? My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes, rich or poor, and I know and work with some of the rich ones (who lost homes): I work in medicine and they are doctors. I don’t hold rich against them and have a good relationship with most of those I work with. BUT, read on.

I’m not even sure where I’m going with this, I’m finding my way. The people in New Orleans were considered disposable. Let me start there. Rich anybody is not disposable. This is the “Base” that Bush so blatantly refers to.

Okay, next talking point, and I’m still not sure where I’m going: the citizens of this city are the real heroes in terms of aid! And it was like that with Katrina – people from all over the country converging with EXTREMELY necessary aid and BLOCKED by the #*!#-ing bureaucracy, read: federal government. Oh, sorry, you don’t meet the regulations, can’t help, these people are going to have to die…..And die they did, thank you US government. Back to the citizens, ordinary San Diego people: friends of mine sheltered in Valley Center and one of them reports it was working VERY well until the Red Cross got involved. Yet more bureaucracy. I think this country is going to sink into the ocean from the weight of how completely bureaucratic it has become.

As for those front and center with the media. It was heartening to know that Susan Davis and Donna Frye were right there quietly helping – and that was absolutely the best use of their time. But when the elections come around, they are going to be won or lost in the media, which is – well I don’t know WHAT that is, maybe an indictment of where our society is at present. It actuallly WOULD have been good for Susan and Donna to make time for some media exposure. Barbara Boxer? I don’t know where she was. Dianne Feinstein? I know where she was because my 80-year-old mom called me (yes, an elderly progressive in very sense of the word), sputtering, after the Bush press conference which I could not bear to watch. And, yes, there was our own Dianne, right up there at the podium (well, I didn’t watch it, I’m only relating what Mom told me) with all the right-wing establishment.

Sorry for this disjointed, all-over-the-landscape post, but I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m disheartened.

Monty Reed Kroopkin // Oct 26, 2007 at 9:08 pm

Dear Ocean Beach Rag,

Congratulations and applause to Frank Gormlie and Patty Jones on the new OB Rag blog at http://obrag.org/, and on the seed of a new OB Rag publication. And I am very happy to see links to some recent articles on the new Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Community press organizations like the original Ocean Beach People’s Rag are still needed, and might find a new (and less expensive to sustain) life online (combined with downloadable pdf versions that are ready to print, for decentralized hard copy distribution).

Please contemplate the story of sister publication, The Columbus Free Press. They have a good summary at http://www.freepress.org/about.php and their current online edition is at http://www.freepress.org/index2.php PLUS their hard copy editions can be viewed online at http://www.freepress.org/journal.php . Seems they actually have the “Journal” version done by a printer and distributed the old fashioned way.

I would love to see not only the Rag grow again in this manner, but a number of other San Diego area newspapers presently defunct, or, I prefer to think, dormant. The New Indicator? The Street Journal? The start up costs to print an online edition are comparable to running a blog. The difference is the more involved range of content (and reporters) and the visual presentation. Doing layout is still doing layout, and publishing an online newspaper is more time consuming than producing a blog. The software is rather widely available, and not so expensive, especially for a group.

I also invite readers to check out a press research webpage I’m developing at . It is part of a new website for the Movement for a Democratic Society (which is a community-based project of the new Students for a Democratic Society). The site has links to the main SDS website and to the info page for the New Left Cafe listserv, and to the non-profit foundation which has been formed for fund-raising and other support work for SDS. One subject raised within SDS/MDS is a possible project to organize better communication and cooperation within the progressive press community. I see the potential for an effective global Left as tied greatly to our means of communication. We have a lot of work to do in this field.

Yours for the “Whole Damn Pie Shop” (not just a piece of the pie) !

Monty Reed Kroopkin

San Diego SDS-MDS Chapter contact

cc: many friends of the OB Rag

New Left Cafe (discussion listserv of SDS-MDS)

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avatar buc December 1, 2012 at 12:52 pm

tonight is the o b christmas parade…we think we will pass…we don’t have a gas mask (all the smokers on newport), and last year’s parade had more drunks on the floats than in the streets, plus the pick of lame duck loser jerry saunders as grand marshall really left a sour egg nog taste in our mouths…on the paws- a tive side (i am writing on behalf of my service pooch)…today is proclaimation “peaceful easy feeling day” where jack tempchin wrote the diddy 40 years ago up on washington street…the der weinerschnitzel (on washington) is having a celebration today between 2 and 4 pm…sounds not only like a great time, but much more in the spirit of the “o b attitude” that the lame parade…thanks…and happy holidays


avatar John December 1, 2012 at 4:52 pm

last time I checked the OB attitude included tolerance and inclusion, doesn’t sound as if your idea of a celebration is along those lines.
enjoy your hot dogs. with mustard, not ketchup please, as Dirty Harry would have them.


avatar Jill December 10, 2012 at 12:06 pm

I was at the foot of Newport Sunday evening, 12/09/2012…police helicopter, lots of patrol cars and quite a few upset people…anybody know what was going on?

Also, are the citizen patrols still meeting at Tower Two on Tuesdays?


avatar Rose Davis December 19, 2012 at 9:54 am

Pleas advise how Indian Voices can be listed on your media list.
Thank you.


avatar Mic Dee December 22, 2012 at 5:36 pm

My name is Mic D. I was homeless in OB from about 1989 to 1991. I “lived” near dog beach at a fire pit for about a year, and then in a dugout in Rob Field for another year. It was a most difficult time of life for me. Let me say that I am not homeless anymore. I live in a condo in Utah. I am here for two weeks in OB for Christmas as I have been each of the past fifteen years. I also spend most spring breaks, and each July here in OB. I come here because of the love I have for OB, a love that I learned as a homeless man.

I was about 28 when I found myself destitute and living on the sand. I was a high school dropout, an ex newspaper pressman displaced by technology. I tried everything I could do to find work during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, but I was either overqualified or lacked proper education and experience for the jobs available. One day when I just couldn’t take it anymore, I cried out to heaven. I was mad at any God who could allow me, a hard working man, to fall so low. The next day a awoke to a man standing over me in the dugout. I opened my eyes and his words followed: do you want to work?” Well yes I did!

He brought me and my partner Bill up the hill to a house on Sunset Cliffs. We tore that house down nearly to the ground and remodeled it. It sold the next year for about $800,000.00. The architect on the project brought our crew to Maui where we built two more homes. I separated from this crew after about two years, but I went on for the next 10 years working as a carpenter building homes all over the United States. I put myself through college, and earned a degree in mathematics. Not just that, but I graduated with honors; valedictorian. Today I teach Mathematics at a well respected academy in Utah. Last year, my students scored the highest math scores in the state, perhaps the nation. None of that could have happened without the hospitality of the Kind people and businesses of OB. Today, the money that I bring into the community on my frequent vacations far outwieghs any cost of having hosted me for a time.

I was dismayed by a T-shirt I saw last July. It said: “Welcome to OB. Please don’t feed the homeless.” I saw Bill also last July. He had his own painting business. The framer who I worked for has gone on to become an architect and general contractor. This is prosperity. Prosperity has a price; patience. Of course you don’t allow the lawlessness, but don’t judge all guilty on account of the few.


Mic D


avatar Seth December 23, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Nice pot, Mic. Happy holidays.


avatar Seth December 23, 2012 at 2:54 pm

post, not pot.


avatar John January 3, 2013 at 5:24 am

Really, he said he was sleeping at Robb Field.

That bale that washed up around that time was in the old bathrooms by dog beach and it was nice.


avatar Tom Griswold January 2, 2013 at 6:02 pm

That’s the best thing I’ve read in ages. Thanks Mic.


avatar Cuss December 23, 2012 at 10:01 am

Mic D. i’m a little confused as to why your letter was sent directly to my email address. i certainly did not “judge all guilty on account of the few”. have a great xmas and new year. c-


avatar Patty Jones December 23, 2012 at 10:24 am

Hi Cuss, it came to you through email because you are subscribed to comments on this entry. His comment was not directed at you…


avatar Patty Jones December 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Sorry, I edited my comment, I meant to say “NOT directed at you”. I have sugurplums dancing through my head… Merry Christmas!


avatar Frances O'Neill Zimmerman December 28, 2012 at 7:05 pm

Last time I checked, 5+4=9, but the captcha refused my math numerous times when I tried to comment on Stepner’s piece about the expansion of the Horton Plaza park.


avatar Tom Griswold January 2, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Head’s up Frank:
Article about Cow Records by Al who mans the counter


avatar judi Curry January 4, 2013 at 8:01 pm

My granddaughter, a student at High Tech High, was assigned, along with others, to do a historic report, replete with research, multi-media, and a script. Molly plays Napoleon in this video, and every time it is “clicked” she gets points. The more points, the better the grade. Interesting assignment! Take a look – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5g1XqoWNFg


avatar Andrew Lama January 26, 2013 at 8:56 pm

Greetings my name is Andrew Lama, a 16 year old straight scout from North Nj. I’m also a member of a not for profit organization called the Equal Scouting Task Force which was established by straight and gay Eagle Scouts with the purpose of negating the official anti-gay policy of BSA. The policy strips scouts, even Eagle Scouts, of all accreditations and honors if they reveal their true sexuality. President Obama is the Honorary President of Scouting and will be speaking in front of 50k Scouts and leaders at the National Jamboree later this year. I wrote up the following petition asking him to stand up for my gay brothers when he makes his speech.


We hope that you review our story and determine its newsworthiness. There are other groups attempting to promote equality in scouting but no other is petitioning the President.

Yours in Equality,

Andrew Lama
Public Relations Rep.
Equal Scouting Task Force



avatar Joe Wainio February 2, 2013 at 10:49 am

Hi, I’m hoping your website can publicize a rally some local groups are organizing for Sunday, Feb. 17 from 1-3pm to urge President Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and to raise awareness of the need to fight climate change. We are supporting a large national rally to be held in Washington, D.C. the same day. The proposed pipeline would bring a very dirty form of energy called tar sands from Canada to the U.S. Many leading climate scientists have written an open letter to the President urging him to deny the pipeline a permit, since we are already seeing many devastating impacts from climate change (drought, fires, floods, super storms, rising sea level, etc.). It is time for our country to go in the exact opposite direction, promoting clean and renewable forms of energy, as well as conservation. Join the Sierra Club, San Diego 350.org, the Environmental Health Coalition and other groups at the rally, and wear black! You can download copies of a poster and/or flier at the website


avatar Debbie March 4, 2013 at 11:10 am

What’s the scoop? Reader news on OB Coop

How about a new pole? Will OB support a coop elsewhere? Is the old appletree an option for them?


avatar Derek March 15, 2013 at 6:45 pm

Show us the entries for the t-shirt contest Frank…

And please get the shirts Made in the USA this time… we need to support each other and the more we support other American workers the more Americans will prosper… or even just get by in these hard times. Thanks!


avatar Frank Gormlie March 17, 2013 at 11:48 am

Hi Derek – thanks for your interest. Actually, the entries will be sent to a panel of judges, current and past OBceans, who will make the decisions; we will post the winning entries to be sure. We usually have our T-shirts printed up at James Gang, a supportive local business.


avatar Derek March 18, 2013 at 8:31 am

That’s cool to support the local business, but you can request the local business print them on American made shirts as well.



avatar Frank Gormlie May 9, 2013 at 12:29 pm

Derek – We did, and we hope you will get one.


avatar Derek May 10, 2013 at 6:36 pm

Can’t wait to get it…. I wear my tan one all the time and always have fun explaining it!


avatar Joyce Bartyzel March 18, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Intent, what does it mean ?.A determination to perform a particular act or to act in a particular manner for a specific reason; an aim or design; a resolution to use a certain means to reach an end.

Intent is a mental attitude with which an individual acts,

I remember when the OB Food Co-op began, believe I went on a cheese run and helped out, helped out in Golden Hills on weekends. came by for free soup made from aging veggies.
Back then the aim was to get good local products at fair prices and pass on the savings by packaging and buying in bulk. Point was I could afford to buy everything they had to offer, was willing to work a Saturday or whatever to cut down prices.

What is OB Food Co-op today ?


avatar David K April 1, 2013 at 5:42 pm

It seems very off-key to me that only paying members of the Town Council get to have a vote on what the new entranceway sign looks like. In the spirit of OB, I’d think
that anyone who lives in 92107 should have a say.
What do you think?


avatar cuss April 2, 2013 at 5:28 pm

not that you asked me, but hey david k, i agree. but… some small group needs to narrow down the choices to, say, 5. they need to cost about the same to implement, be the same size etc. then a vote would seem appropriate. can’t just have any tom, dick or harry submitting crap and getting their friends to vote for it, you know?


avatar buc April 3, 2013 at 3:29 pm

i think anyone with an o b physical address should vote…the merchants association has their own agenda, a lot of the paying merchants are too busy to vote, i would like to see the sign they have now improved…(and who wants that metal sign)?…oh well, it is not in the citizens hands


avatar Dan April 4, 2013 at 12:49 am

Give Peace a Chance: The 1960s and Nonviolent Protests (UCSD Extension)
Starts 4/10
Last day to sign up: 4/8

The 1960s were a half-century ago, but the wounds are as fresh, and the issues as relevant, today as they were then. So many of the freedoms that we cherish today were brought about due to the nonviolent activists who questioned authority and who worked to change American society at virtually every level. Revisit the front lines of the civil rights struggle and the anti-war movement, learn how Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence influenced Martin Luther King and others, and gain a fresh perspective on an era shrouded in misconception, a unique time that brought out the best and the worst in America and that exemplified and celebrated the rebellious spirit upon which our democratic nation was founded. Take the opportunity to examine a powerful case study of how history was made, how it was documented, and how it is remembered.

Course Number: HIST-40071   Credit: 2 units


Location: UCSD Extension


avatar Anne Barron April 15, 2013 at 9:49 am

How I will celebrate this tax day: by refusing to pay the war tax (48% of the federal tax bill the IRS sends me).
I can no longer finance my country’s misguided policy of national supremacy. I cannot pay for pre-emptive wars to take another country’s oil. I cannot pay for unchecked military force that harms our national security through indiscriminate killing, torture and gross mismanagement.
I will continue to those taxes that build my country: SSI, unemployment, Medicare, state taxes and sales tax. I will now instead send the federal war tax portion of my federal tax to support those government functions that the US has unfairly cut to keep the US war machine in overdrive (veteran services, Social Security, healthcare).
The amount spent on the tragic Iraq wars would have been better spent on a green economy, national healthcare, family support rather than destroying millions of lives while making billions of dollars for war profiteers.
Anne Barron, peace feminist


avatar Dave Schroeder April 16, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Be interested to see what you can find out about the fence put up last week around part of the bird sanctuary adjacent to dog beach, presumably to keep dogs out. (There had previously been a notice posted on the dog beach bulletin board, advising dog owners to please keep their dogs away from the birds.)

Dave Schroeder


avatar Andrew Rae May 2, 2013 at 1:13 pm

In San Diego’s ever changing political landscape, reform of the taxi industry is now inevitable. The taxi industry is an integral part of our public transportation network, and its health and viability have an immediate impact on tourism, commerce, and entertainment- industries of great significance to San Diego’s economy.

It is of utmost importance that an engaged citizenship participate in the process to ensure that the taxi industry maintains a high standard of service, as well as develop into a healthy sector attractive to small business people and entrepreneurs without devaluing the assets of current stakeholders.

On February 12th, 2011, Sam Hassan Daly, a driver for Emerald Cab taxi service jumped the curb in front of Stingaree Nightclub, plowing into a crowd of bargoers. 25 people were injured; 23 were hospitalized. A small businessman, a homeowner, and a hardworking America, Daly was nearing the end of a 16 hour shift on an empty stomach. The circumstances of his working environment were unsafe and resulted in this tragic accident. Charges were dropped against Daly; no fault was found beyond the District Attorney’s Office’s statement that, “This was just an unfortunate accident.”

However, the Stingaree accident surfaced many of the stark realities of the taxi industry that many would like not to acknowledge. Taxi lease rates often mean that drivers who do not own their own cab must work these long hours simply to make up the cost of the lease, earning near $4.23 an hour. Long shifts create hazardous circumstances on the roads, and the standards at which taxi cabs are maintained leave much to be desired. Recent studies have indicated that 94.5 percent of taxicabs up for vehicle maintenance inspection fail even the lax requirements that they are held to. On top of that, an insular culture of fear among drivers leave many with no other option than to operate a vehicle leased to them that is in many ways unsafe.

Safe Cab San Diego is a coalition seeking the support of individuals, small business people, and stakeholders who wish to encourage the taxi industry’s development into a safe and profitable sector for business. Safe Cab San Diego is seeking to unite the voices of positive reform of the industry in order to encourage best business practices, as well as protect the investments that businesses, stakeholders, and individuals have.

By joining Safe Cab San Diego, your business or organization may have a hand in developing a sustainable, safe, and efficient taxi industry. Please take a moment to review our research and read our fact sheet regarding the initiatives that we would like to bring forth to the city at http://www.safecabsandiego.org. Please feel free contact us with questions, and possibly join our coalition in order to effect positive change in San Diego.

For more information, please contact info@safecabsandiego.org


avatar janet griffin May 7, 2013 at 9:50 am

Hello Patty and Frank
Just wanted to inform you at the Rag about a new group in OB. The League of Women Voters will begin meeting in OB, this May 16th, from 2-4pm at the OB Rec Center. Those uppity women are coming to OB!

Would you be able to share this information, to your friends and possibly readers? We’d love the support.
The more attendance at this first meeting in OB, the more likely the League will continue to meet in OB.

Topic of meeting is “The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare”. A documentary on this topic will be shown and discussion will follow. No membership or admission required to attend.

Thank you so much. I have informed the OBTC and OBMA. Sincerely, Janet Griffin 4480 Adair St 92107


avatar Louisa May 8, 2013 at 5:51 am

I thought the people of OB might want to know about this! I’m really upset about this. Anyone know of a good alternative to Sprouts?



avatar Jon May 8, 2013 at 9:49 am

This screams of discrimination and makes me sick to think about. A 14 year disabled employee beloved by the customers, a new manager, a coat that was taken by mistake and immediately returned…sprouts has some serious damage control to do based on the 10news comments. Don’t let this story die.

Sprouts alternatives: people’s coop for great produce, but no meat options. For that, stumps is probably your best bet. As a sibling to an amazing disabled person, this really boils my blood….


avatar Louisa May 8, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Here’s a FB page in support: https://www.facebook.com/ian.rey.372


avatar Frank Gormlie May 9, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Thank you Louisa and Jon for bringing this issue up during our absence.


avatar Louisa May 9, 2013 at 1:32 pm

I’m still frosted about this. Some folks are singing the “there’s more to the story” song. I posted this comment over on KGTV’s site and reposting here.

I’ve considered the possibility there is “more to the story.” After all, people with FAS often suffer from social skills deficits. That’s a polite euphemism. However, so long as “more to the story” doesn’t involve violence to others or extreme property damage or other crimes, I don’t care. As a society, we all have an obligation to make room for others who have social skills deficits. Mr. Rey functioned beautifully for 14 years in this work environment. Now, under new management, there are problems. It appears that management is not managing Mr. Rey’s work environment appropriately. Maybe they are entitled to fail employees that way. Similarly, I am entitled to shop somewhere else, somewhere with a better social conscience. And I shall.

And now… I’m off to get acquainted with the food co op. I’ve been meaning to for some time. Now, I have a reason to get moving!


avatar judi curry May 8, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Another alternative is Barons – I buy most of my produce there and at Stumps. Stumps has some great meat, also.


avatar Lisa May 11, 2013 at 10:58 am

My name is Lisa and I am a law student that has lived in OB for almost 2 years. I wanted to share with you guys a problem that I have been having. My car has been broken into 5 times since I’ve lived in OB. It really saddens me because I love Ocean Beach and I hate that when I tell people that my car keeps getting broken into in OB, it gives them the wrong opinion of OB. I am always telling people about how much I love living here and that I really do feel safe in my neighborhood, so it just feels like a betrayal when my car keeps getting broken into by a person (or people) that I possibly pass on the street all the time. I was wondering if maybe you guys would be able to write some sort of piece about this kind of thing happening around OB and how detrimental it is for our community. Let me know!


avatar buc May 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm

sorry about your car…it is a very good chance, they are repeaters…i know it might be inconvenient, but the police drive down sunset cliffs, cable, bacon and abbott…also the bus travels on cable..possibly you could park on those streets (also watch the signs for street sweeping)…also put anything of value in the trunk…if there is not anything of value to view in the car, it will not be broken into…good luck


avatar Debra May 25, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Unfortunately, OB is full of thieves. I have had several Solar lights stolen from my yard and just a few weeks ago, some slob stole a large, expensive bird feeder AND a plant in a terra cotta pot from my yard, very early one Saturday morning. Some years ago, my car was broken into and the stereo was stolen. I share your feelings about the people/disgusting pigs who walk/drive past my house on a daily basis that feel the have the right to violate MY rights.


avatar Debbie May 25, 2013 at 9:49 am

If anyone finds a lost/stolen black leather purse in OB with a red wallet inside, please post info here……REWARD!!!!!! 5/25/13

Thank you,


avatar micaela shafer porte May 26, 2013 at 11:33 am

same in PB.: if it is not locked down, it gets ripped off…
but i heard that lori zapt is going to run for councilmember in our beach district 2 in the next election to bring some “law and order” to our “bay watch” scenario…
san diego is trying to up its position from 3rd largest penal industry in the union….


avatar Debbie May 27, 2013 at 7:58 am

Found….I am a lucky happy person :-)


avatar barry webb June 10, 2013 at 4:43 pm

hey obceans….my name is barry and i am heading up a coalition to have kevin faulconer’s office have a “bernie’s bike day”…an official proclaimation stating a specific day for roger lovett (owner of bernie’s bikes)…if you have a story on how roger has helped you, a friend, a neighbor, the community…it can be directed to john ly (councilmember faulconers’ new aid)…mr ly does know about this…his e-mail address is JLy@sandiego.gov…have been working on this for over a year, and would like the presentation before the end of the summer…if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me…thanks…roger deserves this


avatar Louisa June 19, 2013 at 7:59 am

I found this alarming. Ann Romney made an appearance at city council to complain that the city’s notification procedures were inadequate to facilitate her family’s construction of an 11,000 sq ft mansion where a hovel of 3000 sq ft had once stood on the coastline of La Jolla. Now there is buzz and gossip about Ann Romney for Mayor!



avatar Ronald W. Hull June 22, 2013 at 9:25 am


I need your permission to illustrate my poem, Hero, with a photo from your cool rag.

Will give you a link.




avatar William Dorsett June 25, 2013 at 7:10 am

To whom it may concern,
On June 22, 2013, I decided I was going to try an experiment and do the spray painting live at ocean beach. I hired a friend to work with me because I know I was going to have a lot of work carrying my art back and forth between the truck and the area I set up.. 14 blocks is how far away I ended up parking..

I get set up after the 14 block walk, and paint two paintings when the Ocean beach main street association came up and demanded that I leave..

I told them I am a performer and a busker and I have first amendment rights..

They told me they owned the sidewalk, and they had authority over it…

I ask if free speech is allowed in this spot, they said yes. I said well art is constitutionally protected under the first amendment.. The woman from ob. main street said she wasn’t going to have a constitutional argument with me, and said she was calling the cops..

I told her go right ahead that I am constitutionally protected. She walked off I continued to paint.. About an hour into it I have had a crowd watching me the whole time and have already pulled 80 dollars.

The police walk up and start talking to me.. I get one of the officers names it’s Officer Leif. Officer Lief Proceeds to tell me that I cannot sell anything at the fair..

I ask him about other performers and he starts derailing my question by talking about traffic stops. At one point, I am not sure if I have it on my video footage or if it is on my friend’s cell phone, but at one point, Officer Leif says he feels threatened for his life by me. (Btw I have no weapons, he has a gun) This was shortly after trying to inform him that I am aware of buskers and artists first amendment rights and that he was in fact violating my first and fourteenth amendment rights…

Then I tell him to get Sergeant Heacock into this conversation, because back in 2009 when I was harassed in ocean beach, sergeant Heacock told me if I ever get harassed in Ocean beach by police again that he would handle it.

Instead they bring in Sergeant Vargas.. I try to explain to Vargas that I have been dealing with this for years, and I know the laws, I explain the 9th district supreme court decision, and that just by accepting donations or a compensation it does not diminish my first amendment protection..

He later tells me to shut down the spray painting that people were complaining about the over spray. (first lie caught on tape.) not one person mentioned anything about the over spry..

it was the ob main street association that called the cops on me… they said they were going to call the cops on me… Sergeant Vargas told me I could not accept donations, or accept money, then five minutes later on tape, he watches the crowd give me money… He says nothing more to me…

During all of this, there are at least 8 cops standing around watching… meanwhile,. A man walks through right behind the police and says loudly, “ I have an 8 ball for sale’ not one cop, actually says anything to the man, even though he vocally admitted to committing a crime out loud in public.

There was far too much man power for an artist as frail and skinny as I am. I was treated like a criminal… most of what I speak of is in the first video, “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaT89aZk_64 At “at 11:15 in the video you can clearly hear a guy say, ” my homeboy has an 8 ball for sale right now.” admission to a crime (selling distributing, or trafficking a schedule II drug) a right behind the officers, I caught it on film, if the camera heard it, and I heard it, then so did the cops, they completely ignored a real crime, while discussing a way to make me leave and to legally violate my rights. Which can be heard moments before this man speaks about the 8 ball.

at 15.47 in the video the people say we want him to stay do we get a vote, all talking about me. at 16:45 officer leif asks for my social security number.. I inform him that on the back of the card it says it is illegal to give out social security number to anyone other than an employer.. the cop didn’t even know that law… as you can hear him say” does it really say that. ”

There is also a lot of conversation going on between officers that might or might not be heard due to back ground noise… But the evidence is I’ll refutable. Because none of the officers bothered to pay attention to anything I gave them as evidence on my side that they were actually violating my first amendment rights..

So I shut down the live part of the art and decide to just display and sell my art that I have premade before the show.

The officers gave me a lawful order so I decided to do so even though I felt my rights were being violated. Based on how much I was making before they showed I estimate that If I had worked till 7 or 8 I could have easily pulled 500 dollars. I might even consider donating a percentage of that to the OB Main Street association. But now I am going to be looking for compensation for my losses.

Also at the end of the first video you can hear people saying that they all want me there painting live,, the public was supporting what I was doing.

In the next video, “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg56XqpC1qY You can see how a group of officers some of which was part of the first group they are all standing in intimidating poses, right in front of my art blocking people and scaring people from looking at my art, this also results in pedestrian plowing right through my art… which my videographer notices and says something on film..

Eventually they get a call and move,, but this is our tax dollars at work.. People get robbed beat up, and harassed in public, yet police waste their time and man power on an artist or someone who isn’t committing a crime…

Just last year at ocean beach I was jumped by two gang members at the farmers market.. Cops didn’t come to the rescue.. I actually ha to catch one and detain him till police arrived.. And I was the one who got jumped. The guy who clearly assaulted me got out of jail three days later.. This is our justice system…

So after all the police leave the 2nd Sargent, Sergeant Monolsir stands around hawking me for over an hour. Sales have trickled down to nothing because the attention getter of painting live has been taken away, and one person buys a painting from me… after an hour of the sergeant walking around within 10 feet of me, again intimidating patrons, and trying to harass and intimidate me.. I told him if he did not stop mad dogging me, I was going to file harassment charges on him.. shortly after he, “ witnessed me make a sale.. so he comes up and says what he says on film here in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umm58thluAQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UUk0H_SGjic-CaY_l5_pjtGQ basically saying if he sees me sale one more painting he would impound my art ( I have over 800 dollars estimated worth of art (presales)) and I had 100 dollars in my back pocket, and another 50 in my wallet from my work day on Friday.

The officer said he was going to impound all my money as well, even though he couldn’t prove how much was made at the fair verses how much I brought with me to the fair. He made this threat twice on camera.. I tried to inform him of the rights violation, but he didn’t care..

After this video, the officer continues to walk a circle around my table and mad dog me and my friend. For at least 20 minutes. . At this point I feel so uncomfortable, and he is scaring away patrons, so I decided to go ahead and pack up…

Not only did the officer violate my 1st and 14th amendment rights, but the officer also violated united states federal code Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law which states, “This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.

Acts under “color of any law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under “color of any law,” the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”

There is a massive amount of information on busking,/ and artists first amendment rights,, the best source I have found is the Wikipedia page for us busking laws you can read it here, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busking_(U.S._case_law) the most important case was sparks verses Nevada, in the 9th district supreme court the ruling was, “ “[T]he degree of First Amendment protection is not diminished merely because the [protected expression] is sold rather than given away.” City of Lakewood v. Plain Dealer Pub. Co., 486 U.S. 750, 756 n.5 (1988); see also Riley v. Nat’l Fed’n of the Blind of N. C., 487 U.S. 781, 801 (1988) (“It is well settled that a speaker’s rights are not lost merely because compensation is received; a speaker is no less a speaker because he or she is paid to speak.”); Village of Schaumburg v. Citizens for a Better Env’t, 444 U.S. 620, 633 (1980).[17]”

I currently have a meeting being scheduled with Mayor Bob Filner about busker’s rights to change the cities codes to reflect the first amendment protection of artists and buskers. I spoke with him at the 1st Saturday meet and greet on June 2nd 2013. The mayor seamed deeply concerned with the way performers and artist are treated by police officers in this city.. I have been at this for a long time, fighting for my rights as an artist and a busker not only for my paintings but also for my palm leaf art which I make.. There are countless videos on YouTube of performers like myself getting their rights violated. I have a few interviews on the subject, one from the union tribune and a couple of more from the voice of San Diego. I am very well versed on this subject, and though I may forget numbers or exact wording, I know these laws back to front. This kind of thing could lead to litigation that will cost the city and taxpayers lots of money hopefully you who are reading this can be of help in some way form or fashion… thank you so very much for your time and many blessings to you.
William J Dorsett (aka the San Diego rose man)


avatar John June 29, 2013 at 5:15 pm

So you came to the street fair for the purpose of occupying a sidewalk and operating a profit making enterprise but you didn’t think you had to pay for a space and reserve it like everyone else?
Did you see other artists at the fair? Did they just pull out a table or easel and set up shop,or were they in assigned booths?
When you belong to a community you have to fly by the rules and regulations the community has enacted for the purpose of order and productivity. Those who feel they can apply their own distorted interpretation of the written laws usually find a rude awakening when they go to court representing themselves and find out what a fool their client really is.


avatar Carole Lee June 28, 2013 at 3:44 pm

I just read your 2011 article on KUSI news and how right wing it is. Did you see their broadcast last night? They had a “fact check” segment on the new immigration bill, and claim that it adds 1/5 billion to the stimulus package, gives cheaper tuition to illegal immigrants than to our citizens, that an illegal immigrant can become legal by paying $2000, and so on. I have not been able to verify any of these claims so far, maybe you have sources. I am so fed up with KUSI and John Coleman!!!
Here is the link to the “fact check” segment:


avatar Maureen Dawson July 5, 2013 at 6:47 am

I can’t say I’m too impressed with a particular young woman who pelted myself and my 78 year old father with marshmallows, then called us something you shouldn’t print here. She was safely ensconsed on the 3rd floor balcony of a building, in a group, and I’m sure alcohol was involved. Still, the Marshmallow Wars are for fun…and when they’re conducted in the spirit of fun, they are fun. But this did not sound or feel like fun. Of all the goofball things I did in my own youth, even when drinking, I can’t remember doing anything so meanspirited. I give her, and any of her friends encouraging her to act that way, a big thumbs down!


avatar daniel j smiechowski July 17, 2013 at 7:21 pm

San Diego’s Mayor and a cultural view of sexual harassment

Before rushing to rake our mayor over the coals concerning his obvious human failings, perhaps we ought to consider our own Human Condition and a depraved culture run amok. This is not to condone inappropriately touching a woman in the workplace but to understand that verbal harassment is quite often a stretch of interpretation.
A good Catholic friend of mine lamented that Mr. Filner should resign or be recalled immediately. Indeed, the origins of sexual harassment are not meant for convenient prosecution. Like a drunken sailor at Subic Bay, our Mayor for all his faults has permanently scarred the sensibilities of a few beautiful women. How sad and disgusting! Federal Marshalls ought to escort this criminal to Devils Island in French Guyana. I drove a Limo for many years and I saw it all with the greatest light of cultural and personal hypocrisy. Several years ago on these pages, I defended then presidential candidate Herman Cain a Republican against alleged sexual harassment. So, the beat goes on. It was great fun to roll a stretch limo on side a private jet and book reservations at The George V. The Senators, Governors, Fortune 500 elites, lawyers, doctors and philanthropists were like little boys, serial philanderers of the first degree. Certainly not the legendary Don Quixote character of the Spanish novel one would expect.
What exactly is sexual harassment? Why are women the primary accusers? Is it sexist to consider a man seeking help for being sexually harassed as mentally impaired? It is widely known that the greatest loss to a man is that of his mother. How ironic!
Caught in society’s version of the human condition, the travails of our Mayor are not meant for partisan posturing, a sense of glee or personal and political retribution. Speaking directly to the alleged sexual harassment claims, perhaps we ought to ground ourselves as a culture to a few aspects of sexual reality.

Yes Father, I too have sinned. Is there any possibility of a prurient interest? Are we on a slippery societal slope? Pious sheep herded into a bottle? Will the first Father Kolbe, Pope John Paul the Great or Mother Theresa step forward. How is it possible that we are all true gentlemen? What Charles Darwin does not want to know! America 2013… all men over the age of twelve and under ninety-two will be prohibited from visiting local beaches during day light hours, all Strip Clubs in America will be shut down by Government decree, all watering holes are to be closed, especially those near beach cities, Victoria’s Secret is immoral and the so-called “Bedroom Eyes” syndrome expressed by men will be reported to federal and local authorities for prosecution, sexual impulse is bad for humanity and cannot be tolerated, any ad for drugs such as Viagra must cease immediately, ripped men over the age of 50 will not be allowed in health clubs since there exists a direct link between optimal health and high libido, when women dress to impress a man, the man must remain indifferent, there will only be available invitro fertilization, cultural icons such as Marylyn Monroe, Raquel Welsh, Mae West, Hugh Hefner and others promoting human sexuality will no longer be tolerated as to not offend or abuse women, open travel overseas will be restricted to so-called preferred status nations and certainly not to include Germany, France and The Low Countries since these lands promote what our culture views as pornographic, museums and art collectors will be on security watch being that eroticism is subversive to the feminist cause, high school boys will be disciplined to not touch any female classmate especially at drive-in movies, historical references to American diplomat Benjamin Franklin will be omitted since it is widely known that Mr. Franklin had a roving eye while in France , President Jimmy Carter a devout Christian will lose his title as President for confessing in a Playboy article to feeling lust ………………………………?? Daniel J. Smiechowski is a former member of the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee


avatar Louisa July 20, 2013 at 6:51 am

San Diego is a ridiculous, disturbing place. It appears that the County Clerk has filed a petition requesting to be allowed to stop issuing same sex marriage licenses.

So, how IS the County Clerk’s office staffed? Who picks him and how can we fix it?


avatar Louisa July 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

It appears the clerk is an elected official. I can’t figure out what the term of office is though. Does anyone know how to figure those kinds of things out?



avatar Jamie August 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm
avatar Peggy August 6, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Where is the Justice?? A young OB resident is in George Bailey Detention MAXIMUM Security jail for less than 1 gram of POT. Many of you reading this probably know him. All started about a year or so ago when he gave a homeless guy a bud of weed and rides away on his bicycle, homeless man then tries to sell it to an undercover PO . Chris is arrested and charged with distribution and transporting less than 1 gram. Is already on walking probation for possession of less than a gram from a few months prior. Bail is set, Public Defender tells him to plead guilty so he can get out of jail. Pleads to a felony charge of LESS THAN A GRAM. Gets probation, doing good he starts a business doing home improvements, is building a good clientele base continues smoking pot for anxiety. Probation orders regular urine tests, after a few failed tests he is ordered to attend NA meetings. Does his NA meetings, all of them, is now also ordered to do outpatient drug rehab. He was denied entrance to the facility because his clothes smelled like pot (was with friends who were smoking prior to the appointment.) He was asked to leave and was told they already reported him to his probation officer. Probation officer tells him he has to turn himself in because he violated probation. I went with him to turn himself in on 7/ 9 /13. We spoke with his probation officer who reassured us this was just a formality. Also assuring us that he’d more than likely be released within 10 days and that his options were 1) to finish out the remainder of his sentencing, about 60 days in jail, and be done with probation 2 ) continue on probation with a work release recommendation & Chris staying away from the pot (he’d go back to a prescribed med from his dr.) His court date was set for 7/17 at 9am. On 7/16 we spoke with an attorney who after reading the arrest reports and telling me “he got screwed” said he’d represent him for $xxx amt of money. I had about 4 hours to come up with it and couldn’t so he had a public defender again. If only I could turn back time at this point. Court date arrives and court starts late because it “had been a hectic day at the courthouse”, resulting in a different judge presiding over the cases. His probation officer never even showed up after promising to be there. The DA & a probation services officer do ALL of the talking, his PD never said a word leaving Chris to fend for himself. The judge who was filling in was even astonished that this is about less than 1 gram of pot. But this DA & Prob Officer set out to make an example of him…..so Chris is now sentenced to 3 months in a max security jail and at least another year of probation. All my daughter and I can do is sit there and shake our heads feeling as if we are in some backwater town with a corrupt sheriff and even more corrupt justice system. Might I point out that while observing some of the criminal cases before the judge, (who were not in custody) 1) there was a man who routinely beats his wife, threatens her with a gun with their children in the house and violates restraining orders, his wife wants the restraining order lifted OUTCOME:RECOMENDATION FROM JUDGE TO HAVE ORDER LIFTED 2) man caught smuggling cocaine across the border OUTCOME:NOT TAKEN INTO CUSTODY AND MUST REPORT TO PROBATION 3) man who wrote over $50,000.00 in fraudulent checks OUTCOME:RELEASED 4) man who GAVE away less than 1 gram of pot OUTCOME: SENTENCED 3 MONTHS MAX SECURITY PLUS ANOTHER YEAR OF PROBATION. What the ?????????????

Most of us know how small of an amount that is but for those who don’t these examples are to help put in perspective how small of an amount we are talking about : a dime (coin) weighs 2.24 grams / 4 thumbtacks 1.03 grams / cap from beer bottle is 2.02gms and the cap from a soda bottle is 2.34 grams
For the first week before seeing the judge he was in “holding” sleeping on a concrete floor being as they don’t have enough beds. After being sent to George Bailey he slept on the floor being as they are so overcrowded and was threatened on a daily basis of getting his *** kicked if he even tried to lay on a bed. 1,774 inmates are currently incarcerated in a facility with a rated capacity of only 1,380 people. It’s my understanding that there are lower risk facilities that have just as much room available (or more, considering they’re not over crowded by nearly 400 men) but actually offer programs that benefit both the state facility and the inmates. Encouraging the men who want a new beginning and assisting them in staying involved in their “community” so that when they are released they have more of a chance to keep their lives together. So why a max security facility?
This all seems like it can’t be true and that there has to be something else going on, something unspeakable of on his record. There’s not!! Granted he screwed up, never should have GIVEN away any of his pot and he knows that, he also knows that he should be penalized and takes responsibility for his actions.
Side note** It has come to my attention about two days ago that there is another inmate who had the same probation officer with the same offense of possession less than a gram & failed urine tests that is also an inmate in George Bailey.

We need some help to make this right. It just seems as if you have money for an attorney then you get off no matter what you do and if you don’t then you are at the mercy of people trying to make a statement. Always thought there is supposed to be JUSTICE FOR ALL or is that only something from the super hero comic books?????????

Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone can offer


avatar Kelsey Lynore August 19, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Hi Ocean Beach ,

I’m a local Tarot reader with my own business here in OB. I’ve been doing weekly forecasts for each sign on my website for about 6 months. They’re called “Word to the Wise” and you can find the archive here: http://thetarotnook.com/category/word-to-the-wise/. I noticed your rag could use a weekly forecast. Would you please consider mine? ;)

Take care,


avatar Linda Siefker September 3, 2013 at 9:53 am

I am not sure when you set up your mayoral poll, but Bruce Coons’ name is not on that list. He is far and away, the best candidate San Diego has, and I would like to participate in your poll by having you including his name.


avatar Frank Gormlie September 3, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Next time we publish a poll, we will certainly include Bruce Coons, as well as Lori Saldana.


avatar james September 6, 2013 at 3:51 pm

I’m a native from dago! An just moved back home.My brother who burned up in a fire in arkansas 8 days before his 43rd birthday in oct 93′! And he used to live in an old green house on the corners of abbott and saratoga sts back in 73′! Well there was a shootout nextdoor! And later in the same summer him and a friend made the fronttpage of the “ob rag!” for streaking on rolleer skaates aacross the street where the apts were and billy b’s surf rental was and I was there watching this garage band play during a keg party when there was a sqirmish and my brother hauled buns into his house changed into clothes aandd came bacck with a cast iron skillet and was banging the guy who started the fight with hhim and his friend an you could hear the ding of the pan! And was wondering if you guys have an old copy of the ob streakers pic. as the original copy of the rag burn’t up with hhim 20 yrs ago this oct!?


avatar agricheraient September 22, 2013 at 10:25 am

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice,
keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website
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avatar buc webb September 24, 2013 at 4:08 pm

a whole lot of you folks will not notice this, until it is too late, but the city is shutting down the recycling center behind rite aid in 26 minutes…it was done very fast, with a lot of “suspicious” reasons and now this will impact 100’s of obecians and surrounding businesses…luckily, regan will move the head guy up to his recyling center up in clairmont/linda vista…


avatar OB Bob October 25, 2013 at 5:26 pm

This may have been covered elsewhere, if so I apologize for bringing it up again. But if Sacred Heart is indeed closing, what is to be done with the land? Again, sorry if I missed this before.


avatar Cynthia October 26, 2013 at 2:12 pm

If Sacred Heart in OB was ‘smart’, they’d just hang onto that building, maybe rent it out for a few years.

1- There will be/is a huge increase in local births and school children in the next few to several dozen years…it’s called ‘a new generation.’ This new generation is from the ‘peaks’ of the baby boom Echo…look it up. When we opened up Dana 26 yrs. ago, there were way too many local kids for the elementary schools. Then the recession (depression) did make quite a few areas of San Diego more affordable with bankruptcies/short sales, etc., as well as normal gentrification (the elderly selling/deeding to their children) of housing here. Many of the ‘single’ folks from the ’60’s will be selling their homes as they’re too much to take care of..and always people (including those who have children & work in closeby downtown) will want to live ‘at the beach.’

2. There will be a change in the economy where people can afford private school in a few years. It may be coming along as we speak, while those infants are still not ‘school age.’ Did anyone ‘forget’ …the City Council and our representative Ignored the Closing of Barnard, one of our Former Elementary sites, while approving nearly 800 new housing units in Peninsula/OB in the past few years! So, we have added ‘population’ and Density occurring. Soon, there will be massive amounts of folks disgusted with the Councilman’s Ignored ‘New Charter School’ in the works for NTC/Liberty Station…that will be bringing in Hundreds of Kids, their cars and Traffic into those school…with NO Priority for Local Population increases! Add to that the ‘1:35-45 kids per class’ from grades 4-8′ already Waived by the State, against it’s going to get…Intense. Parents Will Be Searching for another Venue with smaller class sizes.

3-This will occur especially because our Public School District (under our present ‘Trustee’) seems far more Interested in ‘Making Money off the Local Peninsula/OB Schools’ than providing for an Excellent Education~(ie. selling off Barnard’s excess 2.5 acres & 7.41 acres of School for $42.50/sq. ft.; & the ‘District’s Plan’ for PLHS’s sport fields – ‘renting out’ it’s small-for a HS-undersized parcel-to ALL the NTC/Liberty Station School’s events -no ‘definition’ of ‘event’ has been discussed…as NTC ‘doesn’t have’ any sites Large enough for their growing -by 450 kids-schools!).

So, expect more crowds, gangs, garbage, crime, Noise, Parking & Traffic Problems & in all our communities…a definite imposition as cars will come to Peninsula/OB, to go daily to schools here (we have had major public bus services cut), ‘to use PLHS’s “lighted fields regularly at night” (instead of a formerly possible 2.5 acre site that Was Available at Barnard!), and impact the quiet neighborhood of Loma Portal…and All of Peninsula/OB with increased Traffic. And Guess What? No ‘traffic or parking studies’ required for the New Charter School! Increased holiday traffic & growing regular aircraft noise will soon be able to be ‘noticed’ by every home/property owner here. Maybe that’s the ‘plan?’ Make everyone ‘equal’ in the value of homes (as I see inland housing prices climbing steadily..in comparison to the Density increases here).

So, Sacred Heart..more of this neighborhood’s population will, within 5 yrs. for the next 20-29 years will truly Need your school…out of necessity and value. Improve your site, get technology-ready, look to expand maybe for sports and keep that asset (unlike our public school district) for future collateral.


avatar Mic DeFronzo aka "Teach" January 11, 2014 at 8:18 am

Has anyone considered opening a Charter School in the building? I would love to be a part of such a thing.


avatar OB Dude November 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm

More graffiti is present on Voltaire Street….probably at “Billys” house. The house next door to “Billy’s” has cameras and the police should be able to review the tapes and see who did the vandalism and arrest them.

Article in the reader states: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2013/nov/08/stringers-meth-addicts-havoc-ocean-beach/


avatar Debra November 15, 2013 at 3:40 pm

You WOULD think so, but Mr.StinkEYE/aka owner of the cameras, apparently doesn’t care to be bothered with helping a neighbor in need.


avatar Anthony Jones November 15, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Hey a major a true story movie is soon to be made in OB about what happend to 2 OB teens on dog beach- see the link for deatils what the movie is about


avatar judi curry November 15, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Hey, Anthony. Am very interested in this project. Would like to have you keep me apprised of what the time-line is. Thanks. Judi


avatar Taylor Lundean December 4, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Hello, I would like to use a picture from your website for a school project about human trafficking. here is the link:

Please email me your answer.

-Taylor Lundean


avatar anthony jones December 7, 2013 at 9:59 am

No problem Taylor- all ask is show the link to the book


avatar Debbie December 10, 2013 at 5:21 pm

To Whom it may concern;
To my knowledge Rocky wrote stories for your paper. I just want to inform those who knew him, that he died Dec 7 in Tijuana Mexico. They told me he had been murdered. As of this moment he is still there at the morgue as we can not get information that isn’t conflicting on how to get him out of Mexico. The American Consulate hasn’t been to much help.


avatar San Diego Sailor December 31, 2013 at 10:44 am

Thought this might be a good submission for the New Year.

I’m walking around yesterday morning in Ocean Beach, just checking things out, wandering by the construction site at corner of Saratoga and Abbott and stuck on a little palm tree trunk was this little envelope.

I kind of look at it and sort decide if it’s booby trapped or something…it is OB after all, but then I figure, its OB and this is exactly what the hippies down here do…so I gently remove it from its little place within the palm frond.

The envelope exterior is colored with crayons and on it is hand written, “I’ve been waiting for you all day!” “Open me up already!” “read, read, read me …”

So I open it and there is very fine card stock with flower decorations printed on recycled paper, I open the card and it too is colored with crayons and hand written…

Hello friend –
As the new year approaches, I am reflecting on how far we have come over the last few years. Can you believe all the things we have come through? You in particular have weathered some pretty severe storms. And you have done it with courage, kindness, and strength. And look at you now! A little older, a lot wiser, and with so much stinkin’ character! So my friend, when times get tough this year and it seems as though the road is uphill, remember that only a truly amazing person like you could have gone through all that you have and STILL BE STANDING. This life thing? You’ve got THIS! You have shown us all how to be brave and thoughtful, with honesty and integrity. You inspire me to be a better person.

Thank you friend :)

I thought this was just perfect for everyone to share this new year, that there are random kind and loving people out there rooting for everyone.

Happy new year OB.

And to the anonymous person who wrote this and stuck it in the tree, you are very special.



avatar Arne Johanson January 10, 2014 at 6:47 pm

Thank you for the article about gardens near the shore/cliffs. I look forward to strolling along plants instead of bare dirt.


avatar Mic DeFronzo January 11, 2014 at 8:14 am

It is truly a wonderful message, but I think that it was for the tree.


avatar daniel j smiechowski January 18, 2014 at 1:23 pm

A Revival of the Old Religious Left
Why David Alvarez will be San Diego’s Next Mayor
The French have an old saying, “The more things change, the more things stay the same.” A century ago from shortly before the Great War, America’s Catholics joined forces with immigration and labor advocates within the Democratic Party in a quest for social justice. Mr. Alvarez finds himself unwittingly caught in the current transformation of his own political party. The old religious left has come home to roost.
It is not a coincidence that the Holy See is occupied by a Spanish speaking pontiff who has largely taken sins of the flesh off the table. It is not a coincidence that San Diego has a Hispanic Bishop. How times have changed within our local Democratic party. The old guard feminists and local LGBT community who railed against any mention of Catholicism now have the wind to their nose. But why the contradiction and what exactly has changed.
Perhaps we can draw comparisons from “The City of Churches,” Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Catholic labor together with a largely democratic electorate built the homes and factories that dominated the Midwestern landscape one hundred years ago. Until the Kennedy Administration of 1960-63 most Catholics voted Democratic. The ten following years leading to that fateful day in 1973 being the enactment of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark decision legalizing abortion had eviscerated the Party of Jefferson and Jackson. A few years earlier, Father Groppi walking hand in hand with African American leaders in the civil rights battle on Milwaukee’s south side ignited our nation’s collective conscience. My Father attended the same seminary in Saint Francis as the good priest and I spent my youth in the surrounding neighborhood. In a letter written to my Dad in 1970, the great Jesuit priest, Father Drinan of the Boston College Law School said, “I certainly appreciate the great compassion which you have for the terrible tragedies of the Vietnam War.” At this point, the Catholic Church was divided over the morality of Vietnam.
Ironically and perhaps unknowingly, our local Democratic Party now seems conflicted in regard to the present social issues coming out of the Vatican. Surprisingly, among the two candidates for Mayor, David Alvarez is the more socially conservative. Mr. Alvarez is a good and decent man who just so happens to be at the right place at the right time. It is doubtful if leaders within the local Democratic Party understand both the political philosophy and social psychology inherent in this mayoral election. May I humbly suggest that they read the Maureen O’Connor playbook for mayor including the unspoken pact with Helen Copley former publisher of The San Diego Union-Tribune. David Alvarez will become San Diego’s first Latino mayor. It’s important to remember the unspoken in politics being that when former Democratic House Member Daniel Rostenkowski IL was asked why he was so chummy with then President Reagan, he simply replied, “Because the President likes me.” And, I like David.
Daniel J. Smiechowski spent his early years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a substitute teacher and formerly elected to the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. He writes for AmericanChronicle.com


avatar Anthony joes January 23, 2014 at 12:39 pm

Check this out a documentary film funding request is being made on kick starter to make a documentary film about a situation that happened to 2 teens in OB on Dog Beach.
The real sad story is no one in OB/San Diego would touch this.


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