Mayor Gloria and Denver Mayor Should Bet on the Best Marijuana Available in Their Cities

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Pot nuggetWe have a better idea of a bet between San Diego and Denver mayors on the eve of the Chargers vs Broncos game.  Everyone by now has heard of the mayors’ bet with food from the two cities, but we think there is a urban product more appropriate.

What with the legalization of marijuana now in Colorado and the fact that medicinal herb is legal in California as the state’s voters have directed, why doesn’t San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria bet the Denver mayor on the best marijuana available in the respective cities?

Mayor Gloria has a whole wealth of pot dispensaries from which to choose from around town.  How about some “Train Wreck” or “Kush” or just a sampling of the intoxicating herbs our proud city has to offer?  Get some of that top shelf stuff, Todd.

San Diego pot dispens map

Herbal dispensaries throughout the Finest City.

I’m sure there’s many folks in OB who are willing to offer some of their home-grown even to assist Gloria in this green endeavor.

And Denver mayor can easily send out staff to reap from the pot stores their best as well.

So, why stick with food? That’s so old school, jeez!  Let’s swap pot.  So if the Chargers win on Sunday, then our proud city can enjoy the wreaths of victory by smoking them.  And if by some swift kick of fate, the Broncs score bigger, then Denver potheads can taste for themselves what they’re missing out here at Left Coast.

And then Mayor Gloria will get off his high horse and allow San Diego to showcase our best and not have to worry about shutting down all the dispensaries in the city.


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