Reader Rant: “Something smells fishy here in San Diego.”

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sandiegomtnsnow rev colorBy Pete

Something smells awful fishy here in San Diego and I think its the politics. For the past thirty years the Republicans have worked along with the elite developers to spend every dime in & around the downtown area, as the rest of the city went unnoticed. High rise condo’s sit vacant, an over sized & over priced unnecessary library built downtown as libraries around the city closed or went unfunded, A new & over priced baseball park built downtown for a below average team & lots of talk about a new Charger stadium, again, downtown, for the elite developer friends of the Republican mayors.

When Bob Filner beat the Republican front runner, Carl DeMaio, who was alleged to having been backed by big oil money from the Koch brothers in Texas, it was a shock that traveled through out the city. Filner, not only started his political career here in San Diego being on the City Council representing District Eight, one of the poorest districts in the city, but he also was a United States Congressman for over twenty years, and was returning to where it had all started to finally pull San Diego from the grips of the powerful strong hold the Republicans have been enjoying for thirty plus years.

Immediately he began putting his foot down and showed what a strong Mayor could do with a little common sense and the word No. He held his ground with the Tourist Industry and did away with their ridiculous forty year contract , making them settle with a five year contract and a donation to the 100th year Anniversary of Balboa Park. He quickly settled the dispute with the Unions with a contract both sides were able to agree to as fair.

He made it clear that although he wanted the Chargers to stay in San Diego, he wanted a fair deal on where and when a new stadium would be built and that he wanted to make sure it was a good deal that wasn’t going to be funded by the San Diego taxpayers. Instead of building a three story parking structure in Balboa Park, he showed that just by moving a few parking spots & adding a shuttle, that you can have more space without the traffic entering parts of the park.

Since his election, he seemed to be doing a pretty good job for the city & the taxpayer without bending to the will of the elite & the developers. He was showing he could be a strong mayor of all the people of San Diego. His political experience of 30 years was paying off.

Of course this wasn’t making the power brokers or the Union Tribune very happy. They lost their power after thirty years or more.

Everyone knows that the best way to ruin any Politician is to accuse them of either mishandling of money, and/or something Sexual.

That’s when it started. At first a story broke that Sun Road had emailed Councilman Kevin Faulconer, stating something about “the money has been paid”. I’m not sure why they would contact Councilman Faulconer to say that they had paid $100,000, of which was put in the general fund, but immediately he was making the rounds of KUSI and other morning news shows bringing it to the attention of the city. It seemed to me that it was the start of a scam to make it look like Filner was taking a bribe to do a favor for Sun Road. The money was returned.

Next was that Circus with Donna Frye & those two attorneys who came out in front of the cameras with alleged stories of sexual harassment, calling for Filner to step down as mayor.

After two or three news conferences’ that seemed to catch the ear of the city, it seemed they still needed more. Out pops a twenty-six year ex-employee of the Union Tribune, along with her attorney, Gloria Allred, accusing the mayor of sexual harassment and demanding him to step down as mayor. Gloria Allred is nothing but a media hound who seems to try all her cases in front of a lot of news cameras, which she once again did in this case.

Even Bob Filner deserves to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. Why not file any criminal chargers, get your facts, and any witnesses in order & let him have his day in court?

Enter next, a man who has had dealings with “land management” in the past & has brought a recall campaign against a City Council member he didn’t agree with some twenty years ago, Mr. Pallamary. Enter next, a few more accusers that go back to as far as 2003 to sweeten the pot of accusations.

God knows that some of these accusers may have felt violated by the mayor but one has to wonder why they didn’t come forward at the time of the alleged offense and why, in this day of high tech items, there hasn’t been one recorded picture, audio recording or witness to come forward to validate what they are claiming? I tend to believe Mr. Filner when he said that he may have intimidated or may have acted improperly around some women, but says he did not sexually harassed any of them. Why hasn’t anyone of them filed sexual battery chargers against him? Surely he has the right to defend himself in court, if in fact any of these women were truly violated in the way they are claiming.

Has the charges of sexual harassment come down to asking for a date or holding someone’s arm during a conversation? If in fact these actions really took place?

Could Bob Filner be correct when he said that this was all a “Lynch Mob” by those that lost their power over the city & a few news organizations who helped fuel these accusations?

One has to wonder how many would pass a lie detector test or who came forward with an accusation just for their fifteen minutes or maybe some sort of a payment just to ruin a man’s political career because he refused to go along with their wishes.

It’s a shame we will probably never find out what really took place because he has already been convicted, not in a court room, but in the pot-holed filled streets of San Diego, America’s Enron By The Sea.

** The above is only my opinion, as I see it, as a concerned citizen of which once was America’s Finest City. **

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