Man arrested in another OB grope attack – this one inside victim’s apartment

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A man suspected of staging a grope attack was arrested by police early Sunday morning.  A woman sleeping on a couch in an apartment at 2196 Abbott Street awoke to find a man groping her.  Pushing him away, she jumped up, ran into the bathroom, locked the door and called police.  One to two roommates also awoke and ran outside.

Police responded and found the suspect in the victim’s backyard. The victim ID’ed him and he was booked on suspicion of sexual assault.  He has yet to be identified by police.  Source:  Fox5 News

According to 8News, the roommates had only lived at the apartment for several months.

NBC7 has added that the suspect had entered the apartment through an unlocked door.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect, but he is described as a Latino, male adult with a bald head wearing a dark hoodie.

This attack is not far from another vicious sexual assault – an attempted rape – that occufred on Muir Avenue near Bacon Street.  That suspect was never identified and has not been arrested, as far as we know.

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avatar Goatskull October 29, 2012 at 7:35 am

A female colleague of mine who lives in OB just recently purchased a hand gun (last week) and plans on keeping it in her possession wherever she goes. I explained to her that might not be good idea but she doesn’t seem to care about the possible consequences.


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