News of Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early December 2016

December 2, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


Rancho’s to Re-Open in 6 Weeks

Good news for OBcean organic Mexican food consumers. Our own Judi Curry reports that according to Hugo, who was the manager of the restaurant, Ranchos will re-open in the same location in about six weeks.

* Synthetic Turf Coming to Robb Field?

* Jensens looks on track to open for the holidays

* Former O’Bistro’s Will Not Be a Cowboy Bar Afterall

* House Fire on Newport Avenue Displaces Family of 4 and Pets

* OB House Produces Food and Energy

* Irish Relay Run Ends at The Harp on Sat.

* Point Loma Homes Open for Christmas Tours

* Pizza Port Family History

* Jungle Java Changes

* Local Surfboard Maker Pioneer in Upcycled Boards

* Point Loma Nazarene Takes Top Score in Academic Success

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Hate Crime in Liberty Station

December 2, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for Hate Crime in Liberty Station

There was a hate crime committed in Liberty Station last weekend – Saturday morning, Nov. 26th. It happened at the New Americans Museum when someone vandalized two of the museum’s signs out in a public hallway with anti-immigration slurs written in black marker. It occurred during the day while the museum was open. “Go back to your country,” was part of the hate message – the rest was so bad that the media didn’t disclose it. It has now been removed.

San Diego Police have begun an investigation and the FBI were notified. Staff at the museum are re-thinking their surveillance systems, as currently they’re only in the galleries area. Executive Director Linda Sotelo, told local NBC :

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Thank You Readers and Supporters for Making the OB Rag Funding Campaign a Success

December 1, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for Thank You Readers and Supporters for Making the OB Rag Funding Campaign a Success

Just about two weeks ago, the OB Rag began our Fall fund-raising campaign. Our goal: $2,000 – we knew it was a lot to shoot for, but … hey … a goal is a goal, right? Well, OB came through – our friends, readers and supporters – all sent us a hearty thanks with their […]

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Poll Results: What Are You Going to Do Now that Trump is President-Elect?

December 1, 2016 by Frank Gormlie

clipboard-w-pencilOne in 5 Say They’re Joining the Underground Resistance

The OB Rag ran a poll for over a week recently, querying readers with What Are You Going to Do Now that Trump is President-Elect? The poll was similar to one we ran before the election in mid-September asking the same basic question.

In this poll, one hundred eleven readers responded. As we all are aware by now that our country and city are divided on Mr. Trump, the poll results reflected those divisions.

Nearly 30% of the respondents chose options that indicated their extreme opposition to Trump, whereas 21% said they “continue to celebrate”, with a quarter of those polled stating that they wish to wait and give him a chance to govern.

None said they’re moving out of the country – in contrast to our first poll, where”nearly 8% said they would move out of the country (2% to Mexico and 5.5% to Canada).”

An incredible percentage – one in five – said they would “Join the underground resistance” ; this option had 20.72% of the total, with 9.01% saying they’d “take to the streets in protest.”

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The Internet of Things: Asking for Trouble

November 29, 2016 by John Lawrence

A Hacker’s Wet Dream

By John Lawrence

Internet of ThingsHackers are licking their chops over the latest push by high tech corporations including San Diego’s Qualcomm to create an Internet of Things in which everything is hooked up to the internet: your refrigerator, your thermostat, your security system, your car.

It will be a hacker’s paradise. Already hackers have carried out a distributed denial of service (DDoS) taking Netflix, Twitter, Paypal and other major websites off the air. Hackers were able to direct an overwhelming amount of traffic to a company by the name of Dyn which acts as a switching hub for internet traffic.

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TinFoil Trump’s Twitter Temper Tantrum

November 28, 2016 by Doug Porter
Thumbnail image for TinFoil Trump’s Twitter Temper Tantrum

By Doug Porter

Based on the say-so of a conspiracy-mongering website that claims 9/11 was an inside job and the killing of children at Sandy Hook elementary school was staged with actors, the President-elect of the United States now says there were millions of illegal votes cast in the 2016 general election.

Donald Trump didn’t make this claim at a press conference flanked by attorneys ready to force states to throw out those votes; he made it on Twitter. And he didn’t make this claim based on any actual evidence at all.

He followed up this initial lie by naming California (along with New Hampshire and Virginia) as states with serious voter fraud. Again, the claim was made without evidence.

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Robert Reich: The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda – “We’re Not Going Away”

November 28, 2016 by Source

By Robert Reich /

Resistance Agenda Anti-Trump ProtestsTrump’s First 100 Day agenda includes repealing environmental regulations, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank Act, giving the rich a huge tax cut, and much worse. Here’s the First 100 Day resistance agenda [with thanks to Alan Webber]:

1. Get Democrats in the Congress and across the country to pledge to oppose Trump’s agenda. Prolong the process of approving choices, draw out hearings, stand up as sanctuary cities and states. Take a stand. Call your senator and your representative (phone calls are always better than writing).

2. March and demonstrate—in a coordinated, well-managed way. The “1 Million Women March” is already scheduled for the Inauguration —and will be executed with real skill.

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The OB Rag’s Thanksgiving Appeal for Donations – Keep the Press Local and Free

November 22, 2016 by Staff


Our Goal is $2,000 – We Now Need Another $600

Last Friday, Nov. 18, the OB Rag began a week of fund-raising, appealing to our readers and supporters to help us with our costs. With a goal is to raise $2,000 over the week, we now have reached $1405. We’re hoping to cover the remaining $600 this week.

Here’s why we need that much. Over the last 6 months, here is what we have spent from our shoe-string budget:

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Why Protest Trump in Ocean Beach?

November 21, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for Why Protest Trump in Ocean Beach?

These are some reasons why 60 to 70 people protested Trump at the foot of Newport Avenue in OB on Saturday.

First, OB is a great place to hold an anti-Trump protest. OB voters voted heavily against Trump in the presidential election.

For instance, according to election results, in Precinct#235000 – where the rally against Trump was held, 68.7% of the voters voted for Clinton and 21.4% for Trump, with the others at 9.9%. A total of 454 people voted. (All these figures are of the last count, while thousands of provisional ballots are still being counted.)

Across Abbott from where the rally was held and on the north side of Newport, in Precinct #235300, 75.2% of the ballots were for Hillary Clinton and only 17.0% for Trump, with other candidates getting 7.8%. 347 votes were cast.

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The OB Rag – Now More Than Ever – An Appeal to Our Readers

November 18, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


The denizens of Ocean Beach – as well as the blue-leaning Point Lomans – need the OB Rag now more than ever. This weekend will show that.

What with issues of fake news embedded in our social media and the mainstream press pushing their elite agendas based on the bottom line, and with Trump’s threats of corralling the press, sources of truth become scarcer and scarcer.

We like to think that our uber local OB news focus, the discussion platform we offer to the community on issues, our efforts to keep a grip on changes in OB, in San Diego, nation-wide – and the world beyond – put us in the running for providing you, our readers, with a semblance of needed news, analysis and some truth.

Which leads us to this:

Our Fall Appeal for Donations – Keep the Press Local and Free

We are beginning today a weekend of fund-raising and donations. Our goal is to raise $2,000 over the weekend and during next week.Why that amount? Over the last 6 months, here is what we have spent from our shoe-string budget:

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A Time for Resistance – Upcoming Trump Protests in San Diego and Across America

November 18, 2016 by Doug Porter

A Calendar for Those Who Are Fired Up and Ready to Go – Includes Other Local Actions

time-to-resistBy Doug Porter

While mainstream politicians and institutions may be playing ‘wait and see,’ we at the OB Rag and the San Diego Free Press believe the rest of us have but one choice: resist.

On Fridays from now on, I’ll be dedicating this space to promoting activism in the Time of Trump. My sources will be social media listings, press releases, and you.

A bit of confusion in the coming months is to be expected. Lots of people feel motivated to make their voices heard. In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I’ll do my best to list everything.

No one event, demonstration, or political action will accomplish the task at hand, which is to resist the forces of reaction unleashed with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Only a cacophony of protest about issues, not personalities will succeed.

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Tripping Down Newport Ave in Ocean Beach – What’s New?

November 17, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


By Frank Gormlie

Every so often, the OB Rag publishes an update on what’s been happening on Newport Avenue, the main commercial street in Ocean Beach. What new businesses have opened up – and what places have closed down. The following is what we found, tripping down the Ave on Wednesday, November 16th.

New Velvet Hair Lounge

Barely 2 months since it’s been open, the Velvet Hair Lounge offers a bright, very clean-looking hair-cutting shop, sandwiched next to Stuff to Puff and the tire business on the corner of Newport and Cable Street. …

Not Much Happening at OBBean

Not too far away, the future OBBean store is still closed up, and no progress apparently can be seen from its outward front.

New Acupuncture and Massage Place Soon to Open

On the bright side, there is a new acupuncture and massage storefront which looks about to open its doors, where the old videogame store was.

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Facebook’s Complicity in Trump’s New Order

November 17, 2016 by Doug Porter
Thumbnail image for Facebook’s Complicity in Trump’s New Order

By Doug Porter

In the 21st century world of social media as a source of news and information, the truth doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Tell a lie on Facebook and you’ll likely be rewarded with a large audience. Tell (for some) an unpleasant truth and the vigilantes of darkness will leverage their technical expertise to get an offending account expunged.

A made up story from a Macedonian site claiming Hillary Clinton had once said candidates like Donald Trump should run for office because they were honest and couldn’t be bought garnered more than twice the response (in a week) of the New York Times exclusive story (over a month period) revealing the GOP nominee declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns.

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Ocean Beach and Point Loma Voted Overwhelmingly for Clinton in Presidential Race

November 16, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


Here is a map of the 2016 Presidential race for Ocean Beach and Point Loma. (Go here for the overall inter-active map that displays the results of individual precincts.)

Usually OB goes a deep blue in elections, but it is unusual for Point Loma voters to vote Democratic – yet that is what happened.

Here are the sample precinct totals –

The large precinct in northwest OB (#235000) voted over 69% for Clinton and 21% for Trump, with 10% other, for a total of 454 votes cast. (This may not be a total-total as votes are still being counted.)

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Anti-Trump Protests Have Exploded for 7 Straight Days Across America

November 15, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for Anti-Trump Protests Have Exploded for 7 Straight Days Across America

By Frank Gormlie

It’s a reality that Donald Trump and all his transition team platoons cannot fathom, a reality that the mass corporate media disdains and a reality that drives Trump supporters crazy, but – there have been mass demonstrations and protests across the country every day and night since the election on Tuesday, November 8th, for 7 straight days.

Americans – mainly young people – have been in streets in all the major cities – including San Diego – and especially Los Angeles – Chicago, Oakland, New York City, Atlanta, Portland – and on college and high school campuses, in parks in small cities and towns.

Thousands. Tens of thousands. Across the country – on both coasts – in the heartland, in Trump territory – in all the urban metropolis. And it’s teenagers doing this, high school students, even middle-school students – many too young to have voted.

And they happened again today – Tuesday, November 15th. Take for example, this:

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Frank Gormlie: “We Need a Culture of Resistance” to Get Us Through the Time of Trump

November 14, 2016 by Staff
Thumbnail image for Frank Gormlie: “We Need a Culture of Resistance” to Get Us Through the Time of Trump

OB Rag editor Frank Gormlie spoke at Sunday’s San Diego Free Press contributors’ meeting Sunday, Nov. 13th, on developing a “culture of resistance” and the renewed importance of a free and progressive press, now that Trump is president-elect.

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And Now It Begins – Hate-Crimes Explode Against People of Color After Trump’s Election

November 11, 2016 by Frank Gormlie

And now it begins. Hate crimes against people of color are exploding across the country – and in San Diego.

On Wednesday, the day after Trump’s election, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was walking to her car in a parking structure at SDSU. Two males approached her, reportedly made anti-Muslim comments, grabbed her purse and backpack, and apparently stole her car. The suspects were described as a white man and a Latino male. KPBS

That same KPBS article included a reported about an incident up at UC San Diego at a bus stop, also on Wednesday, where someone had painted a swastika and “Heil Trump” on nearby concrete.

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Book Release Party for Sunny Rey

November 11, 2016 by Source
Thumbnail image for Book Release Party for Sunny Rey
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“Not My President!” Chants Heard Across the Nation

November 10, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


Spontaneous Nation-wide Protests Break Out in Response to Trump’s Election – Including San Diego<

“Not my president,” was a chant that has been heard across the nation, as spontaneous protests broke out across the country in response to the election of Donald Trump. Many thousands protested in all the major cities – including a couple protests in San Diego. At least 25 cities overnight experienced protests . Demonstrations have been targeting Trump’s properties across the country. Protests have also been outside city halls and on college and high school campuses. CNN

But all the big cities witnessed thousands in the streets, chanting and marching: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Oakland, LA, Portland, Seattle. Nearly hundred arrests were made nation-wide. ThinkProgress

In San Diego

In San Diego, 18 people were arrested by police at the end of a demonstration in and around Horton Plaza …

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The Night that Democracy Died in America

November 9, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for The Night that Democracy Died in America

Sometime after 2 a.m. eastern standard time – in the middle of the late night, Hillary Clinton – who won the popular vote for President – phoned Donald Trump and made her concession. He had won the electoral vote.

In an historic rebellion of the white, working-class, half of American voters used democratic means to elect a man who does not understand the Constitution, who does not respect the Bill of Rights, and who does not believe in democracy.

It is an irony, then, that a radical regime was voted into power that represents the greatest threat in 40 years to what is left of American democracy. Words do matter. With the threats and promises made by our new President-elect over the course of the last year and a half, it’s clear that not since the time of Richard Nixon have the civil rights of Americans been so openly splayed out on the chopping block as they are now – or will be in a few months.

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November 8th, 2016 – Election Day Live Blog at the OB Rag

November 8, 2016 by Frank Gormlie


The OB Rag has been live blogging since 9 a.m. – COME INSIDE FOR THE LATEST ….

9:00 a.m. This is finally it – Election Day, 2016! This is the historic day where American voters have a final say in the Presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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An Attempted Coup D’état by FBI Trumpland?

November 5, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for An Attempted Coup D’état by FBI Trumpland?

Hearing all the recent news accounts about how elements in the highest reaches of our top national law enforcement agency – the FBI – have worked to flip the Presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor, made me pull up a definition of “coup d’etat“.

Wow, you might say, how extreme, how hyperbolic – how over the top you’re getting these last few days of the election campaign.

But isn’t it a significant intervention into this election when James Comey, the head of the FBI, announces that the agency is reopening its investigation into a new batch of emails that may involve Hillary Clinton – a bombshell meant to disparage her certainly? And isn’t it intervention when sources within the FBI leak damaging and false information about Clinton to both right-wing media and the Trump campaign?

And when an anchor and reporter on Fox News announced that according to his FBI “sources”, Clinton is likely to be criminally indicted, and this is supposedly confirmed by others close to the agency. So, is all of this an attempted coup d’etat by FBI agents immersed in Trumpland to throw the election to their favorite candidate?

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A Fifth Column Inside the FBI

November 4, 2016 by Doug Porter

FBI Director Comey

By Doug Porter / Published 11-3-16

The Daily Beast’s Wayne Barrett has written a blockbuster of a story detailing the rebellion going on inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It’s a tale of active and former agents, many of them with ties to former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani, whose actions amount to a law enforcement thumb on the scale of democracy.

Guliani’s law firm has long been general counsel to the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA), which represents 13,000 former and current agents. The group’s leader, agent Rey Tariche, resigned from the FBI New York office on Monday following Director James Comey’s release of a memo saying the agency was once again looking into Hillary Clinton.

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News from Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early November 2016

November 3, 2016 by Frank Gormlie
Thumbnail image for News from Ocean Beach and Point Loma – Early November 2016


OB Dog Barked Every Time Trump Came on TV – Gives Owner Idea to Market Trump Dog-Chews

EPA Approves San Diego’s Recycle Plan – Pt Loma Treatment Plant Avoids Upgrade – Again

OB Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash

OB Lab Owner Concerned about Pesticides on Marijuana Products

News Blog for Point Loma Nazarene
Clean-Up on Voltaire Street – Nov. 5th

Audubon Urges Wetlands Conservation in De Anza Cove Restoration November 7th
How tall is too tall in Point Loma?

Point Loma Girl, 10, Competes on TV Cooking Show – Viewing Party Held at Raglan
Animal Rights Activists Call Navy’s Treatment of Dolphins Worse than SeaWorld

Point Loma Residents Still Upset Over FAA Changes in Airplane Departures
Homeless Serial Killer Suspect Incompetent to Stand Trial

Mission Beach Parents Receive Anon. Letter Criticizing Them for Raising Kids in “Tiny House”
Local Commercial Realty Firm Swinging Its Weight Around OB, Point Loma and Other Beaches

New Point Loma History Book Available
OB Restaurants Tapped as the “Third Space”

World Beach Games Coming to Mission Beach in 2019
$23B defense spending in San Diego County last year, report says

“Tellabration” Coming to Ocean Beach – Nov. 12th

An Appeal to Our Point Loma Friends

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The Dakota Access Pipe Line: The Latest Last Ditch Stand

November 3, 2016 by John Lawrence

Oil Corporation Tramps on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

By John Lawrence

Dakota Access Pipe LineFinally, there is an alliance of a major group — U.S. Indians — and environmentalists who are taking a stand to prevent the furtherance of fossil fuel interests.

Bill McKibben of says we must stop now insofar as building more fossil fuel infrastructure, which is what a pipeline represents, if we are to have a hope and a prayer of saving the planet from the effects of global warming.

The Native Americans have those interests and more — they rely on clean water from the Missouri River for their lives and livelihoods. This pipeline would probably result in the pollution of the water they rely on because pipelines aren’t foolproof. They break and spew their pollution. In addition, the pipeline construction is desecrating Indian burial sites.

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Celebrate the OB Rag’s 9th Birthday!

October 31, 2016 by Staff

OB Rag birthday cake

The OB Rag just celebrated its 9th birthday this past weekend. The online newspaper for Ocean Beach got its start in late October 2007 when Patty Jones and Frank Gormlie got serious about creating a political blog for OB.

The online OB Rag is a take-off of the original grassroots underground newspaper, the OB People’s Rag, which began publishing in 1970 – and continued for 6 years. Gormlie was the original publisher of the newspaper. The 9th anniversary was quietly celebrated over the weekend with champagne amidst a small crowd of Rag Ocean Beach supporters at a house above Sunset Cliffs.

Here are some excerpts from our “About” page: …

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Looking Deeper Into the Plans of the Ebers and Greene Project

October 31, 2016 by Source


Other than maintenance work, there should be no new construction at the site until the city issues a permit to build.

By Geoff Page

After finally getting a chance to review the plans for the Ebers and Greene Street project, I got the story behind the requirement that the developer execute a habitable accessory structure form. It wasn’t quite what I expected – but the reality is very odd.

For starters, there is no approved permit on the project so the developer is not supposed to be doing any construction – but clearly is. The Inspection Notice that was issued on the project required the developer to make an “angled building envelope” on the front and the Greene Street side.

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Tom Hayden, Courageous Warrior for Peace

October 31, 2016 by Source
Thumbnail image for Tom Hayden, Courageous Warrior for Peace

By Marjorie Cohn /Consortium News – truthout

When Tom Hayden died on Oct. 23, we lost a courageous warrior for peace and equality. Hayden was on the front lines of nearly every major progressive struggle for more than 50 years. Vilified by the Right and at times criticized from the Left, Hayden remained steadfast in his commitment to social, economic and racial justice.

An activist, political theorist, organizer, writer, speaker and teacher, Hayden was a Freedom Rider in the South during the 1960s; a founder of Students for a Democratic Society; a leader of the anti-Vietnam War movement; a community organizer; a negotiator of a gang truce in Venice, California; the author of more than 19 books; and an elected official in California for nearly two decades.

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Local Muralist Celeste Byers Keeps Messages Alive in her Artwork

October 27, 2016 by Source


By South OB Girl

As you exit Ocean Beach on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, headed towards the 8 freeway, you may have noticed the mural covering the southern wall of Chris’s Liquor, right off the alley. That mural was done by the local, and extremely prolific artist, Celeste Byers.

And as you head back from walking on the OB Pier, you might notice the mural on the west-facing wall of Teeter’s at 5032 Niagara Ave. That is by Celeste too, and was a collaboration with Aaron Glasson.

Those two Ocean Beach murals are displayed in areas where many thousands of people see those walls in our community each week. But Celeste’s paint brushes have graced many walls throughout the world beyond OB — including Sri Lanka, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, and several cities in Mexico.

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OBcentric Design Charrette – Tuesday, Oct. 25th

October 24, 2016 by Staff
Thumbnail image for OBcentric Design Charrette – Tuesday, Oct. 25th

The “Movers and Shakers of Ocean Beach” are invited to an OBcentric design charrette – a local event on Tuesday, October 25th from 6-8pm, being hosted by the OB Planning Board and Main Street Association.

The charrette is is part of a month long celebration of architecture and design, Archtoberfest, sponsored by the AIA of San Diego.

This is a follow up to the Newport Visioning workshop held on August 24th, and will be held at Steve Lombardi’s Office, 5035 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

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